She’ll Be Russian To Evade The cops

Meet Veronika Loginova, a Russian “influencer” who posts about fashion and design.

Veronika posts her messages on Instagram, which is banned in Russia, and recently she had police come to her residence to force her to abandon the social media site, or be arrested. I guess Loginova should have no not Loginova’d.

Russian influencer Veronika Loginova, 18, could be facing 6 years in prison for using Instagram. She posted a statement on the app on Wednesday, where she has 556,000 followers, saying her mother had phoned her in August because police had turned up to her family’s house. She attached photos of a letter she received from Russian prosecutors.

Loginova stated in the post that two men turned up with a notice that threatened her with a jail term for using Instagram, claiming that she was drawing too much attention. Her 14-year-old brother was in the house at the time, confused at why officers had come looking for her.

Russia claims Instagram is an “extremist organization.” I disagree. Instagram is a garbage site with a lot of garbage people on it, but I wouldn’t say it’s extremist. It’s stupid, but not extremist.

This is the first case of an individual in Russia being persecuted for using Instagram, which has been banned with Facebook in the country since March for being “extremist,” according to Roskomsvoboda — a Russian digital rights group that fights internet censorship. The ban followed Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine in February, which led to the country becoming increasingly isolated from the global internet and major social media platforms.

I’d be lying if I said I cared about anyone or anything in Russia. It sucks that this girl could be sent to prison for using social media, but hey, you had plenty of chances to flee that oppressive, backwards country.

P.S.If you can throw some good thoughts Princess P’s way, I’d appropriate it. She’s taking the Neumann Test today, and if she gets a high enough score, she gets a free ride to high school.

This Woman Is Pure Evil

Meet Natalie Wagner of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Natalie was arrested after she had sexual relations with her three-year old son… after she posted the despicable, disgusting actions on Snapchat.

In a series of vile Snapchat videos, a 26-year-old mother of two recorded herself engaging in sexual activity with her three-year-old son and, while breastfeeding her younger child, filmed the family dog licking her private parts, according to Florida court records.

Natalie Wagner, 26, is facing scores of felony counts in connection with 15 separate videos that investigators received last month from Snapchat following the issuance of a subpoena. Wagner, seen at right, is being held in the St. Lucie County jail in lieu of $1.2 million bond.

The only good news here is Natalie and her husband have been barred from seeing their children, as they were taken away from these two monsters.

The 30-second clip showed a “pre-pubescent male child with an erect penis having vaginal intercourse with an adult female,” according to investigators who charge that Wagner and her son, who turns four in December, are the individuals seen in the video.

This disgusting piece of garbage needs to spend life in prison, and every inmate in the prison should know what she did to her child.

He’s Gotta Catch Them All…

Meet Nicholas Garrison of Oklahoma.

Nicholas is a big fan of Pokémon, so he decided to head to the Yeti Gaming store… after hours… before smashing the windows… and stealing $12,000 worth of Pokémon cards.

According to the Crestwood Police Department on October 10, 2021, a Yeti Gaming store in the 8900 block of Watson Road was stolen from. Windows and display cases were shattered and about $12,000 in Pokémon cards and merchandise were taken. Repairs for the store were over $2,000.

In all fairness, the kids and Mrs. Earp are Pokémon fanatics. I don’t get the allure, but I’m old.

Police said blood that was found inside the store was a DNA match to 24-year-old Nicholas Garrison. After arrested, he later admitted to entering the store without permission and taking merchandise because he needed money. Garrison was charged with second-degree burglary, stealing $750 or more, and first-degree property damage.

Now be honest, you absolutely knew this thief was going to look exactly like this.

If You Live In Illinois, It’s Time To Move

In 2020, the Illinois legislature passed an absurd pro-criminal bill called the Safe-T Act. The irony here is the Safe-T Act protects criminals and does nothing for law-abiding citizens.

On Jan. 1, 2023, it is estimated that more than half of the inmates in the Winnebago County Jail will walk out the door. Approximately 400 criminal defendants will be released back into our community because our Illinois legislators passed the “SAFE-T Act” back in 2020.

They passed it in the pre-dawn hours of a “lame-duck” legislative session in an attempt to circumvent the democratic process. They were successful. And so, on January 1, cash bail will be eliminated throughout the State of Illinois.

To give you an idea of this bill, here is an example, from one of the sane Illinois politicians. A homeless man can come to someone’s residence, put up a tent in their backyard, and live there indefinitely. The police cannot detain the person. Worse still, the homeless person cannot be arrested for trespassing. Why? Because this bill ensures police officers cannot detain almost any criminal – unless it is first-degree murder.

The politician also said this will force law-abiding citizens to take matters into their own hands.

Under the new law, entire categories of crime, such as aggravated batteries, robberies, burglaries, hate crimes, aggravated DUIs, vehicular homicide, drug induced homicides, all drug offenses, including delivery of fentanyl and trafficking cases, are not eligible for detention no matter the severity of the crime or the defendant’s risk to a specific person or the community, unless the People prove by clear and convincing evidence the person has a “high likelihood of willful flight to avoid prosecution.”

Additionally, in cases involving non-probationable forcible felonies, such as murder and armed robbery, judges may only detain a defendant under the new law if the prosecution proves by clear and convincing evidence the defendant “poses a real and present threat to the safety of a specific, identifiable person or persons.”

So as of January 1, 2023, Illinois will officially become North Mexico. Gangs will rule the state, and no one will stop them because detaining violent, vicious thugs will no longer be allowed.

Making Friends And Threatening People

Meet Joshua Murray on New Haven, Connecticut.

Joshua is a gentleman and a scholar, so when he held the door open for two women leaving the Family Dollar, he was a perfect gentleman. I mean, before he pulled out his handgun.

A Connecticut man pulled a gun on two women — after they didn’t thank him for holding the door at a store.

Joshua Murray, 25, of New Haven was at a Family Dollar store in Hamden on Saturday afternoon when he became incensed over the impolite act, police told the Courant.

Yes, this psychopath pulled a gun on two defenseless women because they didn’t say, “Thank you.”

“A witness reported that the suspect was upset that two woman did not say thank you to him for holding a door open for them,” cops said. Murray allegedly whipped out a pistol during the encounter, then fled. He was picked up by officers nearby.

The good news is Joshua can learn his manners when the Dale Carnegie schools come by the cell block.

Murder In Memphis

Ezekiel Kelly, the piece of subhuman garbage who went on a shooting spree last night has been taken into custody. Unfortunately, the Memphis Police let this animal live.

Memphis police spokeswoman Karen Rudolph said 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly was taken into custody after 9 p.m. in the Whitehaven neighborhood.

That was about two hours after police sent out an alert saying a man driving a light blue Infiniti was responsible for multiple shootings in the city. Police said he later switched vehicles to a grey Toyota SUV.

I imagine this savage will get a lenient sentence, because black lives matter or something.

It was not immediately known if anyone had been killed. Police said he recorded his actions on Facebook.

This animal killed four people and shot three others. Worse still, this prick smiled in his mug shot above.

While I’m on the subject, the a-holes at Facebook allowed this murderous scum to stream his five-hour shooting spree in Facebook Live. Honestly, Facebook needs to be eradicated.

Court records show in February of 2020, Kelly, then 17, was charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, using a firearm to commit a dangerous felony and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. Circumstances of the case were not immediately known.

Wait, so this animal was charged with attempted first-degree murder, and he was back on the streets in eleven months? No offense, Tennessee, but what the actual f**k?

Here’s hoping Kelly is murdered in prison.

People Are Morons

A Lovington, New Mexico man may be charged criminally after he poured dish soap into the fountain at Chaparral Park. The Parks Department believe the soap will kill the grass after it the sprinklers started spraying.

A man allegedly poured dish soap into a fountain at Chaparral Park and posted the prank to social media. In turn, the soap mixed into the sprinkler system and sprayed out onto the grass. The grass could potentially die due to the soap exposure.

I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s easy to grow grass in New Mexico! /sarc

The Parks Department is working to clean up the mess, but they don’t know what sort of long-term damage the shenanigans has created. The police department said they know who is behind the prank, and if there happens to be any damage to the park, he could be charged.

Charging the man will do nothing. If you want to punish this jackass, make sure he gets the bill for replanting all the grass. That would likely be in the thousands, and he’ll definitely learn a lesson.

Thrashing Now Has A Whole New Meaning

Meet Emmanuel Martinez-Morales of Cheshire, Connecticut.

Emmanuel is a bit of an athlete, as he skateboards the Rails to Trails in New Haven County. The good news is the man can obviously multitask while doing so.

New Haven County resident Emmanuel Martinez-Morales, age 30, of Cheshire, was arrested on Monday, Aug. 22, for the incident which took place in Hartford County in the Southington area in July.

Over the course of several days in mid-July, the Southington Police Department received complaints from community members in the area of the Rails to Trails of a man on a skateboard exposing himself to walkers on the trail, said Lt. Keith Egan, of the Southington Police.

What happens if he falls off the skateboard and shatters his Johnson?

Several witnesses also reported that Martinez-Morales was actively masturbating, Egan said.

Wow, I can barely stand on a skateboard, not to mention riding it while yankin’ my doodle, it’s a dandy. Get this man on America’s Got Talent!

Chelsi Is An Honest Injun

Meet the absolutely adorable Chelsi Leahy.

Chelsi didn’t appear to pay much attention in school, and she certainly failed the “Street Smarts” lectures while growing up. If she had, she wouldn’t walk up to a cop and tell him she was in possession of drugs.

A Florida Woman is behind bars on a felony narcotics charge after she allegedly approached a cop and asked, “Can you arrest me? I have drugs on me.”

Bravo, Chelsi! *golf clap*

Police were handling a call Tuesday night outside a St. Petersburg bar when Chelsi Leahy, 30, reportedly requested to be busted by a corporal with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Leahy, investigators say, “removed two small baggies from her pockets” and handed them to the cop, saying that they contained methamphetamine.

Well, if nothing else, Chelsi is at least an honest drug addict.

EMT Arrested For Taking Photos Of Patient

An EMT working for the Brookhaven (PA) Fire Company Ambulance was arrested after he was allegedly taking photos of a half conscious woman’s breasts while she was suffering from chest pains.

A Pennsylvania emergency medical technician has been arrested for allegedly exposing an incapacitated woman’s breasts and taking photos of her while she was being transported in an ambulance.

The victim was reportedly semi-conscious when EMT Kevin Hakeem Pressley, 24, assaulted her and took the photos during her transport on Thursday.

In my twenty-eight years of policing, I have dealt with a few women who were not fully clothed. Instead of taking photos like this a-hole did, I would look in the house for a shirt or a towel, and if on the street, I would cover the person with my police jacket or whatever I could find.

Pressley is a despicable piece of garbage, and I sincerely hope he is fitted for a jail cell quickly.

During the transport, the woman says she opened her eyes and saw him taking photos of her with his cellphone. She asked him what he was doing, then closed her eyes and kept silent until she could speak to police. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

This woman was very smart. She saw what this pig was doing, keep quiet until he was gone, and notified the police as soon as possible.