Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs…

Brad Carson of Louisville, Kentucky, decided he wanted out of the rat race, and decided to purchase a hardware store in his home town. One of the better perks is the giant sign above the entrance, where he posts funny messages almost daily.

“It’s not a big box store, that you have to run down 15 aisles to find things,” customer, Mark Vogedes said.

“Rhinestone Cowboy” plays over the speaker, there’s still a phone on the wall, the popcorn’s free, and just like when he was a teen, Brad Carson is helping customers at J-town Hardware & Rental in Jeffersontown.

More people should be so bold. Why run yourself down in a corporate setting when you can have fun at a job you truly love?

“I quit my corporate job, and bought this store, and then, I told my wife,” Brad explained. “We went over to El Nopal, and drank it out.”

“He’s not as funny as he thinks he is,” added his wife, Jennifer Carson. Since his early days at the store, Carson has always enjoyed coming up with something to put on the sign out front.

Brad may not be as funny as he thinks he is, but his signs are hilarious.

Good for you, Brad. I hope you continue to entertain your customers.

Horse Beats Competition Without A Rider

A horse assigned to the Tokay Stakes in Japan won its race without the help of his jockey. The horse, Vanyar, had his jockey fall off the horse right after the race began, and the horse finished first without its rider.

The Tokay Stakes 2023 horse race at the Chukyo Racecourse in Nagoya, Japan was technically won by a racehorse that ran the entire race without a jockey.

Vanyar, the no.5 horse in the Tokay Stakes 2023 horse race, was disqualified from the competition, even though he crossed the finish line first and technically won. Those are the rules when a racehorse loses its jockey during a race, but that takes nothing away from the horse, on the contrary, it only makes its achievement that much more impressive.

I’m guessing the horse’s instinct clicked on and it just ran.

Although Vanyar can be seen lagging behind after the fall of its jockey, as the race progresses, the horse can be seen moving up in the pack until it ends up in contention to win. The commentators take notice as well and they get all excited on the final stretch when Vanyar somehow digs deep and crosses the finish line first.

Sadly, Vanyar was not announced the winner, since it had no jockey. Pretty impressive race, anyway.

Welcome To The Blue Light Special

An abandoned tunnel in Helensburgh, Australia has been renovated from the original 19th Century railroad line. As the tunnel was cleared and cleaned, it became a wonderful place to stop by and see the brilliant sights.

The Helensburgh Glow Worm Tunnel is an abandoned rail tunnel in Helensburgh, New South Wales which has become famous both for the ghost stories surrounding it and the glow worm colony that give it its iconic bioluminescent blue glow. Originally known as the Metropolitan tunnel, the 624-meter-long underground passage was inaugurated at the end of the 19th century and used to transport coal from the local mine to the suburbs. However, it closed down a couple of decades later and remained abandoned until the mid-90s, enough time for a colony of glow worms to claim it for themselves…

That’s when the locals started cleaning the tunnel, and some new residents made their homes there.

After its initial restoration, the old railway tunnel became the home of a colony of glow worms that has since become one of the largest in all of New South Wales. They covered the tunnel ceiling, emitting a characteristic blue light to attract prey – invertebrates like mosquitoes – at night. While this bioluminescence serves a very practical purpose, it also creates a fantastic natural light show for us humans, one that locals were quick to notice.

You can see some of the photos at the link. It’s really an amazing sight to see.

Snip, And Tuck-It

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, do I have a story for you.

In the aftermath of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, douchebag leftist “males” are protesting against the ban on abortions in many states. Their angst has become so bad that leftist men are getting vasectomies at alarming rates!

Liberal men are getting vasectomies in record numbers to protest abortion bans across the country in the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. And that likely means fewer abortions.

Reports of increased numbers of vasectomies have been coming in over the last six months following the summer ruling from the Supreme Court. In fact reports began surfacing after Texas became the first state to successfully ban abortions in late 2021 — with some reports indicating an increase of 15% in the number of men seeking vasectomies.

Fifteen percent is pretty good, but come on, leftists, you can get it to one hundred percent!

After that, NPR indicated those numbers are shooting up nationwide. And thankfully the men getting vasectomies are the ones who would be perfectly fine with having their own child killed in an abortion.

One clinic in Des Moines, Iowa reported signing up the same number of new vasectomy patients in 48 hours that they normally see in a month. Others reported similar figures. The largest increase came among men in their mid to late 30s, with a slightly smaller increase among men in their 20s.

This is literally the best story of 2023. Leftist soi-bois snipping their nads are the greatest thing Democrats have ever done. Imagine, no more Democrat children roaming the streets screaming their pronouns. If these trends continue, America will be a Utopia of Democrat eunuchs’, unable to have children of their own.

Thanks to The Daley Gator for the link!

Houston, He Has A Problem

A Houston man was dining at a Ranchito Taqueria restaurant when a thug came into the restaurant with a firearm and demanded money from the owner and the patrons.

Unfortunately for this criminal, the Houston man was armed and shot the thug, killing him.

A customer at Ranchito Taqueria shot and killed a man who robbed the restaurant in southwest Houston late Thursday night.

Houston police said the armed man in a mask came inside the restaurant, demanding money and wallets from customers. However, as he was leaving, one of those customers shot the suspect.

I doubt the shooter will be charged, because he obviously didn’t know the thug was carrying a fake gun, plus this POS pointed guns at everyone inside.

Houston police also released surveillance photos of the customer who shot the robber in the video. Investigators said he is wanted for questioning for his role in the shooting. He has not been identified and is not charged at this time.

The shooter collected the stolen money from the robber and returned it to the other patrons, police said. Then the rest of the people in the restaurant left the scene before the police arrived.

Interview the shooter and the patrons, and I guarantee he’ll be exonerated. In my opinion, the shooter deserved a medal, and free food for life at the restaurant.

Aussie Carries Land Shark Into Ocean

Meet Paul Myles of Victoria, Australia.

Paul is just your regular bloke, who was surfing the Eastern View beach when he saw a land shark stranded on the sand. After trying to push the shark into the sea without success, he decided to do something crazy.

Paul Myles saw the shark stranded on the shore at Eastern View on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and decided to try his best to push it back into deeper water with his surfboard.

But after a few unsuccessful attempts, he realised he may have to take matters into his own hands – literally. The brave surfer was captured picking up the flailing shark and rather nonchalantly carrying the deadly fish back out to the ocean.

If he was a true Australian, he would have grabbed the shark by the tail and tossed it into the ocean.

Mr. Myles promised that he would be back in the surf the next day.

People on social media hailed him a hero for risking his life to save the shark, when many others may have been too frightened to pick it up.

Here’s hoping the shark has a good memory and doesn’t come for him in a few days.

And The Lord Said, Let There Be Light

A Pennsylvania woman took photos of light pillars in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It’s the first time ever someone actually cared about Somerset. Kidding, kidding!

Jess Moore in Boswell captured this amazing photo of light pillars in the sky this past week.

A light pillar is a vertical beam of light that extends above the light source. You have to have the perfect conditions for this to appear in the sky. These typically happen at night or they naturally appear at sunrise or sunset.

There are more photos at the link. The pics are fantastic.

In this case, the source of light was some lights on in the town. With the cold air in place, tiny ice crystals are suspended in the air or are slowly falling. What creates this beam is then the ice crystals reflect the light in the sky from the source to create this pillar. When light snow is falling, it can help reflect the light even more.

It is rare to see a sight like this, but we do see more light pillars occurring in the sky during the winter months when the air is colder.

The light pillars are very rare, but when it gets as cold as it has been in Pennsylvania, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see them. Sadly, we don’t get them in Philly, probably because of all the pollution.

California, Here I Leave…

According to census statistics, approximately 300,000 citizens fled California in 2022. Apparently, even hard-core California residents have had it with the state’s Draconian policies.

300,000 California residents left the state in 2022, according to the US Census Bureau. This departure is more than any other state during that time period, per estimates tracked from July 2021 to July 2022. Those fleeing California included Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s own in-laws.

This was the third consecutive annual decline for the Golden State, even with births outnumbering deaths. In 2020, California’s population contracted so badly that the drop, the first in state history, contributed to the state losing a seat in the House of Representatives.

If these trends continue, California will lose more House seats, and its power will dwindle.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, between 2015 and 2021, 413,000 adults cited housing costs as a primary reason they moved out of the state and the majority of those leaving were middle or low income residents.

The institute reported that 64 percent of adults in California cite housing affordability as “a big problem.”

This is terrific news. Sure, there will be a ton of leftards going to other states and bringing their awful policies with them, but the collapse of California would put a smile on my face. Here’s hoping they lose another 300,000.

Watch The Skies

It’s Christmas Eve, and as is tradition, I am posting about NORAD Tracks Santa.

I first saw this in 2007 at my brother-in-law’s house on Christmas Eve. My niece was glued to the computer and I asked what she was looking at. It was a map of the Earth showing where Santa Claus was during his flight.

It tracks Santa’s route in real time utilizing NORAD radar and Google Earth. His position is updated every five minutes, and even shows real “footage” of Santa flying through the different countries. When Kyle and Erik saw this, they were hooked. They were laughing and pointing, and just getting excited for the holiday. It was great to see.

Of course, the first time I checked it, Santa was in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Naturally, I had to snark, “Jeez, I hope he gets out of there in one piece.”

If you have young kids or grandchildren, it’s a great site for the young ones.

A Christmas Miracle

An Amazon employee from Chandler, Arizona stopped what would have been a mass shooting thanks to his wits and his firearm. Remember, the left wants you to know there are no good people with guns.

Chandler Police announced the shooting took place at an Amazon Flex warehouse and the suspect in the shooting is dead.

Fox 10 Phoenix reported: According to Chandler Police, the shooting happened at around 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 14 at an Amazon Flex Warehouse located near McQueen and Queen Creek Roads, when 29-year-old Jacob Murphy drove to the back employee parking lot, jumped out, and opened fire.

This would have been a real problem were it not for the armed employee.

One contract worker was shot and injured, but is expected to survive, police said after the shooting. Another contract worker for the company saw the shooting occurring and pulled out his own gun and fired at the shooter. He then went to the aid of the worker who had been shot.

Chandler Police Sgt. Jason McClimans referred to the employee who intervened as a “good Samaritan.” The sergeant said the gunman was dead when police arrived from a self-inflicted gunshot wound as well as rounds from the other shooter.

That’s a shame. May the shooter rot in Hell for all eternity.