Speaking Of Lawlessness…

While reading the comments in Saturday’s “Britain Has Lost Its Bloody Mind” post, RD mentioned a story about this despicable city and the despicable people who live here. A woman was raped on an elevated train Wednesday, and not one of the many witnesses intervened or even called 911. And people wonder why I want to leave this city.

A woman was raped Wednesday night on a Philadelphia train while bystanders nearby did nothing to help her, authorities said Friday.

Authorities arrested the suspect, 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy, at the 69th Street Transportation Center after a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) employee noticed the attack and called police, law enforcement officials said. Authorities believe Ngoy is homeless and did not know the victim.

I mentioned this on Saturday’s post, but it’s worth repeating; if Philadelphia is handling the job, this animal will likely get nothing more than probation. If Upper Darby (a Philly suburb) handles the job, this POS will get some serious jail time.

Timothy Bernhardt, Superintendent of the Upper Darby Police Department, reportedly said the rape was captured on security cameras and expressed shock that passengers on the train did not intervene or alert authorities.

“It’s disturbing that there were definitely people on the el and no one did anything to intervene or help this woman,” Bernhardt said. “The el” is a reference to Philadelphia’s elevated train line that runs between Upper Darby and the Frankford section of the city.

I’m truly embarrassed and ashamed of my fellow Philadelphians. The same people who claim they’re blue collar tough guys who don’t take any shite, are the same people who sat by and watched a woman get raped by a disgusting subhuman.

Creepy Creeper Creeps Creepily

Meet Thomas Martin Marnets of Pasco County, Florida.

Thomas was bored one day last week, so he decided to make things interesting by breaking into a residential home and staring at a sleeping girl for a few minutes. Because this guy surely does not look like a sexual predator.

Pasco County sheriff’s officials say they have arrested a man who broke into a family’s home in Holiday, then stood in the doorway of a sleeping girl’s room for several minutes.

Thomas Martin Marnets, 52, of Longwood, was arrested Thursday night in connection with the incident, which had occurred earlier in the day just before 1 a.m. Deputies said Marnets broke through the home’s garage door, then was able to break through a lock to get into the home.

Then things get a little weird…

Once inside, he walked to the doorway of the girl’s room and stood there for about three minutes before walking away, arrest reports state. A video surveillance system inside the home recorded what happened, reports state.

“He is captured with his hands inside of the front of his shorts,” the report states.

Yeah, totally not a predator.

Marnets claimed he did commit a burglary because he did not take anything. In most jurisdictions, breaking into a residence is enough to charge for burglary, whether you take anything or not. I learned that by watching Law & Order.

A Pox On Their Waffle House!

While I don’t believe I have ever been to a Waffle House, I always wanted to go. Not because of the food or the hospitality, but because there’s a good chance they will be a brawl. Or worse.

Candy Franklin (a male) claimed a Waffle House waitress pointed a gun at him after asking for cheese on his eggs. Apparently the waitress is not a fan of dairy.

Candy Franklin said an argument with a waitress over food sizzled out of control early Wednesday morning.

“It all happened over cheese eggs. At first, they didn’t bring them to me. Then they brought me normal eggs and I said that I ordered eggs with cheese on it. I tipped her and everything. It was all a normal dispute over food. I never in a million years thought it would come to gun violence,” Franklin said.

“I was looking down at my food making sure it was right and that’s when I just saw people running. I look up and she had the gun at me. I didn’t think she would shoot then she cocked it back. So, I was like maybe she is about to do something. Now, it’s time for me to turn into Rambo and get out of there,” Franklin said.

Actually Candy, Rambo would have murdered the waitress with a swizzle stick, while you ran away.

Viper? I Hardly Know Her!

An Indian man was given two life sentences after he killed his wife with a King Cobra and a viper. I mean, I know malt liquor isn’t for everyone, but egads!

Sooraj Kumar, 28, set loose a highly venomous Russell’s viper snake on his wife Uthra that left her in hospital for almost two months, prosecutors in the southern Kerala state said.

While she recovered at her parents’ house, he obtained a cobra from a snake handler and threw it at his sleeping wife. Its poisonous bite killed the 25-year-old woman in May 2020.

Kumar was arrested from his home last year after Uthra’s parents raised suspicions, alleging that their daughter was being harassed for more dowry. The woman’s parents said Kumar tried to take control of her property after the death.

People in India still demand a dowry? Not for nothing, but what acceptable dowry could be gained in 21st Century New Delhi? Clean water, a seat on the inside of a train? Help me out here.

New Mexico Is As Awful As Old Mexico

A resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico is wanted by police after he leaned out of the passenger side window and fired three rifle shots into the air. This jackass did this in the middle of a fairly busy street, with zero regard for pedestrians.

The video shows a person hanging out of the front passenger window of a car approaching a traffic signal. The car stopped for a red light and the person fired three shots before getting fully back inside the car.

APD does not believe this incident is related to the gunshots fired at the Bernalillo County’s headquarters.

I’m sure the man simply fired shots into the air to celebrate the canceling of John Gruden. One wonders if this dope shouted, “Hold my cerveza” before firing.

Is A Deadlier Virus Coming?

A top virologist made an appearance on Fox News last week, and was dishing the dirt of Covid’s origins – it “escaped” from the lab – and its creation – it wasn’t from bats. Unfortunately, that may be the only good news here.

That COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan lab went from a “fringe conspiracy theory” to one of the leading explanations for the pandemic in record time.

Every couple of weeks it seems that there’s a new piece of evidence supporting the theory, and Dr. Stephen Quay laid out the case in his explosive but under-reported Wall Street Journal article titled “Science Closes in on Covid’s Origins,” while arguing that a virus far more dangerous may be in that lab.

He spoke to Fox’s Martha MacCallum to discuss it earlier this week. The relevant quotes from the interview are as follows:

There are a few explanations pertaining to its release from the lab and why Covid didn’t come from bats, but this quote is the one we should all be concerned about…

Dr. Quay on a potentially more deadly virus in the Wuhan lab: “..inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology in patients specimens in December 2019. What I found there was that the lab was contaminated with Nipah virus research that’s about two years ahead of SARS-CoV-2. Now, Nipah virus is 80 percent lethal. So this is not, you know, if you didn’t like the pandemic, that was just one percent lethal. This thing they were working on in December 2019 has an 80 percent lethality. It needs to be stopped.”

Now, I’m the last person to embrace panic pr0n, but if this new virus has an eighty percent lethality, we’re looking at an extinction level event. The Wuhan lab needs to be shut down, immediately, and it needs to stay down… preferably with tactical nukes.

The Horror Of Big Blue Cities

The other day, a group of gang-bangers shot up a Chicago neighborhood, firing seventy rounds at each other, while innocent bystanders ran for their lives. Yesterday, my division had two shootings in the span of an hour. This is the case in most of the large blue American cities, and it’s never going to stop.

To Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, what happens between consenting adults is a completely private matter. For example, when five gangsters were arrested for holding a public gunfight in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood last week, shooting more than 70 rounds at each other in all, she decided to let them go without charges.

After all, as her office explained to police, it was a quarrel between “mutual combatants!”

I imagine Fox would also claim the Nazis shouldn’t have been charged because they and the Jews were mutual combatants. What with all SS guards slaughtered by the concentration camp workers.

It’s really quite simple to explain what has happened. Wealthy leftist donors such as George Soros have decided they find it amusing to endanger Chicagoans and the inhabitants of other major cities by funding the campaigns of incompetent, dishonest, soft-on-crime district attorneys such as Foxx, Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby, and others. Based on the spike in violent crime over which these Soros DAs have presided, it seems safe to say that this project is making America’s cities uninhabitable again.

Krasner is universally reviled by members of the department here, as are his leftist ADAs. They toss out more jobs than they take, and when we do arrest a shooter, they either release the shooter on bail or dismiss the charges out of hand. Krasner easily defeated a primary challenger, and is now running against another lawyer who changed his party affiliation to Republican so he can oust this swine.

It won’t matter, though, because for all the whining coming from the citizens, they will still vote for the Democrat; because they’re all brainwashed zombies.

So-called “Soros prosecutors” are also dropping charges and releasing violent, hardened career criminals into San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and other increasingly undesirable cities. The result has been a national crime wave disproportionately concentrated in those cities. This is a major reason why there were so many additional black lives that ended violently in 2020, as the FBI’s latest data indicate. This is where soft-on-crime liberals are taking the country.

I’m not sure how many of you check out the Philadelphia Homicide Tracker at the top right of the blog, but we’re currently at 426 murders in 2021. We had six homicides yesterday, and we are going to shatter last year’s number of 500. Easily. Most of these shooters will be back on the streets in five to ten years, if that, and it’s all the work of Nazi collaborator George Soros.

Blue Cities Tackling “Police Reform”

With the calls for “police reform” in blue states, some blue cities are not waiting for a federal implementation of police reform. Instead, they are reforming their city’s police departments on their own, with what will likely be disastrous results.

As police reform stalls at the federal level, some blue states are forging ahead with their own law enforcement overhauls. In California, the reforms established procedures for stripping the badges from officers found to have engaged in misconduct by a civilian advisory panel.

The new reforms also expanded a ban on using chokeholds, raised the minimum age for new officers to 21 from 18, and placed restrictions on the use of tear gas and rubber bullets in crowd control situations.

I find it hilarious that Newsom went back to full Stalin right after his recall election.

In Austin, Texas, a combination of staffing shortages and police reform demands from activists resulted in a new policy , which took effect on Friday, that discourages members of the public from calling 911 unless in immediate danger.

Despite what people say, Austin is a shite-hole, so this does not surprise me…

Continue reading “Blue Cities Tackling “Police Reform””

We Must Ban Assault Hammers!

A British man was arrested after assaulting three women and one man with a hammer. The incidents occurred in London, which is odd, because there are never any violent episodes in that town.

A man has been arrested after four people were attacked with a hammer in central London. The 38-year-old first attacked two women on Regent Street at approximately 10.45pm on Friday, the Met police said.

Now maybe I’m too cynical, but the fact there is no information on the attacker makes me think he may be a minority, or a member of the Religion of Peace.

The women, one in her 30s and the other in her 20s, were taken to hospital and their injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

The man then used a hammer to attack a woman in her 40s and a man in his 50s at a pub in Glasshouse Street. Both were taken to hospital and neither is in a life-threatening condition.

It never occurs to woke politicians that if they ban firearms, humans will still find ways to assault and murder people. No gun? Use a knife. No knife, use a bat. No bat, use a rock. It never ends.

Trust Your Blue City Politicians

The city of Chicago has decided to place nearly 500 “Bleeding Control Kits’ in city and public buildings around the crime-infested city. Apparently, the hundreds of murders and shootings are choking Chicago’s hospitals and trauma wards.

The City of Chicago is installing hundreds of kits in city buildings to treat bleeding gunshot victims under a new program officials say could help save lives in an emergency.

Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications announced earlier this month that the city has begun installing 426 wall mounted “Bleeding Control Kits” in 269 buildings across the city.

Imagine how many homicides and shootings Chicago has that this program needed to be implemented.

Those buildings include City Hall, Chicago Public Library locations, the Chicago Cultural Center, medical clinics, senior centers and more.

OEMC said the kits are being installed under a new program called “Safe Chicago” in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department and the city’s Assets and Information Services.

“Safe Chicago” may be the most hilarious oxymoron I have ever heard. Instead of, say, putting Bleeding Control Kits in city buildings, how about you ask Mayor Groot to enforce the law and lock up the shooters? Or say, for instance, you stop deriding the police officers who have to deal with dozens of shootings every day?