The Irish Eyes May Not Be Smiling

There is no college football team – or university – I despise more than Notre Dame. (Although Penn State is a close second.) I hate the school, hate the sports teams, and hate the smarmy people who go there. So this article made me just laugh and laugh.

Notre Dame opens its home stadium for a Week 2 matchup against Toledo on Saturday. Both teams are at 1-0 after a thrilling first weekend of college football.

Notre Dame’s overtime victory, 41-38, against Florida State perfectly capped the action all weekend. Now welcoming Toledo to their home turf, and a crowd of over 77,000 in-person attendees, Notre Dame Stadium is tightening its COVID restrictions to welcome back fans in the new season.

Notre Dame can obviously make their own rules, but I’d wager the new rules will keep a decent amount fans at home. Then again, Notre Dame fans are a cult, so who knows?

Some of these restrictions include wearing a mask at, and to, the venue, along with fully contactless payment for all concessions and proof of entry. Notre Dame’s COVID mandates are the opposite of FSU’s guidelines — which required no masking or proof of vaccination on Sunday.

That’s because Florida’s governor knows masks don’t work. Force fans to wear a mask at the game, but forcing people to wear them as they are arriving to the stadium is stupid even for Notre Dame. The next rule is also high-larious.

Notre Dame previously announced that sideline reporters would require mandatory proof of vaccination for the upcoming season, as well.

While more of these reporters are uber-woke, not all of them are. I’m sure there are a handful of reporters who don’t want the vaccine, so we’ll see if they have to balls to decline.

Oh, and for the record, Notre Dame is a Catholic university in name only. In case anyone wanted to inquire why a Catholic like myself would despise the school. Notre Dame stopped being a Catholic school years ago, and many of the faculty and administration are big supporters of abortion.

Twenty Years Gone

There is very little I can add concerning the September 11th attacks, because after twenty years there is nothing left to add. I would suggest we never forget and never forgive.

I guess there is one thing I could add; the Biden administration has not vetted any of the Afghanis who were lucky enough to get on a plane to America. The logical result of this debacle will likely lead to more terror attacks here and likely another massive 9/11 terror attack. I hope I am wrong, but I’m not.

Feel-Good Friday

After a fifteen-year old deaf dog ran away from home, the citizens of Arlington, Texas went into action to find Zoey. Unfortunately, Zoey found herself trapped in a storm drain, but that didn’t stop them.

When Zoey, a 15-year-old deaf Lab mix wandered away from her home, practically the whole community turned out to help find her.

“I had put on NextDoor app, we’re missing our dog… and people were like, ‘Here’s my number. Call me and I will come help you find [her],’” dog mom Andrea Tankersley told WFAA.

Using jackhammers, pneumatic saws, and heavy equipment, crews worked tirelessly in extreme heat conditions to break up the pavement and dig down to the concrete drain pipe below. Throughout the excavation, neighbors supplied workers with food and beverages to keep them going.

Nearly 10 hours later, a section of the top of the culvert was lifted away to reveal the watery channel. Once they had access, rescuers still had to come up with a way to get Zoey safely out of the confined tunnel space.

There are a lot of good people in Texas – I know from experience – and many of them will do anything for a fellow neighbor. Or their beloved pet.

True Detective Stories

You know, in a little more than a month, I will be “celebrating” twenty-seven years in the police department. In those twenty-seven years, I spent twenty-two in two of the worst, most violent parts of this wretched city. As a result, you would think I have seen everything.

You would be incorrect.

On Wednesday evening, a patrol sergeant called the division and stated they pulled over a driver for the ridiculously unconstitutional – in my opinion – crime of having tinted vehicle windows. Personally, I usually tried to stop vehicles blowing red lights, swerving in and out of traffic, or otherwise committing actual crimes. But I digress.

When the officers approached the vehicle, the defendant refused to roll down the window, or exit his car. Stupefied, these two super cops called a patrol supervisor to give them guidance. (If they had called me, I would have told them to release the guy because their probable cause was bullsh*t.) The supervisor arrived on location, and the defendant still refused to exit the car or roll down the window. The supervisor’s next move was arguably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

The supervisor declared the scene a barricade.

Obviously, a barricaded person call almost exclusively pertains to an armed person holding up in a residence or a business. They refuse to come out of the structure, and the barricade is announced by the ranking supervisor. In nearly thirty years of policing, I have never ever heard someone call a barricade in a vehicle, because there is no such thing as a barricaded vehicle.

It’s ludicrous to even call a barricade in a car, because you can see exactly what the defendant is doing at all times. But hey, I guess the supervisor wanted to earn a Valor medal or some such nonsense.

This idiot supervisor then declared a staging scene, notified the upper-echelon bosses – who likely laughed all the way to the location – and frantically gave out information over police radio describing how the defendant was still inside the car.

Eventually the defendant’s wife came to the scene and asked him to exit the car – like the South Park “Trapped In A Closet” episode. The supervisor later claimed there was a firearm inside the vehicle, but by that time I didn’t care anymore.

This department is surrounded with people who shouldn’t be allowed to carry a plastic knife, let alone a firearm, and I anxiously await for one of these geniuses to declare a barricade at a hot dog stand.

1,148 days.

At Least U.S. Priorities Are In Order

Feckless soy-based Secretary of State Antony Blinken has some serious issues with the Taliban. No, it has nothing to do with the American hostages, the murder of thirteen military personnel, or even their links to ISIS. Blinken is concerned the new Taliban regime is not diverse enough.

The State Department on Tuesday expressed concerns over the makeup of the new interim Afghan government announced by the Taliban, including the lack of female leaders and the past actions of some of those appointed to top posts.

A State Department spokesperson said in a statement shared with The Hill that although the Taliban “has presented this as a caretaker cabinet,” the U.S. “will judge the Taliban by its actions, not words.” “We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” the spokesperson added.

We are no longer a serious nation.

The statement went on to note that the list of names announced by the Taliban earlier Tuesday “consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates and no women.” (H/T – MelP)

So, we lost the Afghanistan War, we left Americans behind enemy lines, we bugged out and left behind millions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment, but Blinken thinks the Taliban take our diversity suggestion under advisement? Every member of this fraudulent administration is completely clueless.

State Department Refusing Evac Flights

REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein
The illegitimate president, as well as the State Department and the Pentagon, have been refusing private organizations from recovering and evacuating American citizens left behind in Afghanistan. The movement was born when the illegitimate president decided they cannot – or will not – rescue Americans held behind enemy lines.

Under orders from the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon, the troops on the ground in Afghanistan presided over a partial, chaotic, and awful evacuation of American citizens and Afghan allies in the last days before the U.S. withdrew its military and diplomatic presence entirely from Afghanistan. Since then, private organizations have been trying desperately to rescue Americans, Afghan allies, and Afghans who converted to Christianity. The last two groups face imminent death. On Tuesday afternoon, Fox News reported that the State Department is refusing to grant approval for those charter flights.

So “President” Joe Biden is going to leave these Americans to die.

According to Fox News, the State Department is withholding the necessary approval that will allow privately chartered flights from Afghanistan to land in third countries. The administration is saying it’s too dangerous to let these planes land at Defense Department airbases:

The State Department refused to grant official approval for private evacuation flights from Afghanistan to land in third countries, even though the department conceded that official authorization would likely be needed for planes to land in those nations, an email reviewed by Fox News shows.

This administration will not lift a finger to rescue these Americans, or let private contractors rescue them. Do you think this administration would lift a finger to help you or your loved ones?

Furthermore, the State Department explicitly stated that charter flights, even those containing American citizens, would not be allowed to land at Defense Department (DOD) airbases. U.S. officials have pointed to possible security threats from landing charter planes at military bases, saying that they lack the resources on the ground to fully verify flight manifests.

That’s interesting, because the administration had no problem shoving hundreds of Afghanis into cargo planes without vetting them. I guess unknown Afghanis who may or not be Taliban soldiers don’t need a background check.

The author finishes with this:

I would posit that even more remain behind because, before the pullout, Biden himself admitted that there were 10,000 to 15,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan. In the end, those planes leaving Afghanistan before the U.S. pulled out carried only 6,000 Americans. I’m not good at math, but that tells me that 4,000 to 9,000 were left behind. (H/TJ.J. Sefton)

I’d wager the number is closer to 9,000 than 4,000. These people trusted their country and their president to bring them home, and the chances of that happening anytime soon is slim to none.

Quality Police Work, Guys!

Kristina Novytska, a 25-year old Ukrainian model, was found dead in her Turkish home with cloths in her mouth, a bag on her head, and handcuffed from behind. The police claim the event was a suicide.

A Turkish court has ruled that a model found dead on a chair with her hands cuffed behind her back, her mouth stuffed with cloths and a bin bag placed over her head committed suicide by imitating a scene in a movie.

Kristina Novytska took her own life by imitating a scene from the 2003 film The Life of David Gale starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet and Laura Linney, according to the verdict.

Now, I’m no detective, but I’m having trouble figuring how Novytska stuffed cloths in her mouth, put a bag on her head and then handcuffed herself behind her back. I mean, I guess its possible, but this alibi seems awfully thin.

Investigators initially suspected that the 25-year-old had been murdered in her house in the Turkish city of Bodrum. She was found dead by her landlord at around 4.30pm on 3rd January, when he gained entry to the property with the aid of a locksmith.

These Keystone Cops keep saying it was a suicide because the house was locked, as if no criminal ever locked doors after they fled a crime scene. I swear, these investigators seem as stupid as Diego.

P.S. – A few years ago, one of my coworkers responded to a homicide. The man’s hands were tied behind his back, and he had two bullet holes in his skull. The Homicide Unit arrived, and after careful consideration, determined the murder was “suspicious,” but not a homicide.

Because the man obviously tied his hands behind his back and shot himself – twice – in the head.

The Floating Dead

Like many Louisiana parishes, the city of Lafitte had problems and devastation after Hurricane Ida rolled through the Bayou.

Sadly, the destruction in Lafitte was more extraordinary than normal.

As the water rose in Lafitte during Ida, it picked up caskets and tombs with it. Now, loved ones are missing from their resting place and the Louisiana Cemetery Task Force is working to put them back.

“It’s a disaster to see it the way it is,” Norman Bouisse said. Bouisse lives next to the Adams Cemetery in Lafitte.

“You can see it’s leaning,” he said pointing to a grave. “Pretty much every time we get high water most of the graves pop out and they have to put them back in place. It’s been like that for years.”

Across the bayou, his mother and brother are buried. He hasn’t been able to check yet, but worries he could find the same there. Graves are on top of each other, leaning, and in some cases missing completely from the cemetery.

Truly terrible. Bouisse stated this happens during every hurricane, and afterward, they need to track down the tombs, caskets, and sometimes bodies. What a nightmare for the families.

Rutgers Is A Garbage University

Yes, I understand most colleges and universities are garbage institutions anymore, but Rutgers went above and beyond when it comes to jackassery. Meet Logan Hollar of Sandyston, New Jersey. Logan is a student in Rutgers’ online program, and recently he went to pay his tuition and found he was locked out of his account. Why? Because America is losing its collective mind.

A New Jersey student has said he is barred from taking classes at Rutgers University because he has not been vaccinated — even though he is only studying virtually from home.

You do understand the insanity of this, right? You cannot contract Covid through a computer screen.

Logan Hollar, 22, [said] he largely ignored the school’s COVID mandate “because all my classes were remote” from his Sandyston home, some 70 miles from Rutgers’ campus in New Brunswick. But he was locked out of his Rutgers email and related accounts when he went to pay his tuition at the end of last month — and was told that he needed to be vaccinated even though he has no plans to attend in person.

Hollar has now been forced to miss classes that started Sept. 1 — and has been warned it could be weeks before a decision is reached on his application for an exemption to the vaccine mandate, he said.

So Rutgers locked him out of his account and banned from all classes until he gets the vaccine, even though he is currently seventy miles away from the campus. Hollar has now missed a week of classes, and it appears Rutgers will slow-roll Hollar’s case as long as possible. Hollar has already said he will likely have to transfer to another school.

Hollar’s stepfather, Keith Williams — who has been vaccinated — told the outlet he is “dumbfounded” at Rutgers’ stance. “I believe in science, I believe in vaccines, but I am highly confident that COVID-19 and variants do not travel through computer monitors by taking online classes,” Williams told

Considering Hollar is 22, I assume he is a senior. It’s his last year and Rutgers is screwing him over – after they gladly took his money – and are ruining his final year of college. Just a despicable decision by people who shouldn’t be working in a McDonald’s, let alone a major university.

The only good news here is that college enrollment is down, and the numbers are still plummeting.

“U.S. colleges and universities had 1.5 million fewer students compared with five years ago, and men accounted for 71% of the decline.”