Goodbye, Captain America

When Marvel started producing films, I was a hugh Captain America fan. The first film was good, but the second – The Winter Soldier – was amazing. Nothing anyone could do or say would make me change my mind.

Enter Captain America actor Chris Evans.

Captain America actor Chris Evans is wading heavily into political spheres lately with his most recent venture targeting South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Evans took to Twitter to blast Graham writing, “Hey Smithers, remember when you said this: ‘You know how you make America great again, tell Donald Trump to go to hell.’”

He then insinuated that Graham is being blackmailed asking, “What do they have on you? I can’t tell if this shameful 180 is born of fear or thirst.”

Nicely done, Captain Homophobia. It always intrigues me when our Hollywood betters lecture us about the proper way to treat gay people, while throwing homophobic slurs at anyone who doesn’t share their political affiliation.

F**k you, Evans. F**k you, Marvel. I sincerely hope your political stances result in your demise. Get work, go broke.


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Original Caption: President Trump speaks in front of fast food in the State Dining Room of the White House on Monday. Trump laid out a White House feast fit for a government shutdown: silver platters heaped high with McDonald’s quarter pounders and the red-and-white burger wrappers of Wendy’s for visiting college football champions Clemson Tigers. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts.

Troll Level: Master

President Trump postponed dementia-riddled leftist Nancy Pelosi’s overseas junket with fellow Democrats, claiming the trip would not be appropriate during a government shutdown.

I write with not an ounce of sarcasm: Donald Trump is quickly becoming my favorite president. I do not ever remember a president fighting the opposition in such a creative and effective manner.

President Donald Trump postponed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned international travel over the partial government shutdown on Thursday.

Trump sent a letter to Pelosi informing her that she would not be allowed to use military aircraft to travel to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan for a “public relations event” during the shutdown. The president added that Pelosi would be allowed to fly commercial to make the trip if she so chooses.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported that security officials on Capitol Hill got an “emergency call” from the Pentagon canceling Pelosi’s trip. (H/TAOSHQ)

The best part of this story is the Democrats were already on the bus headed to the their military plane when they were notified they were grounded. The bus turned around and dropped off the leftists at the Capitol. High-freakin’-larious!

Amber Waves Of Crack

An Instagram “celebrity” claims she came up on the “mean streets” of Philadelphia, and had to do some pretty horrible things to stay afloat. I’m guessing this haircut is the most egregious.

Instagram model and pop culture sensation Amber Rose tried to be a drug dealer when she was younger, but to no avail.

“I usually don’t tell people this but I tried selling crack in my neighborhood,” the model said. “They said I was gonna get robbed, I was a girl and I was too pretty, and it wasn’t going to happen.”

She was “too pretty” to sell crack, everyone. That’s totes believable.

Amber added that she stayed involving with drug dealers, but she did it in the back office weighing substances and bagging them so she wouldn’t be as vulnerable.

Amber Rose, real name Amber Levonchuck, was born to an African-American mother and a white father in Philadelphia. She began stripping at the age of 15 after her parents separated to help provide for her family.

Yep, she’s the pride of Philadelphia. The mayor offered Amber the key to the city, but she sold it to a crack addict who’s still trying to smoke it.

Speaker Of The Louse

Nancy Pelosi, the dementia-ridden leftist hack has postponed the State of the Union Address because she believes the men and women of the U.S. Secret Service are incompetent boobs.

The Secret Service was never contacted by Nancy Pelosi’s office or other Democratic congressional leadership regarding their ability to protect the president, members of the administration and Congress during the State of the Union, according to a senior law enforcement official at the Department of Homeland Security.

So wait, Pelosi determined the State of the Union Address cannot commence because of security issues, but the security issues at our southern border are inconsequential?

According to the official, Pelosi made the decision unilaterally without contacting the Secret Service or DHS. “The Secret Service was never contacted by congressional leadership regarding our security plan or the Secret Service’s ability to carry it out,” the senior law enforcement official said.

Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, so she obviously knows more about security issues than the Secret Service, you deplorable nitwits!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter Wednesday to the White House asking for a postponement of the annual State of the Union address, citing congressional security concerns because of “hamstrung” security agencies on account of the government shutdown.

Look, I couldn’t care less about the SOTU, no matter who is sitting in the Oval Office. That said, I believe this is all about “getting back” at the president for the shutdown, and eliminating his chance to brag about his accomplishments to the American people. It’s pure politics, and it’s a move a Republican would never even consider.

Florida Is Now Slightly Worse

If you happen to live in Brandon, Florida, there is one less place where a guy can go to have some fun.

Hillsborough County sheriff’s detectives raided the club over the weekend, and what they found was quite revealing.

“Our detectives received a complaint about this location, and they went inside, infiltrated the location and observed people having sexual encounters,” Danny Alvarez, spokesman for the sheriff’s office explained. “While the business was operating as a bottle club as well.”

James Cutter Sr., 70, James Cutter Jr., 42, Denise Falsetti, 61, and Mariya Gladushevskaya, 32, are charged with operating a bottle club without a license and operating a sexually oriented business without a license.

This story describes everything wrong with government. Yes, the sex club and speakeasy was “bad,” but only because they were operating without a – likely expensive – license.

Hooray For Hollywood (Debt)

Don’t look now, but your favorite – or least favorite – mega-corporations are having trouble paying their bills. It’s like Christmas came twice. (Hey, phrasing!)

AT&T is not alone in seeing red-ink levels rise in an era of merger mania.

Comcast will have to shoulder $114.7 billion in debt, according to Moody’s, now that it has shelled out $40 billion to buy Sky — this after losing the bidding war with Disney for 21st Century Fox. Like Comcast, Disney is carrying more leverage than it has in more than a decade.

There are few corporations I despise more than Comcast. Based in Philadelphia, they are the epitome of what’s wrong with media, and monopolies. Nothing would make me happier than to see President Trump go all Teddy Roosevelt on them.

“It can be a very painful experience for companies that are carrying a big debt load,” says Schuyler Moore, a partner in the corporate entertainment department of Greenberg Glusker. “People lend money based on a company’s theoretical equity value, but if the stock gets hammered, that equity cushion deflates as well.”

I’m doing my part, since I haven’t been to a movie theater in nearly two years, refuse to see Marvel films anymore, and have no interest in Netflix. Personally, I couldn’t care less if Hollywood (figuratively) dies. My only wish is they take the NFL with them.

Oh, while I’m on the subject, the FXX show “You’re the Worst,” starring that c*nt Aya Cash, is in its final season. Maybe Aya can go back to what she does best… pleasuring strangers for Pixy Stix.

Mazie Barr The Door

President Trump’s Attorney General nominee is on Capitol Hill this week for his confirmation hearings. As always, the leftists are calling for him to recuse himself from the Mueller witch hunt.

President Donald Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Bill Barr, said on Tuesday that he would not sacrifice the powers of the Attorney General’s office simply to secure his confirmation.

Barr’s comments came after Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono began questioning him about acting AG Matthew Whitaker during his confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill. Hirono asked why Barr wasn’t willing to emulate outgoing AG Jeff Sessions and recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.

Barr, like a human honey badger, doesn’t give a f**k about what Mazie Hirono thinks.

“The regulations and the responsibilities of the attorney general as the head of the agency, vest that responsibility in the attorney general, and I am not going to surrender the responsibilities of the attorney general to get the title. I don’t need the title,” he said.

Suck on that Mazie; if that IS your real name. Imagine what it must feel like to have an Attorney General who will actually perform his duties? It must be something out of a Hollywood script.

All That Hate, Down The Drain

Meet fitness model Lauren Drain. While Lauren is gorgeous on the outside, she was, for a while, pretty terrible inside.

AN INSTAGRAM model has revealed how she fled America’s “most hated family” at gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church because she didn’t want an arranged marriage.

Lauren Drain went along to the church’s notorious hurtful protests for seven years – where they would regularly hurl abuse and vile slogans at everyone from the LGBT community to attendees at soldiers’ funerals.

The 33-year-old recounts how, at the young age of 22, she began to question the hate, and was immediately excommunicated. Her own father, Steve, delivered the final verdict, banishing her from the family entirely.

Her banishment had one advantage – she was able to rebuild her life. As a qualified nurse she had a good launch pad, but it was fitness that she found her fortune in.

Nursing, huh? Hey Lauren, I don’t “hate fags,” and I am dealing with a concussion. Any chance you can nurse me back to health?

Romero And Juliet

Meet Jesse Romero, America’s oldest high school student. Jesse is on the eleven-year graduation plan, which will soon be adding another five to ten.

A 25-year-old community high school student who also worked for the school district was arrested on Tuesday and charged with possession of a gun on school grounds.

Officers were sent to McLain Community High School on West 2nd Place around 10 a.m. due to reports of a student with a gun. Another student at the school reportedly saw Jesse Romero with a gun and told staff as soon as he could.

Staff and Jeffco Safety and Security put the school on lockdown immediately and Romero was taken into custody. According to the Police Department, a gun was taken from Romero. (H/T – TXNick)

Jesse told female students he was working on the “21 Jump Street” program, because that makes it easier for a 25-year old to get into a freshman’s pants.