This Dude Was Playing With Fire

Meet Earl Hargrove, Jr. of Tampa, Florida.

You wouldn’t think Earl would have a short temper, but it’s true. For example, after an argument with another man as a gas station, Earl “allegedly” poured gasoline on the man and lit him on fire.

A Florida man was arrested after allegedly dousing another man with gasoline at a Tampa service station and lighting him on fire, sheriff’s officials said Monday.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office charged Earl Hargrove Jr., 34, with aggravated battery great bodily harm and attempted murder in the first degree in the wake of Sunday’s incident.

I’m old enough to remember when people would settle their differences with a fist fight. Now, they just try to kill the other person.

“A verbal argument should never escalate to this level of violence,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said in a statement.

Deputies said two men, including one believed to be Hargrove, got into a verbal altercation at the Mobil gas station in Tampa. They said evidence shows that Hargrove then purchased a small amount of gasoline, poured it on the victim and lit him on fire.

The victim is in critical condition, and he may not survive. Good work, Earl. Here’s hoping you get the death penalty.

True Detective Stories

So Monday was my final day of the night shift, which is great because night work sucks copious amounts of ass. While on the way to work, I stopped at a Wawa food store to get dinner, since I always work on holidays. I grab a coffee, a salad, and head to the cashier.

I’m about three people away from the register when the cashier said, “Those two kids have come in here three times, and left with items without paying.”

My first thought was, “Here we go.” Our jackass mayor doesn’t allow plastic bags anymore, so I’m holding a Diet Coke, an iced tea, and the salad, but this chick thinks I’m going to run after there, um, People Of Color. I mean, sure, I could stop them and try to hold them – because none in the store wanted to help – so I said, “I’ll go out there, and if they are still hanging around, I’ll try to detain them.”

The first kid was a fat piece of shite, and his friend wasn’t exactly skinny either. Both were on scooters, and as I approached them, they looked at me. Now, I’m pissed off because I want to get in to work quickly so I can put in the previous day’s jobs. Thankfully, these fat dolts saw my jacket which read, “Philadelphia Police Detective Division” and they scurried much faster than I thought they could waddle.

As they fled the scene, I yelled, “Hey fat boy, if you stop by here again, you’re getting locked up!”

Now I’m sure this may offend some people, but I’m going to say it anyway. After the Saint Floyd Riots, thug POCs were given immunity for almost every single crime you could imagine. This was certainly the case in blue cities. And after three years, POCs decided they would do what they want when they want. Most blue cities have Soros-installed DA’s who will usually give these thugs a light sentence, or simply dismiss all charges.

This is not going to end well, because eventually people are going to fight back.

The Stupid In Maryland Is Strong

A gaggle of thugs were arrested in Charles County, Maryland after six delightful cherubs were arrested for auto theft. You’d think that would be bad enough, but wait until you hear about their “guardian.”

Officers arrested four juveniles and two adults who were traveling together in two stolen Hyundai vehicles, said Charles County Police Department.

A computer check revealed that both cars were stolen which lead police to begin a traffic stop but both vehicles fled and sped away.

The good news is the “guardian” for these clowns are worse than the thugs.

The adults, 18-year-old Deshaun Deamonte Whitaker, and 21-year-old Vincent Lee Alston were charged with theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and rogue and vagabond, said officials.

The four juveniles were charged on a Juvenile Offense Report with theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and were set to be released by their guardian.

The guardian and two other females arrived at the police station in what appeared to be another stolen car which drove away after they were dropped off. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

So, in short, the family that steals together also squeals together.

He Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Hey, do you remember Jordan Neely? The crazed man who was assaulting people in the NYC subways who eventually was strangled by a Marine trying to stop him from attacking other passengers? Well, it appears that crime runs in the family. Meet Christopher Neeely, who was just arrested in New York City while carrying a knife and stolen credit cards.

Jordan Neely’s uncle fled police and then was arrested Monday after being caught with several allegedly stolen credit cards, a day after he urged no plea deal for the ex-Marine accused of placing his nephew in a fatal chokehold, can exclusively reveal.

Christopher Neely was arrested late Monday night after running away from a police pickpocket team that confronted him at the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan, police sources said.

Wow, who woulda thought? He seems like a straight shooter.

He was wanted for a string of larcenies in Manhattan when he was approached. After police caught up with him, Neely was found with several credit and debit cards baring other people’s names, including at least one that was reportedly stolen during a prior pickpocket. He was also carrying a gravity knife.

Hmm, I wonder why Christopher would be walking around with a knife? Certainly not because he would be doing something illegal, right? Nah, he was just heading to Church for the evening mass.

I Told Him Not To Get Taco Bell!

The Pennsylvania State Police are searching for the person who allegedly melted a public toilet in Bullskin Township, PA. No, I have never been through Bullskin, but it’s certainly a unique name for a town.

Pennsylvania state police are asking for the public’s help to identify the persons of interest in a criminal mischief incident.

According to state police out of Uniontown, the incident, which led to damaged property, happened at Jacob’s Creek Park in Bullskin Township.

What kind of jackass decides to melt down a toilet with fireworks? Oh yeah, Pennsylvanians.

According to officials, the suspect or suspects lit multiple fireworks inside the woman’s restroom, causing the plastic toilet to melt into the cistern.

Okay, put on your detective hats. Was it a woman who melted the toilet or a man who did so. My guess is it was a guy, because no real man would destroy a toilet in a men’s room. Guys don’t care if a woman’s toilet is destroyed.

Obama’s Drug Friend Murders Woman

Meet Alton Mills of Chicago, Illinois. Mills had his life sentence commuted by Barack Obama for dealing cocaine in 2015, and because Obama is a moron, Mills was back on the streets. On Sunday morning, Mills “allegedly” shot a woman in the back of the head because she tried to pass him with her vehicle.

A man whose life sentence was commuted by then-President Obama in 2015 has now been charged with the shooting of a woman in a road rage incident. The woman is brain-dead and not expected to survive. The shooting occured early on Sunday morning near Chicago. Mills admitted to police that he was the shooter, and has now been charged.

Alton Mills was a cocaine dealer who was serving year 22 of a life sentence in prison when Obama took up his cause and commuted that sentence in 2015. Now he’s facing three charges of attemped murder, and the woman who he allegedly shot is not likely to live. Mills admitted that he had caused “great bodily harm and imminent death” to the woman.

Hey, maybe Obama can commute this murderer, too? What’s the worst that can happen?

The road rage incident happened early on Sunday morning. Three people had been out clubbing together, and stopped at a red light behind Mills in Posen, Ill. When the light turned green and Mills remained stopped, the driver of the car attempted to pass Mills, which apparently made the former felon angry.

Mills apparently caught up to the car and opened fire, shooting a woman in the back seat in the head, said Assistant State’s Atorney Kathryn Morrissey during Mills’ bail hearing. After Mills shot at the car, the driver was able to snap a blurry photo of the license plate, and went directly to a local fire station and called police.

I see this a lot in Philadelphia. Someone doesn’t get on the gas quickly enough, or is driving slowly, and the animals simply shoot at them. I doubt anyone will question Obama or Elizabeth Warren about this, but someone should at least mention it.

Well done, Barry. It’s good to see you’re still a gigantic asshole.

Thanks to Mis. Hum. at AOSHQ for the link!

Mister Pink Would Be Proud

An Albuquerque tow truck driver had a very scary day after removing a vehicle which was parked illegally. In this case, it wasn’t the expletives, it was the bullets.

The dangers of certain jobs are not always seen, an Albuquerque tow driver had a close call with his life and it was all caught on camera. It all started with a routine call to Madrid Towing.

“We got the phone call from a business owner downtown; said he had a car he needed picked up because it was parked illegally on his property,” Gerald Madrid, owner of Madrid Towing, said.

Apparently, the owner didn’t appreciate the tow truck driver taking his vehicle, so he decided to do something about it.

“He was wise enough to put the camera on the back of the truck facing backwards. He was able to capture everything that we have now on camera,” Madrid said. “On the way back to the yard, the owner of the car found out, and they pursued him and at some point, caught up with him,” Madrid said.

In the video taken from the truck, you can see a silver SUV pull up behind the tow truck at a red light. A man walks out, grabs a gun from the vehicle being towed, and fires his gun.

The tow driver sped off, as his truck is struck with bullets several times.

Local thug Antwan Woods was arrested and there will likely be more charges since Antwan has a sex offense in Tennessee and firearms violations Indiana.

Oh, for the record, Sundays have been really slow for readers lately, so I’m probably going to cut back on posts on Sundays.

Just Another Day In Philadelphia

A father out with his baby boy was shot four times by a local thug after an argument. The thug fired at the father and the boy, because Philadelphia is the worst city in America.

Philadelphia police are searching for the suspect who opened fire on a father who was standing with his baby boy. It happened on May 12 on the 3700 block of Germantown Avenue.

The Germantown section used to be a pretty good place, at least until the thugs started moving in. I wouldn’t go down Germantown Avenue without at least three guns. It’s that bad.

Police say the 32-year-old father and another man exchanged words before he was shot four times in the leg.

Video released by police shows the gunman opening fire in front of the infant.

Believe me when I tell you, if that jagoff shot the baby, he wouldn’t lose one second of sleep.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link!

Texas Woman Walks Out With An MP5

Meet Amber Nicole Herring of Texas. Amber had nothing to do during Cinco de Mayo this year, so she decided to head to the gun range. Being a conscientious purchaser, she parked well away from the surveillance cameras, and wanted to try out some firearms.

Shortly afterward, she then asked to rent a fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP5. Amazingly, the clerk allowed this shady beyotch to take the weapon.

She reportedly said she was considering a gun purchase, but wanted to try some firearms first. Ms. Herring filled out a safety form, gave an ID, and paid cash to rent a handgun. Moments later she returned and said that she wanted to rent a fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP5. The employee gave the MP5 to Ms. Herring, who then proceeded to leave the store and head to the parking lot to a waiting vehicle.

I have no idea why the clerk didn’t chase after her, but here we are.

Once inside, Ms. Herring employed the old technique of keeping her head down and covered from the cameras with a hat. Having worked loss prevention before and watching people on cameras, I’ve learned that people who are nervous and actively avoiding attention usually draw attention to themselves with their behavior. It’s just something that you learn over time from watching crowds shop and interact.

At my range of employment, even during COVID we required that customers remove hats and masks, then look into the eye-level camera to get a nice picture. Masks are a no-go. In gun stores, only bandits wear masks. Anyone who objected, that was their right … as was ours to deny service. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Herring was arrested three days later, but the MP5 is still missing. One wonders how many people have been shot with this firearm. You’d think a Texas firearms dealer would be smarter than this, but apparently not.

Wow, This Judge Is Brutal, And Hilarious

For those of you who may have seen this story at AOSHQ, I apologize, but MelP sent this to me and I didn’t have time to post it until today.

Meet Darren Glines, a transgender thing who went into the women’s locker room at the Xenia, Ohio YMCA. Glines walked into the women’s room naked, but the case was dismissed. The reason for the dismissal is hilarious.

On April 28, Xenia, Ohio Judge David McNamee ruled that a biological male who identifies as transgender, Darren Glines, could not be guilty of indecent exposure at a local YMCA because the defendant’s fatness covered up any signs of a penis.

I know exactly how this feels. *sobs incessantly*

According to the Daily Mail, Darren Glines was found not guilty on three counts of indecent exposure, all fourth-degree misdemeanors, and Judge McNamee said in his ruling, “There is no question that Glines was in the women’s locker room. However, Glines was not charged with trespass, nor was Glines charged with being in an area of the YMCA where Glines was not supposed to be.”

“Quite simply, the facts do not exist to support a find of guilt, as charges. Glines’ genitalia was not visible as a result of other portions of her body covering same,” the judge added.

Wow, Judge McNamee just destroyed this blob and his tiny, useless penis. Glines thought he would impress the women with his giant schlong, and instead likely was laughed out of the building.