So, Saturday Was Fun

So I woke up Saturday morning around 7:30am, then again at 8:30am, then finally 9:00am.

When I rolled out of bed, I didn’t feel well. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest, and I assumed it was from when I fell forward while running two weeks ago. I had pressure in the chest, and immediately thought, “I hope this isn’t a heart attack.”

I took two ibuprofen tablets, and hoped that would ease the annoying pain. It did. I’ve been going to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and jog on the off days. I’m sitting at 180 pounds, so I am in pretty good shape. That said, if I get another pressure point like this, I’m headed to the hospital.

I went downstairs and watched a few soccer games. Around 1pm, I started getting ready for work. When I walked to the Jeep, there was a giant puddle under the front hood. I dabbed my fingers into it, and boom, oil leak; a lot of it. After I yelled a certain F word, I told the missus I’d be taking Kyle’s minivan to work, and she and Kyle took the Jeep to the garage.

When I arrived at work, the subs during my days off left me twenty-three jobs to enter. It took me the first two and a half hours to get through that. Worse still, the department said no one is allowed vacation days between February 12 through the 17th, thanks to the jagoff Eagles.

So, how was your weekend?

Just a reminder, I’m in training all day, so I may not be able to respond to comments.

Pro-Life Catholics Kicked Out Of Museum

A group of Pro-Life Catholic students were kicked out of the Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum after two Nazis demanded the group leave because they would not take off their Pro-Life hats. The hats were being worn so the group could easily find any students who get lost.

It was all about blue hats. A group of Catholic school students visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after participating in the annual March for Life. They were asked to remove their hats because of a pro-life message.

The hats had the message “Rosary Pro-life” on them. The students in the group all wore identical hats and they were used for identification purposes. The blue hats helped identify the members of the group and keep them together. Using a piece of clothing is common for school groups. Most use identical t-shirts but hats are used, too. It’s winter and the hats look to be knit hats commonly worn in cold weather.

Funny, you cannot discriminate against minorities or illegals, but it’s always open season against Catholics. The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me.

Last I checked, the Smithsonian is a government building paid for by American taxpayers. I’m pretty certain they cannot be forced out of the museum because they were wearing hats. I’m also certain the Smithsonian will soon be on the wrong side of a First Amendment lawsuit.

Student Patrick Murphy and American Center for Law and Justice’s Jordan Sekulow were interviewed by Fox’s Sean Hannity. Patrick told his story. He said the students were approached by two women dressed in black. They were presumed to be security personnel.

Jordan Sekulow said that legal action is “imminent.”

Excellent. It would be nice if the discriminated students owned the museum after they win their lawsuit.

A Very Nice Gesture

Mrs. Earp showed me this the other day. Kevin’s Sensei Dave wrote a truly touching post on Facebook a day or so after he earned his adult black belt.

I wanted to post this today because 1. I am very proud of Kevin, and 2. I am stuck in training today. Enjoy!

Congrats to Kevin!

Years on the mat here at PMA! He has grown so much as a young man. He has gained so much from his training time. He has struggled and prevailed.

Once a shy little boy, he is now a brave and empowered young man who is willing to try so many different things. He’s very active in school activities and track and field.
And just like the rest of his siblings, he completely dominates his academics, he treats school like it is his career, and he is moving to the top, get that corner office ready.

He’s an active member of our leadership team and demo team. Most of all he’s always been a consistent, hard-working student of the martial arts. I can honestly say he possesses all of the trademark qualities that that most schools advertise a student will receive from their training.

I wish I had this as a kid myself. All these kids are better than I ever was. I am so proud of him.

Congratulations Kevin. Congratulations to your family as they are the ones who helped coach you to be consistent in your work to get to this point.
You have my respect young man.

It’s one to know you are proud of your children, but it’s another thing when people so accomplished say good things about your children.

And That’s The Tooth!

A Chinese man had an interesting day while playing basketball in Dongguan, China. The man was playing basketball with some old friends, when he collided with another player.

The player lost two of his teeth, but the teeth were never found.

The unnamed man was reportedly back in his home city of Dongguan, China’s Guangdong Province, for the Lunar New Year, when he was invited to a basketball game by some childhood friends. At one point while trying to recover a rebound, the man collided with another player; at first, he thought the man’s chin had hit the left side of his head, right above the eye, but then he saw the other guy bleeding from his mouth and saying that he had lost two of his teeth. While he went to wash the blood pouring from his wound, everyone else was busy looking for the other player’s teeth, but they were nowhere to be found…

The man had pain in his head and went to the doctor. The doctor said to keep disinfecting the wound, but the wound seemed to be infected.

The man did as the doctor advised, but on the 29th of January, six days after the accidental collision, he noticed a rancid smell coming out of the wound above his eye. Panicked that the cut had become infected, he rushed to the emergency room where doctors thoroughly checked the wound and extracted two chipped teeth from it.

Yeah, the teeth were embedded in the man’s head just above his eye, and so deep that no one noticed.

Street Home, Alabama

A gas station in Mobile, Alabama found an intriguing item in its parking lot, after a severed penis was found outside the location.

A human penis was reportedly found in a gas station parking lot on Monday in Mobile, Alabama.

The organ may have belonged to a 29-year-old motorcyclist involved in a fatal accident that morning which occurred on I-10, the Mobile Police Department told the outlet on Wednesday.

I give props to motorcyclists, because they can be slaughtered every time they go for a ride. The fact that limbs cam be removed is reason one why I will never purchase a motorcycle.

A law enforcement spokesperson explained, “The deceased was riding a motorcycle and lost control and fell off. Unfortunately, multiple vehicles struck him,” adding the organ found in the parking lot did not have a connection to a murder or assault.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to dismemberment, and when a motorcycle hits a guardrail it can cut off a rider’s arm, leg, or even their torso, per Motorcycles Data.

Yuck! No thank you.

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Congratulations go to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office after they left a leaflet on a suspect’s vehicle, claiming the leaflet would include a free meal. Michael Lapniewski, the alleged murderer took the bait, and has now been charged with the murder of an 82-year old woman.

A man’s inability to turn down a free meal has contributed to his arrest in connection with the slaying of an 82-year-old Pinellas County woman that had gone unsolved for 36 years.

Michael Lapniewski, 55, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on Tuesday afternoon on a charge of first-degree murder in connection with the 1987 slaying of Opal Weil, a widow who was choked and beaten in her Lealman home.

Thank God Lapniewski decided to take the free meal. He is behind bard and the victim’s family is likely sighing in relief.

DNA was a key factor in cracking the case, according to an arrest affidavit written by Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office detectives. But how they got the DNA involved a clever ruse in which they advertised a free meal at a restaurant — an offer to which Lapniewski responded.

After he finished his meal and left, detectives seized the spoon and fork Lapniewski had used and submitted them for DNA testing. They were a match to hairs that had been found on Weil’s pink nightgown, her electric blanket and her bed after her killing, according to the affidavit.

This piece of garbage murdered that woman when he was twenty years old, and got away with it for thirty-five years. Here’s hoping Lapniewski never, ever sees the light of day.

Kill It! Kill It With Fire!

A group if scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have created a robot which can liquify, then resolidify. It appears it is the first step toward making actual Terminators.

To create this rudimentary real-life T-1000, the international team of scientists embedded microscopic chunks of magnetic neodymium, boron and iron into liquid gallium, a metal that has a very low melting point. Then, by using magnets to command the miniature robot to melt and turn into a puddle, they guided it through the bars of a cage, before having it resolidify into the original shape on the other side.

“The magnetic particles here have two roles,” Carmel Majidi, a mechanical engineer at Carnegie Mellon University, said in a statement. “One is that they make the material responsive to an alternating magnetic field, so you can, through induction, heat up the material and cause the phase change. But the magnetic particles also give the robots mobility and the ability to move in response to the magnetic field.”

Yeah, I’m all for scientific breakthroughs, but maybe we should focus upon cancers and other diseases instead of creating killer robots or weapons of war.

The Economy Is Getting Worse

According to The Heartland Institute, the illegitimate president’s unabated spending is hitting hard with most American families. In fact, fifty-one percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

The economic gloom due to Biden’s reckless spending and never-ending regulations has manifested throughout the economic spectrum. In fact, according to a new survey by Lending Club, a whopping 64 percent of Americans (166 million people) are living paycheck to paycheck.

What’s more, 51 percent of Americans earning more than $100,000 per year reported living paycheck to paycheck in 2022.

You’d think after 29 years in the Philadelphia Police Department, I would be making $100,000. Nope. I am still young enough to work for ten to fifteen more years, but those who have retired are getting slaughtered economically.

Perhaps most alarming is the fact that this disturbing trend is getting worse as the Biden administration refuses to reverse course on its destructive economic agenda. Per the report, in 2022, “9.3 million more consumers are now living paycheck to paycheck, and eight million, or 86%, of those consumers earn more than $100,000 annually.”

In other words, Biden’s wild spending spree, which now stands at $4.8 trillion in “new” spending in less than two years, is the primary reason Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Based on the survey data, most Americans do not believe things will get better any time soon. In fact, only four out of 10 Americans “expect their personal finances to improve in the next year.” And, “90% of wage-earners report that their pay increases were lost to inflation in 2022, with only 42% expecting rising pay to offset price increases in 2023.”

While I was jogging Thursday afternoon, I was listening to the Dan Bongino Podcast, and a few economists mentioned the word “depression.” They said it as if they expected another Great Depression, and they expected it soon. Our hard times are just beginning, and the economy is going to get worse.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link!

One. Million. Views.

Since most of my readers here don’t bother much with the sidebar, but if you took a look at the bottom on the right margin, you would see a pretty impressive statistic.

The O.K. Corral earned its one millionth view on Friday, February 3rd.

After going back and forth with a few blogs, I took a break for a while, as I was trying to battle depression. I came back with The O.K. Corral on October 30, 2015. It took a while for people to find me again, and I don’t have the views I used to get when blogs were much more popular.

I finished my last blog with more than three million views, and did that in a couple of years. It took me about seven and a half years to reach one million, and while that isn’t a great accomplishment, I was proud to hit the mark yesterday.

None of this would be possible without all of you. Stopping by the blog, leaving comments, sending me the occasional story for the site. All of that motivated me to continue posting, even when I wasn’t in the mood.

So thank you all. Thank you for your support on this insignificant blog. I appreciate every one of you.

Feel-Good Friday

A group of archeologists may have discovered the oldest and most preserved mummy ever recorded. Heka-shepas was discovered near Djoser, Egypt, and appears the mummy was not someone of royalty.

Near the Step Pyramid of Djoser, Egyptologists working on an ancient cemetery uncovered what has been called “the oldest and most complete mummy found in Egypt to date.”

Located at the bottom of a 45-foot shaft, a limestone sarcophagus contained the remains of a very rich man whom hieroglyphics named Heka-shepas, who was probably the oldest mummy ever found who wasn’t a blue blood.

The archeologists believe Heka-shepas is over 1,000 years old.

I screwed up with this post. When talking about the mummy’s burial, this is what they said later in the article. “The shaft containing him was found near the modern-day village of Saqqara, a location near the capital city of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, from 2,700 to 2,200 BCE.”

Yeah, my bad. I completely missed that part.

How old was this Heka-shepas? Last year was the 100th anniversary of the opening of the “Boy King” Tutenkhamon’s tomb. During the Boy King’s reign, Heka-shepas had already been slumbering under the sands for more than 1,000 years.

This is an amazing find, especially since it appears Heka-shepas was not born of pharaohs or otherwise important stock in his time.