Miami Teacher Gets Railroaded

Meet Alexandra Handwerger, an English teacher who works at Miami’s Hebrew Academy. Obviously, Alexandra is an attractive woman, and is proud of how she looks. So proud, in fact, that she allegedly sent naked photos to a former student.

An English teacher who worked at the Hebrew Academy, a Jewish private school, lost her job after school administrators claimed her nude videos and photos were shared with a former male student who had since graduated.

Miami Beach Police are investigating Alexandra Handwerger, also known as Alex Lowe, after the school reported her to police on Feb. 19. The school dismissed her on Jan. 30.

Okay, I’m already calling bullshit. If the kid is a former student and is over eighteen years of age, I don’t see how (or why) the Miami P.D. is vigorously prosecuting this case. The school is within its rights to fire Alexandra, but I cannot see how she is successfully prosecuted.

According to an incident report, school administrators received an anonymous email informing them that a teacher was sending inappropriate pictures. The email also had a phone number, which school officials called. It lead them to an administrator of a school in Israel.

According to the report, the instructor said that “his male students, who were 18 years old or over, in his school were getting inappropriate photos/ videos (nude photos) from a female teacher that works at Hebrew Academy.”

An anonymous email and a phone number to a school in Israel. Yep, this is a rock-solid case that Miami should focus all its attention toward. Forget the murders, drugs, and human trafficking; THIS is the case we need to solve!

When Handwerger, 48, was questioned by the school’s director of operations as to how the former students obtained the photos, the report stated that she didn’t recall but admitted to taking the photos.

Look, the woman’s life is already ruined. Her career is finished, her husband will likely leave her, and her reputation is forever ruined. Prosecuting her for sending photos to adult former students is something my department would do; and we’re the worst department on the east coast.

Australia Drops The Ball Again

Meet Isabelle Eleanore of Australia. Isabelle was humiliated in front of Jet Star Airline passengers when the Karens on the plane claimed her outfit – seen at the right – as “inappropriate.”

Seriously Australia, when did you stop being the toughest country on Earth and start being France?

An airline has apologised to a passenger after staff told her to cover up her ‘inappropriate’ outfit.

Isabelle Eleanore, from Australia, said she was humiliated after being told by cabin crew her black crop top was not suitable for flying. The OnlyFans model said Jetstar staff ordered her to cover up, allegedly saying: “You can’t wear a bikini.”

Maybe I’m suffering from dementia, but in what world could her outfit be declared a bikini?

Isabelle was then handed a hi-vis vest to wear over her black top, which she said made her feel ‘degraded’ and embarrassed in front of her fellow passengers.

Sharing her story to her Instagram followers, Isabelle said: “So they made a huge scene when I stepped on the plane and made me wait in front of everyone while they searched for something to cover me up with. If I had small breasts I guarantee they wouldn’t have said anything.

She’s not wrong. IF she had small boobs – perish the thought – this wouldn’t be an issue. Even still, it’s not lie she’s falling out of her top, so what’s the problem? The world has lost its collective mind.

Sunday Services

No, I am not resurrecting Sunday Services, but I wanted to do this today after hearing Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter was awarded a modeling gig with IMG.

From Sebastian Gorka: “Ella Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ 22 year old step daughter. Eight days after the Inauguration she suddenly lands a modeling contract with IMG Models”

Wow, what a co-inky-dink! It’s almost like IMG is pandering to the illegitimate vice-president to possibly get some love sometime down the road. The modeling gig doesn’t really bother me, because I understand IMG was not even remotely serious with this offer. How do I know?

Click this link to see what Kamala’s stepdaughter looks like.

Does she look like a supermodel to you?

So, in an effort to unsee that woman, I decided to flood the post with the most beautiful First Lady in American history: Melania Trump.

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Alica Uber Alles

Meet Alica Schmidt, a German track and field athlete who is all the rage on Twitter. The New York Post wrote about her Friday, and to be honest, I have no idea what the story was about, because… gorgeous.

Olympic hopeful Alica Schmidt has thousands of followers sprinting to see her workout videos.

The 400-meter runner says “sport clearly comes first” in her career despite becoming a social influencer with her 1.5 million Instagram fans after being named the Sexiest Athlete in the World. But the 22-year-old’s training regimes are wowing audiences beyond athletics aficionados.

And the German’s weightlifting ability also looks beyond that of most armchair observers as she mixes up her solo sprint routines with body toning.

Australian magazine Busted Coverage elevated Schmidt to celebrity status by handing her the baton of sexiest athlete three years ago. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Alica stated she has no idea why she was awarded “Sexiest Athlete in the World,” because she’s more concerned with her athletic career.

There are more photos of her below the fold… because of course there are!

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Put Another Wimp On The Barbie

Remember back in the eighties when Australia was all the rage? Mel Gibson was starring in the Mad Max films, Crocodile Dundee was very popular, and Jacko was shilling Energizer batteries. These were manly men living in the most dangerous continent on Earth.

What the hell happened?

A backpacker claims she was asked to leave a restaurant because her outfit was deemed “inappropriate”.

She was patronizing a restaurant at Bondi Beach, where most people probably come in wearing swimsuits.

Martina Corradi said she was left “embarrassed and offended” after being kicked out of the diner in Bondi Beach, Australia.

The Italian holidaymaker, who was wearing a grey crop top and white trousers, was with her boyfriend on Thursday when a staff member approached her. She said she was told it wasn’t how she should dress for a restaurant in front of other customers and was told it was inappropriate.

Not for nothing, but I don’t see how Martina’s attire is “inappropriate” for a beach restaurant. It’s inappropriate for church or possibly the office, but for a beach restaurant? Get the hell outta here.

Personally, I think she looks amazing, and the restaurant staff look like idiots.

Coming Up Next? Hot Sticky Buns!

While the country is plummeting into the abyss, there is occasionally a feel-good story which convinces me that America is not totally lost. In this case, it’s an internet sensation titled “Naked Bakers.”

Jade, an anonymous blonde model from L.A., is pouring flour into a baking bowl. She is naked, standing in a clean, plant-filled kitchen, with her face cropped out of the shot. In the background, soft jazz plays. “Today, we’re making chocolate espresso cookies,” says an off-camera narrator, with a light Valley Girl accent.

“Like, you know, whatever!”

Jade adds some cocoa powder to her flour and begins to stir. The camera wanders casually past her nipples, vulva and immaculate white acrylics before zooming into her mixing bowl. “These cookies are so tasty,” the narrator adds. “I bet you won’t be able to eat just one.”

Not gonna lie: I am very interested in any of these baker’s “mixing bowls,” if you know what I mean.

This seven-minute clip is one of hundreds that are now available to view on the Naked Bakers website, as well as on YouTube and OnlyFans. As the name implies, the company specializes in creating cookery videos, all which are hosted exclusively by naked women. The recipes on offer are diverse, straightforward and indulgent; currently, there are clips about BBQ chicken thighs, garlic mashed potatoes, pad thai and mac and cheese, among others.

Yes, I’d like to place an order for some thighs… and breasts.

Singapore Schwing

The worldwide Chinese Wuhan Virus lockdowns – purposely distributed by the Chinese Communist Party – has crippled world economies, destroyed people’s mental health, and eradicated instances for men to get laid. Thankfully, Singapore is rigidly coming to the rescue.

In this day and age of the Internet, things happen much quicker, and sometimes, more fleetingly. It is no wonder that more fleeting types of relationships and forms of dating such as finding social escorts from a Singapore escort agency which provides call girls from Singapore are getting more popular (applicable where legal). For instance, SG VIP Escorts has some of the best social escort girls you can ever find in Singapore if you want a girlfriend experience or companion on demand.

Firstly, it used to be highly awkward or highly inconvenient to meet an escort girl just one or two decades ago. Secondly, the cost of living in SG has been rising nonstop over the last several decades.

Third of all, with the Internet, Whatsapp and more such messaging applications which are commonplace in SG, all of which facilitates the booking of social escorts, it has significantly made things far easier for first time customers.

Well, it’s easier until the escort realizes the photo you sent her of Henry Cavill looks nothing like the 320-pound sack of protoplasm awaiting at her front – or rear – door. See what I did there?

She Talks The Talk

Meet Olivia Blanco, a British Instagram model, who claims she’s making a fortune talking dirty to red-blooded American males.

Olivia Blanco, 32, originally from London, moved to Miami, Florida, just before the first national lockdown in March and has since made a whopping £1 million in less than a year.

But it’s the requests for naughty chat on OnlyFans from her largely American fanbase that has seen Olivia make big money. Blokes often request clips of her “just talking” as they love they sound of her British accent.

Almost every guy I know loves the sound of a female British accent. I’ve mentioned this before, but a British accent instantly gives a woman three more points on the 1-to-10 scale. In my case, Keira Knightley is a 13.

Trust the science, people!

He’s Leaving On A Jet Ski…

Meet Jessica Radcliffe of Britain.

Jessica received the surprise of a lifetime after her boyfriend crossed the Irish Sea on a jet ski to see her.

THE girlfriend of a Scots jet skier dad who crossed the Irish Sea to reach her has called him “my hero” as she begs for him to be let out of jail for Christmas.

Jessica Radcliffe, 30, says she was bowled over by Dale McLaughlan’s gesture of love when he made the 25-mile journey to visit her on the Isle of Man.

Wait is the Isle of Man essentially Whore Island for women?

Lovesick Dale, 28, of Irvine, Ayrshire, had just ten minutes of fuel left when he arrived at the island’s Ramsey harbour on Friday afternoon after the bonkers 4.5 hour trip. He was caught out and jailed after breaking Covid rules in travelling to the island.

The guy crossed the Irish Sea to get to Jessica. How many people do you think he contaminated on the way? Or are we worried about infecting fish, eels, and Nessie?

Seriously Britain, be better.

Tom Cruise Hits The Jackpot

It is with great sorrow that I must report Tom Cruise is dating the delicious Hayley Atwell. Get bent, Tom! Nah, I don’t mean that. Cruise may be a weirdo, but he’s a great actor, and I’m simply jealous.

Tom Cruise is reportedly dating his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell after filming brought them ‘even closer’. The actor, 58, and actress, 38, are alleged to have become ‘fairly inseparable’ after they ‘hit it off from day one.’

Yeah, no kidding. Atwell is one of the most beautiful women on Earth, in my humble opinion.

Tom hasn’t had a high-profile romance since his divorce from ex-wife Katie Holmes in 2012 while Hayley is said to have split from her English doctor ex earlier this year.

You know, I could probably land Atwell if I had talent, a great physique, oodles of money, and wasn’t ugly as all Hell. Eh, whatever. If you need me, I’ll be drinking myself to death.