Biden To Shut Down Another Mine

F. Joe Biden, the worst, most corrupt president in American history, has decided he is going to close another mine and continue his policies which will destroy the American economy.

The Biden administration moved closer to implementing a 20-year ban on mining in a South Dakota forest area due to its proximity to cultural and natural resources.

In a joint announcement Friday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service said they would consider a 20-year withdrawal of 20,574 acres located in the Black Hills National Forest near the Pactola Reservoir and Rapid Creek Watershed. The proposed action prohibits new mining claims and the issuance of new federal mineral leases for two years while the agencies review the proposal.

Hmm, I wonder where he’s going to get the minerals for all out electric vehicles? Never mind, he never had a plan for that, and will do nothing about it. Biden is a prick, and always will be.

“Whether it’s northern Minnesota, southern Arizona, Alaska, or now South Dakota, these sorts of land restrictions from the anti-mining Biden Administration hamstring domestic development of minerals we need for national defense, energy technology, and everyday life,” Rep. Pete Stauber, R-Minn., the chairman of the House Natural Resources Energy and Mineral Subcommittee, told Fox News Digital.

“We need to be using our resources we have here with our workforce, not taking them offline,” he continued.

In fairness, this is the easiest way for China to invade America, which is absolutely what Biden wants. I mean, sure, we’ll freeze every fall and winter, but hey, Biden will be rolling around in a Monopoly Guy money pile


7 thoughts on “Biden To Shut Down Another Mine

    1. Wyatt, as some of the people here know, I used to work at the welfare dept & 1 of the things we were not allowed to do was talk politics during work hours. I got to listed to several people talk about how “we gotta get him (Trump) out of there” for quite a long time. What ticked me off the most was one was a Navy vet & instead of keeping his mouth shut & saying that he didn’t feel comfortable talking about the President, was one of the ones running his mouth the most (along with the 60s hippy chick). BTW, he was of mixed race.


  1. The way we’re going, China doesn’t need to invade us, the idiots in charge will just roll over & show their bellies & ask for pets & treats while leaving us to expose our necks for their boots.


    1. America is already dead. It’s never coming back, thanks to the Democrats. I’ll never vote for the GOP again, as they sit there while the Manhattan DA is looking to arrest Trump.

      F this country, f its flag. I couldn’t care less about America anymore.


      1. Remember when all the experts told us that it was no one’s business when Bill C had not-sexual-relations ™ with that woman?


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