Americans Have Become Humorless

A gaggle of angry Karens took to Twitter – where else? – to whine about a couple who wore suggestive t-shirts to Walt Disney World. Oh noes, whatever will we do?

Angry Disney fans are calling for the Mouse House to ban inappropriate garb after a couple was photographed wearing sexually suggestive T-shirts at Disney World.

Over the weekend, fans posted a photo of a couple wearing matching shirts that riffed on Disney’s “D” calligraphy. One shirt read, “I wanted the D,” while the other said, “I gave her the D.” The non-family-friendly shirts, which are sold on Etsy and Amazon, caused a firestorm on Twitter.

Most of you know how much I despise Disney and their overpriced parks, so you can imagine how much I love these shirts.

The Post reached out to Disney World and Disneyland for comment but have yet to hear back. But both parks do state on their websites that they have the right to refuse entry or to remove any guest wearing inappropriate attire.

The couple enter the park unencumbered, so the gate attendants obviously did not have a problem with the t-shirts. The Karens, however, were another story. Imagine being so angry all day, every day.

The Best Governor In America

After weeks of stalled supply lines, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to do something about it. The governor announced the Jacksonville Port Authority is open for business.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) sent a clear message to the Biden administration and the nation during a visit to Jacksonville Tuesday morning: “Florida ports are open for business.”

As ports in California, New York, and other areas of the nation continue to pile up with container ships, the Florida governor lent a helping hand to try to ease some of the bottleneck.

Start with the ships waiting off the California coast. Newsom put in these awful policies, so send them to a red state that will gladly take their business.

Jacksonville Port Authority or as it is commonly known in the Sunshine state, “Jaxport,” is joining DeSantis in the effort to bring crucial supplies to America. Both Gov. DeSantis and Jaxport CEO Eric Green say that Florida is not experiencing the back up of cargo ships that California is.

Both also say that Florida has the space to accommodate additional shipping, which will ease congestion that has lead to long delays in companies getting products and supplies.

If the offloading was left to California, most children would not be seeing gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. That still may happen, but it’s good to see some politicians are showing terrible governors what leadership means.

Just In Time For Halloween

A Ukrainian woman had started creating giant tarantula pillows which reach seventy-five inches across. They’re the perfect gift for spider aficionados, but for me, no thank you.

Ukrainian artist Nataliia Bondarieva creates incredibly lifelike, plush tarantulas in all sorts of colors and sizes. Perhaps her most remarkable line of these arachnids is her giant sleeping spider pillows that measure up to 75 inches across. Each of these giant pillows is constructed with faux fur and wire for bendable legs. Bondarieva states that many of her clients have bought her spiders in order to overcome their own arachnophobia.

My sculptures are often bought by people who experience arachnophobia to get rid of their fear of spiders It is also bought as an original home decor. I am always pleased to read thanks from my customers. Since my childhood I loved wildlife and insects. And I am glad that my art makes a friendly attitude of people towards spiders.

I should definitely buy one of these for Julia and leave it on the floor while she’s sleeping. 🙂

Thank You, And Float Again

An enterprising adventurer decided to detail his account of his first-ever visit to a McDonald’s restaurant. Oh, did I mention the restaurant is located in Hamburg, Germany, and it is the world’s only “float-thru McDonald’s?” Yeah, it’s wild.

While on location in Germany, the ever-curious Tom Scott kayaked down the Elbe river to the Mittelkanal in Hamburg to experience McBoat, the world’s only “float-through” McDonald’s. While the restaurant itself is not in a floating building, they do take orders from those who are traveling by river. When the order is ready, an employee delivers the food to the customer waiting on the water.

“On a little canal off the Elbe river in Germany, sits the McBoat: the world’s only paddle-through McDonalds. It seemed like the sort of thing I should investigate.”

If I may make a suggestion, if you decide to kayak to this McDonald’s, it’s probably a good idea to cut a hole in the bottom. McDonald’s food is prone to, um, intestinal issues.

Source: Jax ATCs Walked Off The Job

According to fairly reliable sources, the air traffic controllers at Jacksonville International Airport walked off the job in protest of Covid vaccine mandate. Every. Single. One. The FAA apparently asked the media to not report on this, but many employees at Jax are confirming. There have been a reported 650 flights canceled yesterday, with no end in sight.

Mass flight cancellations were blamed on limited staffing at the Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center in Hilliard and weather Friday night, according to the FAA.

Several flights in and out of Florida were either canceled or delayed Friday night.

Hmm, that’s interesting because a Jacksonville meteorologist claimed the skies were clear.

Action News Jax Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh says the weather was clear in the area long before the delays were reported.

Obviously, this sucks for those passengers who need to get home or to get to their destinations, but I cannot blame the ATCs for walking off the job. Forced vaccines were never going to work, and eventually people were going to rebel. Apparently it’s already happening.

Tom Sauer on Twitter has a string about this, and it certainly looks like the air traffic controllers walked off the job. I guess Jax can either fire all the controllers, or rescind the mandate. New York has fired 1,400 unvaccinated workers, including doctors and nurses for not getting the vaccine. United Airlines fired 600 of their employees, and even police departments are firing officers for refusing the vax.

I’m glad people are starting to fight these mandates – I wish I did – especially after some of the side effects appear alarming. It’s nice to see people rising up against fascism.

Never Deliver A Baby In Turkey

A Turkish woman was flying into the United States – Chicago, of all places – when she started having a medical emergency. In this case, her water broke.

The doctor, Feridun Kubilay, was traveling from Turkey to New Orleans, with a stop in Chicago, according to multiple reports. During the flight, he heard an announcement over the plane’s loudspeaker asking if there were any doctors on board.

He found that the mother was reporting abdominal pain. Although he initially believed the pain was caused by appendicitis or food poisoning, her husband later told Kubilay that she was traveling just weeks before her due date.

The dude didn’t know the difference between pregnancy and appendicitis?

The doctor had to rotate the baby during the delivery, but the boy was born safely, and the flight landed in Chicago. A medical team was waiting at the airport for the mother and child.

The mother named the baby Mehdi.

The mother then named the doctor partially incompetent.

PA Pol Puts Up A Perfect Billboard

If I may be brutally honest, most of Pennsylvania’s GOP politicians are pathetic quislings who rarely fight for their constituents, or worse, side with their Democratic buddies. There are a handful of great PA GOPers, and one of them just put up the best billboard evah.

An eye-catching billboard featuring a photoshopped image of President Joe Biden dressed as a member of the Taliban recently popped up on Interstate 83 in York County. And a familiar face has taken credit: onetime GOP gubernatorial hopeful Scott Wagner.

“I believe the pull-out was done very badly,” he said Tuesday. “I think the president thinks he might have made a good decision but I think he made a very bad decision.”

Mr. Wagner is not wrong.

The billboard, which has drawn both criticism and praise on social media, features a tongue-in-cheek slogan — “Making the Taliban Great Again!” — riffing off the familiar refrain used by both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

Wagner paid for more than a dozen of these billboards throughout Pennsylvania including on the Turnpike, Route 15 and in areas north of Harrisburg. Only one, a two-sided billboard near the Emigsville exit, is in York County.

This would be amazing with just one billboard, but more than a dozen across the state? Legendary!

Red Light At Night

Supplied/Ethan Haze Photography

An Australian photographer was able to capture “red sprites” high above a storm in Australia.

Ethan Takerei thought he would have to travel to the United States to capture red sprites.

The 28-year-old Christchurch man, who runs Ethan Haze Photography, jumped out of bed on Sunday night as he heard wild weather overhead, packed up all his photography gear and raced to a Halswell Quarry vantage point.

The result? He may have become just the third New Zealander to capture red sprites – a unique weather event that creates red lightning bolts 50 kilometres above a storm, the same height as more than 13 Aoraki/Mt Cooks stacked up on one another.

Sadly, no other Aussies were able to see them because the government has locked them in their homes.

The weather event is rarely seen from the ground due to its high altitude.

I stopped being a lightning fan in high school, while walking home from work and having one strike less than a half mile away. Now you tell me there is red lightning? Nope, nope, and more nope.

Entire City Police Force Resigns

The entire police force of Kimberling City, Missouri has resigned. Every single officer quit the force to find work elsewhere. The police chief and the officers claimed lack of support, defunding the police, and unqualified officers and applicants.

An entire Missouri police department, including the police chief and his officers, resigned leaving the city of Kimberling without immediate authority.

Citing problems like an inadequate pay rate and not having the right tools to do the job, the department has local leaders struggling to find replacements, especially when rhetoric against law enforcement is high amongst some, Fox News reported.

Personally, I think this is great. When people are constantly disrespected, ridiculed, and forced to work in unsafe conditions, they will eventually realize it’s easier to just find work somewhere else.

What preempted the mass exodus, according to Rader, was Kimberling City Police Chief Craig Alexander’s resignation on Aug. 23. He wanted changes from the town’s mayor and he wanted to better himself, Fox News reported.

Soon after, Alexander’s resignation was joined by three officers and a sergeant, with their reasons for quitting being the absence of a police clerk to assist the department, not having qualified officers in the department, and wanting new opportunities with a better pay rate, according to NBC Springfield, Missouri.

The article ended with this:

About 2,600 officers from New York retired in 2020, according to The New York Times, compared to the 1,509 who retired the year prior.

2,600 officers. Wow, that’s an amazing statistic, and it explains how much the NYPD despise Bill de Blasio and his gang of anti-cop leftists.

DeBary Diner Is DePlace To Be

Meet Angie Ugarte of DeBary, Florida. After an ISIS terrorist killed thirteen American soldiers, Angie made the decision to ban Biden supporters from her restaurant. Shortly thereafter, the diner had to close… because the business ran out of food.

Following the Kabul airport attack that killed 13 United States service members and almost 200 civilians late last month, DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte posted a sign in the DeBary, Florida, restaurant’s window informing those who “voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan” to take their “business elsewhere.”

Angie is a true American hero.

After various news outlets wrote about the sign this week, Ugarte was met with an overwhelming crush of diners to the point that the business ran out of food and was forced to close.

“I’ve gotten so many people calling me from all over the world, from Europe, trying to purchase meals for veterans, which I still haven’t been able to organize,” Ugarte told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “I think that the veterans will be fed for the rest of the year at the rate I’m getting donations.”

The left has spent decades trying to cancel conservatives for their “wrong-think.” It’s nice to see an American patriot turning the tables on the opposition.