Caption Contest Winners

The Free Hugs! Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. Lice and body odor are also free! – Ronni
4. It’s like the guys that stand outside of a sporting event with a sign that says “I need a ticket” when they are really scalping tickets. – Ingineer66
3. Jennifer Lawrence has really let herself go. – Barry D.
2. Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign may have hit a new low! – Proof

WINNER! – Well, she does look like she needs a hug… I’d still have to charge her twenty bucks though… – Sully


Caption Contest Winners

The Fore! Years In Prison Caption Contest is now over.

Top Three Entries:
3. “We didn’t discuss business! Just yoga and bridesmaid dresses!” – Proof
2. Hey, Moe, Larry, Curley and Shemp………! – Ronni

WINNER! – Joe thinking out loud… “I’m naming my next son Mulligan….”
Hunter… “What…?”
Joe… “Nothing…” – Sully

Caption Contest Winners

The Swedish Meatball Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. Looks like someone needs their rabies shot ASAP! – Cathy
4. “Hurry up and finish your questions! That last Tide pod I ate is causing me to have diarrhea! I gotta go NOW!” – TXNick
3. Ironically, every time Greta gave a speech the temperature in the immediate area went up two degrees. – Jim
2. How dare you make my parents take me across the Atlantic in a million dollar yacht to deliver a prepared speech in front of you assholes… – Sully

WINNER! – So what if I thought this was for selfies instead of a microphone, you jerk! Don’t lecture me on anger management you idiotic climate change denier! – Ronni

Also, Sully suggested I post this brilliant (short) video about this hot mess.

Quite telling.

Weekend Caption Contest

The Swedish Meatball Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Caption this photo in the comments section. The winners will be posted on Monday, September 30th.

Original Caption: Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at the United Nations Climate Action Summit at U.N. headquarters in New York City, New York. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Caption Contest Winners

The Would You Like Smoke Grenades With That? Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. “And this time there had better not be any damn onions on that burger!!” – William
4. He literally tanked at work today! – Ronni
3. Gunner: “Can I give you two guys a friendly piece of advice, okay? Don’t ever go up to the drive-thru! Okay? Always walk up to the counter. You know why? Okay. Okay. They fuck you at the drive-thru! Okay?! They fuck you at the drive-thru! They know you’re gonna be miles away before you find out you got fucked!” – Barry D.
2. “I’m here to make a withdrawal” – Mike AKA Proof

WINNER! – Hey!!, I found a helmet in here with a Dukakis bumper sticker on it… – Sully