I Want It, I Want It, I Want It!

If you always wanted to be a firefighter, this may be a chance. Robeta has created he world’s most affordable fire truck, running at the low, low price of $2,600.

Fully decked-out fire trucks usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but municipalities, businesses, or even individuals looking to protect themselves against fire on the cheap now have a truly affordable and environment-friendly option. The Robeta fire truck is a one-seat full-electric vehicle with a range of 31-37 miles (50 – 60 kilometers) and a decent fire-fighting arsenal. It’s certainly not the most impressive fire truck ever made, but for $2,600, you have to keep your expectations in check.

Wow, I could drive to work and park in the fire department’s spot. Who’s going to ticket me?

This adorable little fire engine is a mere 2.4 meters long, features full LED lighting, and hydraulic brakes that give it a stopping distance of just 3 meters (10 feet). In terms of fire-stopping power, the Robeta doesn’t impress. According to the description on Alibaba, it comes with two small fire extinguishers, a 60-meter-long fire hose, a small hatchet, and an assortment of gear that should help you deal with small fires.

The good news is you can use the hose to soak down fires… and hot chicks with white t-shirts.

Gun Manufacturers Leaving Blue States

Good news, everyone! It has taken a while, but it appears many gun manufacturers are packing up and leaving blue states, and traveling to gun-friendly states. Sucks to be you, Massachusetts. Your idiotic anti-Second Amendment policies just cost you a ton of revenue which will be enjoyed in Tennessee.

America’s gun manufacturers are not sticking around where they are not wanted. Many of those manufacturers, who have been headquartered in the blue states of the northeast since the founding of the country, are picking up stakes, and moving to more gun-friendly red states.

The latest of those to join the exodus from blue state America is Smith & Wesson, which is moving its headquarters from Massachusetts to Tennessee next year.

Smith & Wesson is a monster in the firearms business. The loss of jobs and cash is insurmountable.

The final straw for Smith & Wesson came in the form of Massachusetts state lawmakers debating a bill to ban the manufacture of AR-15 rifles. If the bill passed, it would paralyze the company as a hefty 60% of Smith & Wesson’s revenue comes from the sale of AR-15’s.

Smith & Wesson CEO Mark Smith said that the decision to move was “extremely difficult,” but the company was obviously left with no options.

You do realize the CEO is lying his ass off, right? If the man is worth his salt, he is giggling with joy to get out of Massachusetts and their garbage leftist politics. Good on them for getting out of the Northeast.

Move Aside, And Let The Man Lie Down

Meet Žarko Pejanović of Brezna, Montenegro.

Žarko entered the Montenegro Lying Down Championship, where you have to remain lying down for as you can. If you lie down the longest, you are crowned the winner. Where was this contest when I was younger? Although, I could probably win this event with my eyes closed.

The village of Brezna, in Montenegro, recently held the 12th annual edition of its “Lying Down Championship”, an unusual competition where the end goal is to spend as much time lying down as possible. It sounds easy enough, but as time passes by, your bones and muscles start to ache, your limbs go numb, and you just feel the need to get up and stretch. This year, the champion managed to lie down for about 60 hours.

“It was not difficult. Believe me, I didn’t even warm up,” Žarko Pejanović, known as “Knele” told reporters.

I don’t believe that, Žarko must be lyin’.

Pejanovic competed against nine other people, lying down on the ground in a local park. Everyone was allowed to bring things like phones and books to keep themselves occupied as they lay on the ground, but one by one they started getting up, until only two people were left – Žarko Pejanović from Zabjela and Vuk Koljenšić from Danilovgrad.

The good news is Žarko won. The bad news is his wife is going to want snuggle time for a week or so.

Bounce Your Way To Nirvana

The operators of Detroit’s Belle Island Park have decided to temporarily close their awesome super slide because, get this, the slide is “too fast.” Apparently, the owners were perturbed by the riders going airborne.

Belle Isle Park posted Friday that they are temporarily closing the giant slide due to speed issues.

Speed issues? Um, that’s a feature, not a bug! There is video at the link showing a few kids bouncing down the slide, and it’s definitely something I would love to do.

Chopper video on Friday showed a few wild rides on the slide. Friday was the first day it was reopened to the public.

Kenyatta Mcadney loves summer on Belle Isle, but he says fun turned to fear around noon for his kids as speed became an issue on a massive slide. Videos were captured and posted to social media.

“What I noticed was the impact they were hitting the ground when coming off the hills,” he said.

Super slides are super BECAUSE of the speed. What red-blooded American wants to slowly descend down a giant slide when you can go fast? I’m glad Belle Island Park reopened the slide, because it looks bitchin’.

You Gotta Love Slovakia

A Slovakia soccer stadium has one of the most interesting attractions on Earth. In this case, a railroad track was placed between the soccer field and the bleachers, and the train comes by frequently.

Slovakian amateur football club TJ Tatran Cierny Balog prides itself on having one of the most unique stadiums in the world, complete with a railway track and a steam engine running straight through it.

Cierny Balog, a small Slovakian town of about 5,100 people, has become somewhat of a tourist spot in the last seven years or so, and it was all thanks to its football stadium. In 2015, a video of a steam engine passing through the stadium, on tracks positioned right between the field and the only existing grandstand went viral online, leaving a lot of people scratching their heads. The Čiernohronska Railway goes right through Cierny Balog stadium, and a steam-powered tourist train passes through it all summer long.

I’m going to be completely honest here; the railroad is fantastic and I would have no problem having the train drive through as I’m watching a soccer match.

Cierny Balog stadium was built sometime during the 1980s, at a time when the old railway was not in use anymore. It’s unclear why the municipality chose that exact location to build a football stadium, but for an entire decade, the train tracks passing through it were just part of the decor. Things changed in the early 1990s, when a group of Slovakian enthusiasts started repairing the train tracks. In 1992, it was officially reopened as a heritage railway for tourists.

I really want to visit Slovakia – my maternal grandparents were from there – and if that happens, I absolutely want to take in a soccer match at that stadium.

UFC Boss Dana White: Based

UFC Chief Dana White was asked Tuesday about his thoughts on the Gestapo’s raid on Mar-A-Lago. White is a fan of President Trump, and he did not pull any punches.

UFC President Dana White spoke on Tuesday in Las Vegas after DWCS 49 and blasted the FBI for raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home when so many others have been let off the hook.

White was asked about the raid that occurred this week on Trump’s Florida home, but while he called the whole thing “madness,” White also said he didn’t know enough about what the FBI was doing or looking for to comment too deeply on the incident.

A lot of people aren’t fans of Dana White, but if nothing else, he will always tell you what he’s thinking.

But when asked if he thinks the nation has devolved into a “banana republic,” the UFC chief did note that he thinks the raid made no sense when so many others have been let off without persecution.

“I can think of about, you know — without getting political right now and getting into all this fucking bullshit — there’s ten other people’s houses that probably should’ve been raided before his that haven’t happened,” White said.

Hmm, I wonder if he’s thinking of? F. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Andrew Cuomo, etc., etc.

Buy Two Lots At Bargain Prices!

The Ensminger family of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania are placing their properties on the market at bargain basement prices. For $150,000 you can own two fabulous islands in the Susquehanna River.

Two Susquehanna River islands in Harrisburg that have been in the same family for over a century are up for sale.

Brothers Robert and John Ensminger are selling Independence Island and Bailey’s Island as a pair. The asking price is $150,000, but that’s negotiable.

“If somebody wants them, we’ll take a look at any offer,” Robert Ensminger told PennLive.

I should buy it, then wall it off from other humans.

Robert Ensminger said Bailey’s Island, near the Harvey Taylor Bridge, is about 2½ acres, while Independence Island is about 5 acres, although it used to be slightly larger before the river reclaimed some of it.

While you can purchase both islands for very little money, the islands are designated “open space property,” which apparently prohibits building homes there. Pfft, lame.

NC Sheriff Won’t Tolerate An Uvalde

The sheriff of Madison County, North Carolina has obtained an AR-15 rifle, a breaching tool, and a safe to minimize the chance of an active shooter in their schools.

Madison County schools in North Carolina, which are part of the Asheville statistical area, are going to have AR-15 rifles at every location for the 2022-2023 year to help prevent a tragedy like the one in Uvalde, Texas.

In an article published Friday by the Asheville Citizen Times, Sheriff Buddy Harwood said, “We were able to put an AR-15 rifle and safe in all of our schools in the county.” Harwood went on to say that they put breaching tools in the safe along with extra magazines with ammo.

Sheriff Harwood is a forward thinker, and hopefully this catches on in other North Carolina counties.

Sheriff Harwood said, “I’m a firearms instructor. We carry a (9mm) 135-grain bullet,” and “We’ve got the maximum 50 rounds that my SROs are carrying throughout the school to protect that school.”

According to the Asheville Citizen Times, Superintendent Hoffman made sure law enforcement could monitor school camera systems and, in late July, met with school officials and the county’s Emergency Operations Center about the new safety measures being implemented.

So the sheriff’s office will be monitoring the school’s cameras, the school resource officers will be armed, and the AR-15 and breaching tool are in the safe. It’s high time other local law enforcement officials follow Sheriff Harwood’s lead.

Your Cousin, From Boston…

As a Baltimore Orioles fan. it has been awful frustrating the past few years. The boys and I go to a game at least once a year, and we usually get trounced. So when I saw this story about Red Sox fans fighting each other, I giggled a little. Okay, I giggled a lot.

Two fans came to blows during Monday night’s game between the Red Sox and Cleveland Guardians at Fenway Park. According to one onlooker who recorded the fight, it stemmed from the fan wearing a red shirt dumping his beer on another fan in a white shirt.

Wow, you usually never see violence at a Red Sox game…

Although, what was unusual — at least for this month — is the Red Sox actually won. Boston pulled out a 3-1 victory over Cleveland, breaking a five-game losing streak.

Many of these losses have more closely resembled the scores of football games than baseball. The Yankees demolished the Sox to the tune of 14-1 and 13-2 on consecutive nights leading into the All-Star break. Upon return, the Blue Jays put up four touchdowns, pummeling Boston, 28-5.

The Orioles have been playing very well this year, and are a half game away from passing Boston. While the O’s likely won’t make the playoffs, it would be great to pass the Sox for once.

Oh, you can see the fight between the Sox fans at the link.

The Pod People Are Back

A Japanese company has been working on something special for the overworked Japanese employee. Their solution? Nap pods for workers who refuse to take breaks.

Tokyo-based furniture specialist Itoki Corporation and Koyoju Gohan, a plywood supplier from Hokkaido, recently signed a license agreement to start production of a bizarre-looking contraption that they claim will tackle the overwork phenomenon in Japan’s offices. It basically consists of an upright wooden pod that will allow users to enter and use as a private space to sleep standing up…

We could use these in the division. The a/c is still kaput and it’s been in the high 80’s in the office.

It might sound like a bad joke, but this is a real product that will probably be introduced in Japanese offices in the near future. With workers spending so much time at work, some will catch those much-needed minutes of shut-eye anywhere they can, in their employers’ bathrooms, on the train during their commute, or even at their desks. The nap pods at least ensure that they are comfortably supported so that they don’t fall over.

I imagine some wiseguy in the office would tip one over and roll it down the stairs.