Look Both Ways, Or Not

A woman from Mallorca, Spain was interviewed about motorized scooter safety. The woman, to her credit, passed with flying colors, then proceeded on her way. And that’s where the fun begins.

This is a video from Mallorca of a woman being interviewed about the laws pertaining to the operation of electric scooters, then proceeding to cross a street after the safe-to-cross crosswalk has ended and immediately getting hit by a car. A transcription of the interview:

Interviewer: “What are the rules?”
Girl: “You can’t go anywhere unless it’s a cycle path or ACIRE (zones of restricted vehicle access in this city)… uhm… it’s still not mandatory to wear a helmet and you can’t wear headphones with music and I think at night you can go anywhere”.

Interviewer: “perfect”
Girl: (still finishing her answer)… “from like 10pm, more or less”

Interviewer: “you pass!!! Thank you!”
Girl: Byeee

The video of the incident is below the fold, and it will make your weekend.

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The Fat Boys Are Back

Meet Jake Lee of Englewood, Chicago.

Jake is a happy-go-lucky guy, and the only thing he likes more than Twinkies is “allegedly” shooting people during random drive-bys.

Matthew Gibson, 26, was pronounced dead on 22 July after being shot in the head during the incident which prosecutors portrayed as a drive-by shooting gone bad in Park Manor, Chicago.

Dammit, he was just turning his life around!

Video footage from 21 July showed Gibson pulling alongside a white SUV that was waiting to make a left turn at around 5:40am, according to reports from the Chicago Sun-Times.

As the car slowed his passenger, Jake Lee, opened fire on the vehicle with a .40-caliber handgun. However Lee, 27, accidentally shot his driver in the head. Despite his injuries Gibson was able to drive two miles from the scene.

Gotta give Gibson his props; I’m not able to drive two miles with a Charley horse, let alone with a bullet in the skull.

Gibson was found to be brain dead on Monday, and was kept alive only to have his organs harvested. His death was ruled as a homicide.

The man was participating in a drive-by shooting. I’m fairly sure he was pronounced brain dead long before he was shot.