It’s Funny When It Happens To Disney

The Walt Disney Corporation’s desire to go fully woke has certainly paid dividends, especially for the thousands of people who dropped Disney stock. According to the Washington Examiner, Disney stock is the worst performing stock in 2022.

To quote George Costanza, “I think it moved.”

The old adage seems to remain just as true as it was on the first day it was uttered. Maybe it’s been a series of crazy coincidences, or perhaps Americans don’t appreciate when corporations decide to dive headfirst into political controversy. Your guess is as good as mine.

What is certain, however, according to the Washington Examiner, is that Disney has reportedly lost nearly $50B since deciding to enter the political fray surrounding Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill.

Disney lost fifty billion – with a “b” – this year alone. Fifty. Billion. Dollars.

And while the present financial woes for Disney are enough to make any conservative giggle (at least a little bit), the economic future of the business isn’t looking too bright, either. Yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill to void Disney’s special district which previously shielded the company from approximately $200M in taxes annually. (H/T – MelP)

All Disney had to do was continue their wholesome image, fun and interesting characters, and not move toward politics. If they kept doing what was successful for them for decades, they would still be thriving.

Now, most people don’t want to bring their kids to an overpriced park which looks to groom kids and celebrate transgenderism. Just treat everyone the same, stop putting out dictates against those who disagree with them, and rake in the money.

Disney had its chance, and since I see no way they will stop their leftist political ideology, I will lie back and giggle as they force themselves into bankruptcy.

Think About The Baristas!

Starbucks Coffee, arguably the most woke-infested corporation on the entire planet, is closing sixteen stores, including Seattle and Portland. The stores will be closing because these cities and infested with junkies shooting up in the stores and rampant crime.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem very progressive to me. I think the folks in Portland and Seattle should protest Starbucks, post haste.

Starbucks is shuttering 16 store locations nationwide after store managers reported a surge in drug use among customers and outsiders as well as an increase in crime in certain areas.

Six Starbucks locations will be closed in the company’s hometown of Seattle and six more will be shuttered in the Los Angeles metro area. Two Starbucks restaurants will cease operating in Portland, Ore., while one store each will close in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, according to the Wall Street Journal.

People still don’t believe me when I say Philadelphia is a garbage city. This is good news, however, because a few years ago, the Center City Starbucks refused to allow a police officer to use their bathroom. So, f**k them and their lousy overpriced coffee.

Store managers have complained to company executives that employees have not felt safe amid a surge of assaults, thefts and drug use in and around each location. (H/T – MelP)

Of course, the real victims here are the pansexual socialist baristas working their way toward a master’s degree in womyn’s studies, with a minor in anthropology And archeology.

Coffee, Tea, Or Plea

Meet “Kate” and “Sonam,” the owners of Mina’s World, a coffee shop located in West Philadelphia. The shop catered primarily to leftists, gays, and transgenders. The shop was doing well until the store’s employees decided to attempt a coup.

“Mina’s World” was celebrated as a “safe space” for members of the LGBTQ community until workers began accusing the owners of wage theft and “gentrification.”

On July 1, the owners announced that the shop would close after weeks of controversy. “Mina’s World is closed,” the post declared. “We don’t have enough money to continue operating.”

In a video previously posted to Instagram, the co-owners of the shop admitted their “complicity” in anti-black gentrification and said that they were looking for ways to pass on ownership of the store to the employees. The workers had tried to raise enough money through a GoFundMe account before the shop closed down.

Here’s the most hilarious part; the workers are now complaining that they have lost their jobs… after they forced the owners to close.

“Workers at Mina’s World have long been in a labor rights struggle with owners Kate and Sonam for well over a year. We are facing systemic employer opposition, manipulation, abuse of power, exploitation, anti-blackness, ableism, hostility and complete disregard for our livelihoods,” they claimed.

Well, you jackass douchebags would still have a livelihood if you didn’t force the coffee shop to close.

I’m a fan of Dan Bongino’s podcast – I’ll listen to it while I jog – and he had a really great theory the other day. Cancel culture doesn’t faze conservatives, because we couldn’t care less what woke morons think of us. So when they cannot cancel conservatives, the woke go after their own.

That’s exactly what happened here. Mina’s World closed because the woke employees canceled their owners for not being woke enough.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link!

NASCAR Goes Woke

For those who have followed the blog for a while, you already know I’m a racing fan. While the kids and I usually attend a NASCAR race once a year, we are also huge fans of Indy Car and Formula 1. So it really bothered me when NASCAR went all-out for Pride Month.

Now before you get your knickers in a bunch, I have no problem with the LGBTQ community – my cousin is a lesbian, as are our neighbors across the street. I try to live and let live. My problem here is the LGBTQ community hates NASCAR and the “rednecks” who attend the races. NASCAR is trying to bring in people who hate the sport, while turning real fans away.

NASCAR issued an apology Wednesday for “recent actions” that are “not aligned” with its mission after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) waved the green flag ahead of last week’s All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway.

The world-famous auto racing and operating company, headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, marked the first day of LGBTQ+ “Pride Month” with a unique version of the pride flag along with a message apologizing for actions it deemed uncharacteristic of its mission.

NASCAR is apologizing for its fans, who have done nothing wrong, and they are telling the gay community that NASCAR fans are racist homophobes. I have been to probably between twenty to thirty races in my lifetime, and in all those events, I have never seen one fan start a fight, throw out any slurs, or otherwise disrespect another fan. Ever. Not once. Maybe if the bosses at NASCAR would deem fit to sit with fans, maybe they would see what goes on there.

The worst I ever saw was one guy telling me Jeff Gordon stinks – I was a fan – and we both started laughing.

“As we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we acknowledge that recent actions have not aligned with NASCAR’s mission to be a welcoming sport for all,” the company wrote. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to create a more inclusive environment — in our workplaces, at the race track & in the stands,” it added.

Wait, it gets worse. NASCAR invited Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to wave the green flag at Texas Motor Speedway last weekend, then claimed his invite was “regarded as an error.”

Hey a-holes, you’re a guest in Texas, and Governor Abbott can easily shut down the speedway – it’s an awful track anyway – and send you jagoffs packing.

Last Sunday, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott waved the green flag ahead of the All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway. An Associated Press (AP) reporter confirmed that Abbott’s presence at the event had been regarded as an error, though the governor is not mentioned in the NASCAR tweet.

Of course he wasn’t mentioned in the tweet, because they knew he would have taken action. Caleb Hull wrote this in Twitter, and he’s right. “Perfect example of wokeness invading a business to the point where they have completely lost touch with their customer base.”

The kids and I have tickets to Pocono in July, but I can easily dump NASCAR for Formula 1 and IndyCar.

Many thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link.

Maybe They Should Bring Jared Back?

Hey, remember Megan Rapinoe? You know, the emaciated guy from the U.S. women’s – wait, that’s a woman? – soccer team who always colored his, er, “her” hair purple or pink? Apparently, a large amount of people despise this horrible, anti-American twat, which is why Subway is hemorrhaging customers.

The Subway fast-food chain has been struggling — even before the coronavirus — but many franchise owners also felt that hiring U.S. soccer star and national anthem protester Megan Rapinoe as a national spokesperson was no help at all.

According to a report in the New York Post, Subway lost 1,043 outlets in 2021, which was more than the new outlets they opened. So, what is going wrong? Well, some franchise owners feel that hiring Megan Rapinoe was just one of the contributing factors to Subway’s mounting woes.

Gee, you think? He’s a foul-mouthed piece of detritus who danced on the American flag when he won games. Oh sorry, “she.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Indeed, the struggling fast-food company was met with an organized boycott by customers who were upset that Subway would choose to laud a woman who attended an Olympics on foreign soil only to protest against the country that made her rich.

Some franchise owners were furious that Subway chose such a radical and controversial political figure to push their product.

This may be the perfect example of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” truism. Subway hitched their wagon to this dude after the U.S. Women’s soccer team started winning games, despite the fact there were a few normal, popular players they could have chosen. But no, Subway wanted a leftist, and that leftist had to be obnoxiously radical.

So, after seeing Rapinoe’s anti-American actions on and off the field, Americans decided they didn’t want to embrace this dude’s f**k America platform. They stopped watching this dude’s soccer games, and stopped patronizing her sponsors. Hence, the collapse of Subway.

Look, I get why advertisers place sports stars on commercials, but none of these people realize said sports star has to be above reproach. No one wants to watch commercials featuring Megan Rapinoe, LeBron James, or Ray Rice.

If you want someone to really carry your brand on their shoulders, stop looking at LeBron James, and start looking at Tim Tebow, Wayne Gretzky or almost any race car driver.

The Salvation Army Goes Woke

The Salvation Army is struggling for donations this year after they decided to question white donators about their “white racism.” I mean, I know when I make a contribution to a charity, the first thing I want to hear is how racist I am.

Remember earlier in the season when The Salvation Army decided it would ask people who donate to apologize for their ‘white racism’? Alienating and insulting your donors seems like sort of a bad idea if you need to raise a good bit of money for the holiday season, right? And then, when they received pushback they backpedaled a bit but didn’t really apologize for insinuating people who give them money and toys are racists.

Which seems to have resulted in some serious consequences for the charity.

Not only is the nonprofit organization short on donations, they also are in desperate need of bell ringers to staff the red kettles seen at businesses around the country. (H/T – MelP)

There is always a Salvation Army kettle near our local shopping center, and I always donated some money. I don’t think I’ll be doing that anymore, because I wouldn’t want some person to touch my dirty racist money. Great work, Salvation Army. Really top notch.

New Marvel Film Banned In Middle East

Several Middle Eastern countries have banned Marvel’s new film, “Eternals” after it was discovered there was a homosexual kiss in the movie.

A new report claims that multiple Middle Eastern countries have banned Marvel’s Eternals film over a homosexual kiss scene featured in the film.

From the reports I’ve been reading, they should have banned it because it’s godawful. Really, even Rotten Tomatoes, who bend over backwards for Marvel, gave it a 49% rating.

The Hollywood Reporter ‘s Alex Ritman claims the film has been banned in Saudia Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. Ritman explains, “The news emerged on Thursday, with Eternals having quietly been removed from websites in each of those countries.”

The THR writer further stated, “Sources suggest the decision was likely made over the inclusion of a same-sex couple in the film and the MCU’s first gay superhero. In one scene, the character, Phastos (played by Brian Tyree Henry), and his on-screen husband, Ben (Haaz Sleiman), share a passionate kiss.”

I’d like to think Marvel will eventually realize movie patrons don’t want woke ideology in their entertainment, but I know better. Marvel will keeps putting stupid, unwanted scenes in their awful films, because five percent of the country demands it.

Zuckerberg Lost $7 Billion Yesterday

Scumbag leftist Mark Zuckerberg lost $7 billion yesterday after Facebook went off line and a whistleblower explained how toxic Facebook is to the country. That’s a shame.

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth has fallen by nearly $7 billion in a few hours, knocking him down a notch on the list of the world’s richest people, after a whistleblower came forward and outages took Facebook’s flagship products offline.

A selloff sent the social-media giant’s stock plummeting around 5% on Monday, adding to a drop of about 15% since mid-September.

Also, Facebook sold off the personal information of 1.5 billion – with a “b” – users to a hacker forum. What could possibly go wrong?

On 13 September, the Wall Street Journal began publishing a series of stories based on a cache of internal documents, revealing that Facebook knew about a wide range of problems with its products — such as Instagram’s harm to teenage girls’ mental health and misinformation about the Jan. 6 Capitol riots — while downplaying the issues in public. The reports have drawn the attention of government officials, and on Monday, the whistleblower revealed herself.

If the GOP was a legitimate party, they would have broken up Zuckerberg’s monopoly when Trump was in office. Sadly, the GOP is only slightly less worse than the Democrats, so Facebook will survive and thrive for eons to come.

Comedy Central Goes Completely Woke

Comedy Central, the network which runs South Park and The Office 24/7, has decided to ban the “Diversity Day” episode of The Office, claiming the ep is “politically incorrect.” This from the network which continually broadcasts South Park, one of the most politically correct programs ever aired.

This is what America has become. Not only are people canceled for wrongthink opinions, but television shows are now being banned by woke Hollywood douchebags.

Comedy Central removed the “Diversity Day” episode of the hit comedy series of The Office from a Sunday marathon airing of the long-running mockumentary series. The episode is just latest casualty of an increasingly censorious woke era, as it satirized contemporary corporate “diversity and inclusion” policies.

For the record, I think The Office’s first two seasons were fantastic, but it began a downward spiral in season three. That said. the removal of this episode is ridiculous.

Barstool Sports noted the omission at the time. It wrote, “Instead of just slapping up a trigger warning [disclaimer] for an episode of The Office, Comedy Central quietly omitted it from the rotation thus sending OCD-riddled completists into delirium and prompting me blog about it, drawing even more attention to this, dare I say, canceling of a modern day icon.”

The Wrap reported, “When asked during a press conference for his upcoming Peacock late-night series if the “Diversity Day” episode of The Office could be made today in the current political landscape, [Larry] Wilmore, who was a consulting producer on the sitcom, said, ‘Absolutely not.’”

The United States of America, the world’s bastion of freedom, is now banning television episodes to protect the fragile feelings of soy-based pussies. How about you air the episode, and allow free men and women decide for themselves?

Philly College About To Lose Money

Philadelphia’s Saint Joseph’s University – my Alma mater – is about to reap the consequences of going full-woke. A small, but wealthy group of alumni have decided they will no longer donate to the university; at least until they jettison their woke culture.

As an alumnus of SJU, I think this is a fantastic idea. If you want to make change, you need to hit colleges in the wallet.

A half-century after they graduated, several St. Joseph’s University alumni returned to campus Friday with signs and a message: They said they and others were willing to withhold possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations because of what they perceive as the school’s move toward the far left.

In a letter delivered to university leaders at an alumni luncheon, the six alumni, spanning the graduating classes of 1968 to 1973, cited “the creeping illness that seems to be taking over the college where we learned important Jesuit values of being men for others.”

I sincerely hope this works, because SJU has been swirling the woke sewer for years. It no longer resembles the school I attended, and no longer resembles the Jesuit traditions on which it was founded.

They were particularly upset that the university removed Gregory Manco, a visiting assistant math professor and assistant baseball coach, from the classroom after his anonymous posts on social media in February against reparations for slavery and race and bias training. The university ultimately did not renew his contract, even though an investigation found there was insufficient evidence to conclude definitively that bias was shown.

I posted about Professor Manco in March, when the university canceled Manco after a few adult babies complained about his conservative tweets. You see, conservatives are not welcome at SJU, and it’s been that way for a long time.

Collectively, the withheld donations of the six alumni are in the six-figure range, said James A. Henwood, 72, a retired Philadelphia city police lieutenant who graduated from St. Joe’s in 1971. Henwood declined to say how much he was withholding, but said he was taking the university out of his estate plan. (H/T – The Godfather)

Thank you Lieutenant Henwood! I really enjoyed my time at SJU. I made a lot of friends – most of whom abandoned me when they found out I was a conservative – played lacrosse (which helped me become a coach,) and learned a lot from some terribly good professors.

That said, SJU could learn something from this; specifically, they could just teach the curriculum without the woke leftist bias.