Feel-Good Friday

Meet Dane Entze from Idaho.

Dane and his wife were driving through Idaho Falls when they spotted a woman driving into the Snake River. She was trying to commit suicide, but Dane would have none of that.

“Upon looking down from the bridge above, looking down at the boat ramp below, my wife noticed a car driving down the boat ramp and entering the water,” the 36-year-old told Fox Weather.

While his wife called 911, Dane jumped out of the car, climbed a barbed wire fence, and ran to the boat launch. He said he saw the car sinking into the Snake River, which is known for its dangerous undertow. But the woman emerged and he hollered to her asking if she was okay.

That in itself should be enough for a Feel-Good Friday, but Dane went above and beyond.

She then began swimming away from shore after telling Dane, ‘I’m committing suicide, and I don’t want to live anymore.’ Dane told her, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’m here, and I love you, and I’m going to help you.

While the river swallowed up her car, he quickly swam approximately 120 feet from the shore to pull the woman back to the bank, risking freezing water conditions and outdoor temperatures of 19-degrees.

There are courageous people in this world, and I am starting to think they outweigh the awful ones.

Feel-Good Friday

There are a lot of brilliant people in this world. I am not one of them, but it is nice to know a handful of brilliant minds are making the world better.

In this case, a team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne has created a drone which can help people survive after a disaster in remote places.

What if the delivery drones themselves were made of food? Now, researchers have developed a small flying craft with wings made of rice cakes.

The team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) decided the answer was to make the wings perform both as functional for flight and as cargo at the same time, so the drone could deliver more life-sustaining nutrition or medication.

I am a big fan of the show Survivorman with Les Stroud. He goes into the wilderness for seven days with a bottle of water and a few small snacks. When the snacks and water is gone, he has to survive.

To fashion the wing, the rice cakes are laser-cut into hexagonals and fixed together by gelatin. These are then wrapped in protective plastic, before being affixed to the flying element. They are also looking at ways to transport water onboard.

The wingspan of about 27 inches (70 centimeters) results in enough rice cake and gelatin glue to deliver the equivalent of one breakfast serving—with 80 grams remaining for a payload of vitamins or water.

This drone is a godsend, and will definitely help those stranded in remote areas. See? The Swiss isn’t just about cocoa and singing in the Alps!

Feel-Good Friday

Meet Kate McNeil and Paul Damon.

Kate and Paul have been best friends for twenty-four years, and while both had a strong attraction to each other, neither ever told the other about their feelings.

Kate MacNeil and Paul Damon were tied at the hip when they met as young teens in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1997.

Despite the 13-year-old girl being ‘mad’ about her best pal, she never plucked up the courage to reveal how she felt.

They would talk on the phone for hours at a time, and would fall asleep together on the phone.

“We were practically in a relationship but we’d never kissed,” Kate said. “I took the plunge to kiss him when we were 18 but he turned his head.

“I ran away embarrassed and broken. Slowly we stopped talking but I never stopped thinking about him.”

Eventually, Paul joined the navy and Kate went to college in Alabama. Both kept track of each other on social media, and after Kate’s marriage collapsed, she looked up Paul and they went out on a date.

Having finally told each other about their feelings for one another they went on their first date in Florida, and soon decided Paul would move in with Kate and her children.

“We had our first kiss when he came to Florida and it was magical,” said Kate. “I feel like my life is now complete.”

The couple are now engaged and will be married in July of 2023.

Feel-Good Friday

A 107-year old Staff Sergeant who was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division in World War II finally received his silver star medal… seventy-seven years after he was awarded the honor.

A Colorado Army veteran who is 107 years old was recommended for a Silver Star many years ago, and finally received it 77 years after he was discharged.

In a ceremony held on October 4 at Fort Carson, Colorado, Harold A. Nelson, a resident of Denver who served as an infantryman in the 3rd Infantry Division during World War II, was presented with the medal. Maj. Gen. Charles Costanza, the commander of the 3rd Infantry Division at the time, traveled from Fort Stewart, Georgia, to present Nelson with the honor.

If I’m going to be brutally honest, Sergeant Nelson doesn’t look like he’s 107.

Costanza stated, “First Sgt. Nelson began his time in combat during WWII, was shot three times, survived artillery bombardments, grenade explosions, German tank fire, and blowing landmines.” Nelson served with the 3rd Infantry Division in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy for more than 500 days, making it one of the Army’s most decorated divisions throughout the war. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

A well deserved honor. Thank you for your service, Sergeant Nelson!

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link!

Feel-Good Friday

Meet ASCO Reserve Deputies Nicole Shoffner and Lucas. The couple are married, and while they were trying to repair a dirt bike, a Sheriff’s officer struck them both with his truck.

Well, here is a little bit of bright light in the darkness. Here is a story of heroism and sacrifice that might just invigorate your optimism glands.

Raymond Surber, a 31-year-old deputy with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, was driving a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado on August 1 when he struck ACSO Reserve Deputies Lucas and Nicole Shoffner around 11:17 p.m., according to a Tennesee Highway Patrol report.

ACSO said Lucas and Nicole both suffered injuries, but Lucas took the brunt of the vehicle.

Lucas was more seriously hurt because he pushed his wife out of the way before he was struck.

The couple was attempting to repair a dirt bike alongside a roadway when they were struck, the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office said. Matt Fagiana, a former Loudon County sergeant who now works for the Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, said Lucas “100 percent saved Nicole’s life” by shoving her to the side.

“Let’s start praying for our buddy. If anyone is deserving of a second chance at life, it’s this guy. He’s kind, he’s loyal, he’s funny and he’s as strong as a damn ox,” Fagiana said. “You got this Lucas and we are behind you and Nicole every step of the way.” (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Deputy Lucas was in intensive care, but a recent report stated Lucas woke up after a 23-day coma. Here’s hoping Lucas and Nicole are able to fully heal from their injuries.

Thanks to The Daley Gator for the link.

Feel-Good Friday

Meet Marlo, a British cavapoo who has a knack for retrieving lost golf balls.

Marlo’s owner eventually found out about his pet’s gift, and as an avid golfer, decided to use Marlo’s talent to help others.

An eagle-eyed pooch has become an expert at finding lost golf balls in London, so much so that he’s helping provide golf charities with the balls they need to teach kids around the world.

Charles Jefferson must have felt he hit a hole-in-one when one day his dog, a cavapoo named Marlo, emerged from the bushes with a pristine tour-grade ball on the puppy’s first visit to a local London golf course.

Many of Marlo’s golf balls will be sent to Kenya’s Junior Golf Foundation, the South African Disabled Golf Association, the European Disabled Golf Association, the UAE’s Chicks with Sticks, and India’s Golf Foundation.

As an advertising and branding agent, Jefferson leapt at the chance to turn Marlo’s abilities into a force for good after he heard of a donation drive to promote the prevention of litter from lost golf balls.

As Jefferson’s agency was helping with the branding, all eyes in the department turned onto him. He promptly dumped 600 more of Marlo’s finds in the container to make an admirable dent in its 200,000 capacity.

These golf balls will help young players learn the game of golf in countries where the sport isn’t as popular. Much of that can be credited to Marlo. Good dog!

Feel-Good Friday

Harry Kane is arguably one of the most talented soccer players in England, but Harry’s career started with a lot of bumps and bruises. Harry was released by Arsenal at the age of eight, and was transferred to different teams throughout the years. His father continued to tell Harry, “We go again, and work even harder.”

Eventually Harry made his mark, and in now the captain of England’s soccer team. Thanks to his young experiences, Harry created a foundation to help people with self-doubt and mental health, to try to get people – young people as well – to get through their doubt and despair.

Before Kane became the first name on the starting lineup for London team Tottenham Hotspur, he spent four consecutive years loaned out to different teams in lower divisions. Sometimes whole seasons would go by without him ever getting a sustained period of football.

He kept his chin up and eventually made it into the Tottenham lineup during the 2014-2015 season, when he won Young Player of the Year.

Harry remembered his experiences and used them to help others.

Drawing on that experience, Kane is now using his celebrity profile to fund and popularize volunteer-supported mental health groups like The Mix, and Mind, that specialize in helping young adults deal with stress; particularly through anonymous helplines offering free counseling with embarrassing problems and “please-don’t-make-me-say-it-out-loud thoughts” that we all have.

Kane’s collaboration with the Premier League’s Charitable Trust has created resilience and positive mindset lesson plans for more 18,000 schools across Britain, that feature Harry talking about the power of positive thinking.

You can see the short animated video below…

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Feel-Good Friday

Meet Joel Jones and his wife Annalisa. Joel and his wife observed Gary Coslovich speeding on California’s I-80, when he slammed into two vehicles. A female CHP Officer pulled the offender over, and the offender started beating the officer and trying to take her gun.

Enter Joel, a pastor, and a retired police officer and former college football linebacker.

Gary Coslovich was weaving in and out of traffic along I-80 in Fairfield, California, on a Saturday morning when he smashed into two cars going 80 miles an hour, causing those drivers to spin out. Eventually, he drove over to the shoulder when a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer pulled him over, but when Coslovich saw it was a female cop, he flipped out.

Coslovich began beating the officer along the shoulder of Interstate 80 westbound in American Canyon before witnesses say he reached for the officer’s gun. That’s when two onlookers, unknown to each other, decided it was time to intervene.

Pastor Jones is a huge man, and he looks like he could still play football. He decided he had to something to help this officer, so he rushed into the fray.

Joel Jones and his wife Annalisa, who runs a church called Spirit of Truth Church Worldwide, had seen the havoc Gary Coslovich had been wreaking in his car before being pulled over. They had decided to follow the erratic driver. Then, they witnessed his heinous assault on the officer.

“[The suspect] punched her, hit her repeatedly, beat her to the ground and started stomping her,” Jones, a 61-year-old retired San Francisco County sheriff’s deputy who played football for Drake University, recalled. Although he didn’t know it at the time, he wasn’t the only one who saw what was happening.

Enter Greg Bunting, a motorcycle mechanic, who also ran to help the officer and Pastor Jones.

That’s when Greg Bunting, a 52-year-old motorcycle mechanic, jumped in to help. “It’s hard to see a woman hit by a man,” said the father-of-two who happened to be driving by at the same time and also stopped to help the CHP officer. “To see that was — there’s no words to describe it except for it was sick.” (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Pastor Jones and Mr. Bunting ran towards a deadly situation without even thinking, and they arguably saved the officer’s life. There are still good and decent people in America. Good people like Pastor Jones and Mr. Bunting.

Feel-Good Friday

A UPS delivery driver is being lauded as a hero, after he helped a woman and her son escape the clutches of a psychotic father.

James Jordan won’t be receiving any Father or Husband of the Year awards after what the 33-year-old Missouri man did to his wife and their 3-year-old son. What the two were forced to endure was nothing short of a nightmare. But, thanks to an observant UPS delivery driver, Jordan got to face the music for being a monster after his wife and son were freed from the hell he put them in.

The horrific ordeal began when Jordan locked his 3-year-old son in a room without food or water, where the child was forced to remain for 15 long hours, according to CBS. His father then turned his attention to the boy’s mother. One can only imagine what the child heard as Jordan viciously abused the woman, holding her captive in their own home near Robertsville.

The woman and her son were being held hostage at gunpoint, and she eventually made a plan.

As her desperation to get away grew, she finally came up with a plan. For it to work, she needed one person to be observant while on the job. Luckily for her, the right UPS man was sent to her home.

When the driver arrived to pick up a package, the unnamed woman knew this might be her only chance to get a message out. So, she scrawled “contact 911” on the box. She casually answered the door, not wanting to let on that she was up to something, and handed the UPS man the box, pretending everything was fine. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

The UPS driver saw the “contact 911” note on the package, and he immediately notified the police. A SWAT team hit the house, dragged Jordan out of the residence, and he was arrested. Jordan was given a $100,000 bond.

There are still good people in America, and they should be celebrated.

Thanks to The Daley Gator for the link.

Feel-Good Friday

Meet Jamee, Kira, and Ismael.

Kira was headed home from college on a Southwest flight, and was bringing her pet fish. Unfortunately, the fish was not allowed on the plane, and Kira didn’t know what to do.

Enter Ismael, a Southwest agent, who did something extraordinary.

A pair of Southwest Airline employees volunteered to become mom and dad to a passenger’s fish after the passenger was told she could not embark with the animal.

I’m not a fan of flying, but when we do, we almost always go with Southwest.

Kira was returning home from her Freshman year at college with her beta fish Theo when she was told it was not allowed on her flight. That’s when Southwest agent Ismael and his fiancée Jamee offered to take care of the fish so that she wouldn’t miss her flight.

Social media is awash with stories of airport nightmares, but Southwest took to Twitter to show off their exceptionally large-hearted agents as they took Theo the fish home and even bought him a new bowl over the summer.

What an amazing story. Ismael and Jamee are truly spectacular human beings.