Heroes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Before we begin, I do realize there is a lot of propaganda emanating from Russia and Ukraine during the war. Having said that, this story seems fairly legit. Meet Liza Chernichenko of Komyshuvakha, Ukraine. Liza spent her day driving four people to the local hospital, after they were shot by Russian forces. Liza was shot twice in the legs as she maneuvered though the town, but successfully made it to the hospital.

Oh, did I mention Liza is fifteen years old?

As 15-year-old Liza Chernichenko pressed on the gas pedal while frantically driving through the Donetsk region, she realized she had been shot in both legs, but with four others in the car, including two men bleeding profusely, she kept driving, even as Russian forces continued firing

“There was no fear, there was no shock,” said Chernichenko, who spoke to CBC from her hospital bed in Lviv. “There was just a determination to go forward.”

Liza was probably filled with fear, but the adrenaline likely took over.

Chernichenko, who had planned to hunker down with her godmother and try to wait out the relentless barrage near her community of Komyshuvakha, ended up fleeing after two men were injured in an attack and needed someone to drive them to the hospital.

Chernichenko told CBC that after she heard the shelling attack, she biked from her home to where two men lay injured with shrapnel wounds.

In the commotion that ensued, she decided the men needed to go to the hospital in Bakhmut, a community about an hour’s drive away. One of the injured men had a car that could get them there, but given the fierce fighting nearby, no one wanted to drive. So Chernichenko took the wheel.

I think I would be skeptical if it came from Ukrainian media, but the CBC, for the most part, are fairly balanced. If the story is true, Ukraine should create a statue of Liza in the town square.

Putin’s Next Ship Will Be The S.S. Minnow

Say what you like about the Italians, but if nothing else, they have a giant set of balls. Italian police seized Vladimir Putin’s superyacht shortly before it was about to flee the country.

A giant superyacht said to be owned by Vladimir Putin was set to be seized by Italian authorities after they recommended it be impounded as part of sanctions against Russia.

Authorities in Italy said the $700 million The Scheherazade, which is more than 450ft long, and boasts spas, swimming pools and two helicopter pads was connected to a ‘significant person’ but did not name them.

The Italians are holding the yacht for the foreseeable future. Hopefully until Putin ends this war.

The yacht has been the subject of an investigation by the Italian financial police since the end of March and has been in dock at Marina di Carrara near Pisa since September undergoing a refit.

The late night announcement came after fears grew that The Scheherazde was about to slip away and head to international waters and avoid any possible sanctions.

Almost slipped away, huh Putin? While I respect the Italians for holding the yacht, I would respect them more if they scuttled the yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Why Is The Pee Gone?

Apparently, not every guest at Disneyland enjoyed The Pirates of the Caribbean ride as much as Captain Jack Sparrow. One female guest showed her displeasure in a very magical way.

A guest urinated off the boat into the ride water at Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland, according to TikTok user Christina (@xtinabell). Christina was stuck during unexpected downtime on the classic attraction.

It seems the guests were stuck on the ride for quite some time, and I guess the woman really needed to pee. Personally, I’m all for urinating on all things Disney.

The guests were stuck for a while and the Fire Department arrived to help. However, at one point during the downtime while the lights were on, one guest lowered their pants and urinated into the water. The incident occurred on a previous visit but Christina posted the TikTok in April.

Another woman made a TikTok video on the stoppage, and briefly showed the woman responsible. In her defense, she looks like an older woman, and probably didn’t want to have an accident.

Feel-Good Tuesday!

Meet Kathy Boudin, a radical Weather Underground terrorist who was involved in a robbery of a Brinks truck where three men were murdered. Boudin passed away on May 1st, and the world is better for it.

The glowing review of this terrorist scum by Columbia University is the best reason to never send your children to an Ivy League university.

Kathy Boudin died on May Day 2022 at 12:59 PM. Her son Chesa Boudin and her life partner David Gilbert were by her side. After a seven-year fight with cancer she died surrounded by lifelong friends and family members.

I never thought I would praise cancer, but here we are.

In 1981, trying to raise money to support Black revolutionary organizations, Kathy and her partner David Gilbert participated in the robbery of a Brinks truck in Nyack, NY. Though Kathy and David were not armed and did not personally hurt anyone, three men were killed. Kathy and David were arrested and sentenced to decades in prison.

Boudin knew the others were armed, and knew there was a high probability of violence. The bitch should have been given the death penalty, in my opinion.

Kathy entered Bedford Hills Correctional Facility with remorse for her role in the deadly robbery, and serious questions about the role of violence in political movements and the consequences of her political choices.

That’s not even remotely true. Boudin has been a radical terrorist since 1981, and had worked her entire life to support radical anti-American factions. Her POS son Chesa is currently the District Attorney of San Francisco, and another Soros-appointed radical.

I truly hope Boudin burns in Hell for all eternity.

P.S.Yes, I should be the better person, but I’d rather pray for the men they killed than this bitch.

An Early Feel-Good Friday

Seven vehicles exploded on a Moscow street Wednesday, and an ammunition depot was set on fire in Belgorod.

Wednesday night on Kustanayskaya Street in eastern Moscow, social media videos showed a number of cars on fire. Up to seven vehicles were ablaze, as seen in accounts and videos of the incident.

Well, that’s a start. I wonder if this was the work of Ukraine or Russian citizens?

It comes as local authorities in three Russian regions close to Ukraine reported explosions on Wednesday night. An ammunition depot in Belgorod region was reportedly set ablaze.

Suspected attacks from Ukraine were also reported in the Voronezh and Kursk regions.

The despicable POS Putin may win this war, but if nothing else, Ukraine will fight them to the last man.

Even Better Than A Killer Rabbit

Meet Joey, the pet squirrel of a Meridian, Idaho man. Adam Pearl adopted the squirrel, and while the friendship is mutual, the squirrel went above and beyond by protecting Pearl’s residence from a burglar.

Adam Pearl walked into his Meridian home Tuesday and realized something didn’t seem right.

“I came in the front door and I saw snow prints out in the front driveway going to the back of the house, so I thought something was awry because no one usually goes through the yard,” said Pearl.

Pearl was immediately greeted by his pet squirrel Joey when he got home, but the he started noticing a few doors that would normally be closed were open.

Among the open doors, the burglar tried to open Pearl’s gun safe.

Officer Turner went on her way, only to return a few hours later with some of his stolen belongings and some unbelievable news.

“She said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him ‘did you get that from the squirrel’ and he says yeah, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left,” said Pearl.

Now Joey is being hailed a hero.

Now I’ve never heard of someone keeping a squirrel as a pet, but it’s Idaho, so who knows? If nothing else, Pearl adopted the perfect pet. Loyal, loving, and bloodthirsty.

Russia Has Their Own Resistance?

A group of young Russians have been not-so-peacefully protesting the war in Ukraine; and by that, I mean they are hitting military recruiting offices… with Molotov cocktails.

As many as five Russian military enlistment offices have been set on fire since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, independent Russian media reported Thursday.

The latest incident took place in the remote Mordovia region Monday, according to the 7×7 news website. Molotov cocktails destroyed several computers and a database of conscripts in the Zubova Polyana settlement.

Well, it’s a start. Now begin hitting the Kremlin.

“The recruitment campaign in the [local] districts was put on pause,” media outlet iStories reported.

In March, local residents damaged military enlistment offices in the Voronezh, Sverdlovsk and Ivanovo regions with Molotov cocktails. Young men subsequently detained in Sverdlovsk and Ivanovo said they sought to disrupt the recruitment campaign in protest of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

It would seem to me the only person on Earth who approves of the Ukraine war is Vladimir Putin.

Not The Laser Light Show We Wanted

A South African telescope has found a space laser five billion light years away, which means global warming may actually be a real thing… in a few billion years.

A powerful telescope in South Africa has detected a space laser, known as a “megamaser,” that is 5 billion lightyears from Earth. Scientists named it Nkalakatha, an isiZulu word meaning “big boss.”

“Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet, or even a whole system, is insignificant next to the power of the Force.”

Nkalakatha is the most distant hydroxyl megamaser of its kind ever detected, and it was discovered by the MeerKAT telescope on the first night of a survey that was expected to include 3,000 hours of observation. The team of scientists, working for the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research, published their work in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

A Megamaser is normally created when two galaxies crash violently into each other, causing a burst of light. The MeerKAT is designed to capture the kind of light — which is on the “radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum,” according to the astronomers — that Nkalakatha emits.

So the Cartwheel and Pinwheel galaxies were just floating through space, when the Cartwheel stopped short so it wouldn’t strike the Comet galaxy. The Comet always floats entirely too slowly. The Pinwheel doesn’t see the Cartwheel’s brake lights, and slams into it. Neither galaxy has their insurance on them, they start fighting, and boom, a space laser heads toward Earth.

First Mosaic Dedicated To Jesus Found

An Israel Antiquities Authority conservationist works on the ‘Jesus’ mosaic excavated at a prison in Megiddo in northern Israel, part of a structure from the third or fourth century that may be one of the earliest Christian churches. (Yoli Schwartz/IAA)

Israelis believe they have located the first ever church in the world, and it was located under a prison. Megiddo prison was apparently built upon the church, but it will now be relocated to archeologists can examine the church and its mosaic dedicated to Jesus Christ.

A third-century church that experts believe is the first in the world will be open to the public starting this summer after the prison on top of the site is relocated.

About a 20-minute drive south from Nazareth, Megiddo prison is located on top of the church and the first known mosaic dedicated to Jesus.

The revelation of the church and the mosaic is almost a one in a million find.

A Greek inscription “to the God Jesus Christ” was found in 2004 during archaeological excavations before a proposed prison expansion, The Times of Israel reported.

“Would you believe that the first church in the world is inside a prison?!” the Israeli Prison Service posted on Facebook, as translated, in an announcement about the prison’s move.

You really cannot underestimate how much we can learn from the church and its mosaics inside.

The Megiddo Regional Council and the Israeli Prison Service met with the Israeli Antiquities Authority last month and decided to relocate the prison. The current prison will be moved so archaeologists can excavate the site further, and the church and its mosaic will be made into a tourist destination.

The mosaic is the first known time that Jesus was named as a god in Israel.

It’s great they announced this during the Passover/Easter season. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

A WWII Heroine Has Passed Away

Mimi Reinhardt, the woman who wrote down lists of Jews who worked for Oskar Schindler, has passed away at the age of 107.

The woman who drew up lists of people for the German industrialist Oskar Schindler that helped save hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust has died.

Mimi Reinhardt, who was employed as Schindler’s secretary, was in charge of drawing up the lists of Jewish workers from the ghetto of the Polish city of Kraków who were recruited to work at his factory, saving them from deportation to Nazi death camps.

“My grandmother, so dear and so unique, passed away at the age of 107. Rest in peace,” Reinhardt’s granddaughter Nina wrote in a message to relatives.

Austrian-born Reinhardt, who was also Jewish, was recruited by Schindler himself and worked for him until 1945.

She was a true heroine in every sense of the word. May Mimi’s memory be a blessing.