Powers Boothe, 1948-2017

Powers Boothe, one of the driving forces behind my favorite film – Tombstone – has passed away at the age of 68.

Boothe, who was born on a farm in Texas, first got his big acting break by playing infamous cult leader Jim Jones in the made-for-television movie ‘Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones.’ He won an Emmy for the dedicated performance. When he collected the award, however, he had to cross the picket line of a Screen Actors Guild strike to receive it. He was the only actor to cross the picket line.

Boothe always seemed like the type of guy who would have no problem sticking it to the Hollywood elites. It was part of his charm.

Powers’ spokesperson Karen Samfilippo said a private service will be held in Texas, and a memorial celebration in Boothe’s honor is being considered.

Boothe, like Bill Paxton, was great in every role he accepted: Tombstone, Red Dawn, Sudden Death, Deadwood, 24, and the absurdly underrated Southern Comfort – a film I highly recommend. Everyone remembers Boothe for something, and it is usually something remarkable. Of course, Boothe was a remarkable man. To wit:

Samfilippo also said that donations can be made to the Gary Sinise Foundation, which honors the nation’s defenders, veterans, first responders, their families and those in need.

God bless Texas, and God bless Powers Boothe. Thank you sir, for the years and years of entertainment. You will be sorely missed.

Joss Whedon Is A Contemptible Swine

Joss Whedon, the Marvel film universe’s go-to guy, beclowned himself yet again while trying to insult House Speaker Paul Ryan.

While taking a cheap shot at Ryan, Whedon mocked and insulted teenage cancer survivors.

You stay classy, asshole.

Hollywood producer-director Joss Whedon judged a group of teenage cancer survivors according to their (lack of) sexual attractiveness in order to take a shot at Republicans.

Mr. Whedon tweeted out a picture of House Speaker Paul Ryan meeting some teenagers and said they didn’t measure up in the attractiveness department.

“Tonight on White House Wife Hunt, Donny makes host P. Ryan give 2 more contestants the ‘Not a 10’ card,” tweeted Mr. Whedon, best known as the creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Firefly” and as the director of two “Avengers” movies.

Okay, a few points. First, as someone who has lost good friends to cancer – and as someone who has had two skin cancer surgeries – cancer isn’t funny. Making fun of girls who survived cancer is despicable, more so when it’s posted to make a “sick burn.”

Second, every one of the girls pictured are not only very cute, but also damned tough fighters. Whedon could learn a thing or three from them.

Finally, Marvel’s embrace of disgusting libtards – Whedon, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, et al – are the reason I stopped watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and why I’m done with Marvel films. If my kids want to see them, fine. I can wait in the car. Fuck these people, and fuck their inhumanity.

The Best Show You May Not Have Seen

I’m rather picky when it comes to television. There is very little room in my DVR for season passes, mostly because the majority of television nowadays is junk.

An exception to that is FX’s brilliant new series, Legion.

X-Men, as one of the most iconic comics properties ever, hasn’t had a significant TV presence in almost a decade. Created by Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley, the new series takes place somewhere in the X-Men films’ already byzantine continuity. Only this series might not be what fans expect. Unlike the battles of Magneto and Professor X, David’s quest is more personal: he’s trying to piece together whether or not he’s actually insane.

Legion largely follows David Haller (Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens), a mental patient who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is trying his best to get well. He falls in love with a fellow patient, Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), who then disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Before the show gets into the weeds of David’s powers, it establishes him as a sympathetic, if deeply troubled, everyday human. The thing is, it turns out David’s powers are anything but common. He’s gifted with incredible psychic abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, and perhaps even the power to alter reality itself.

The first few episodes are a little confusing, but trust me, you’ll want to stick with it. Especially for the scenes with Aubrey Plaza, like the one posted below.

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Ticket, Please

Hollywood bad boy Shia LaBeouf’s latest film grossed premiered in Britain this weekend, and its total gross was seven pounds; the equivalent of one ticket. One. Ticket.

“Man Down,” a war thriller with Shia LaBeouf, grossed just £7 ($8.70) when it premiered in a single U.K. theater over the weekend, according to ComScore. That’s the equivalent of selling a single ticket, given that the U.K. Cinema Association puts the average movie admission cost in the country at £7.21.

“Poor Shia,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore. “That opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.”

The film played in one location, Reel Cinema in Burnley. It was simultaneously released digitally on demand, making the theatrical release something of an afterthought. It launches on DVD and Blu-ray next month.

LaBeouf is a huge member of the Trump “resistance,” so obviously I’m not a fan of his work. I am, however, a fan of this epic failure. I could film myself pinching a loaf and sell at least a dozen tickets!

Bill Paxton, 1955-2017

bill-paxton-tombstoneI’m getting to the age where celebrities I grew up watching are passing away. It was different years ago, because I never really knew the work of geniuses like Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, or Audrey Hepburn. Yesterday, one of my very favorite actors left us.

Actor Bill Paxton, a prolific and charismatic actor who had memorable roles in such blockbusters as “Apollo 13” and “Titanic,” has died. He was 61.

“It is with heavy hearts we share the news that Bill Paxton has passed away due to complications from surgery,” a family representative said. “Bill began his career in Hollywood working on films in the art department and went on to have an illustrious career spanning four decades as a beloved and prolific actor and filmmaker. Bill’s passion for the arts was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth and tireless energy were undeniable. We ask to please respect the family’s wish for privacy as they mourn the loss of their adored husband and father.”

Tombstone, Weird Science, Aliens, the highly-underrated Trespass, Edge of Tomorrow. The list goes on and on, and every one of Paxton’s performances were not on only memorable, but unforgettable.

Bill was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and interestingly, he was present outside JFK’s hotel the day he was assassinated. That’s 8-year old Bill at the center-right, on his father’s shoulders.


Someone on Twitter quipped Paxton was also one of two men to be killed by a Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator. (The other is Lance Henriksen.)

Rest in Peace, Bill. You will never know the joy you brought me lo these many years.

You Can’t Spell Depression Without ESPN

boycott-espnHere’s a story from our “It’s Funny When It Happens to Them” file. Remember ESPN? Well they are apparently the albatross around Mickey Mouse’s pencil-neck.

The network is responsible for Disney losing about half a billion dollars so far this year.

The Walt Disney Company began its fiscal year with a whimper, as the entertainment giant was unable to successfully fend off headwinds facing its cable business, reporting revenue that fell short of expectations.

After the close of markets Tuesday, Disney reported revenue of $14.8 billion and earnings of $1.55 a share for the three months ended Dec. 31, which the company classifies as the first quarter of its fiscal year. Analysts had estimated $15.3 billion in revenue and earnings of $1.50 a share on average for the most recent quarter.

Aww, that’s a shame. I have little use for ESPN, with the rare exception of soccer matches and college lacrosse games on ESPNU. The rest of the channel’s lineup is pure drek, in my opinion.

Cable networks, particularly ESPN, have been an albatross on Disney’s stock price even as the company’s two other major prongs, movies and theme parks, continue to perform well. As cheaper TV alternatives began to proliferate, ESPN hemorrhaged subscribers during the course of 2016 and is now at less than 88 million, compared with a peak of 100.1 million in 2011. At an estimated $7 per subscriber, that dip has been a substantial hit to Disney, especially considering media networks made up 49 percent of Disney’s profits during fiscal 2016.

You know the problem with ESPN – and I’m just spitballin’ here – is they are more about political correctness than they are about, you know, sports. They have led the charge on leftist activism, and have been known to fire analysts with opposing views, fire commentators because idiots see race in everything, and made half their viewership – namely, conservatives – feel unwelcome.

Personally, I would be very happy if ESPN went out of business. Thankfully, it appears their demise will have been self-inflicted.

Celebrities Reap What They Zoe

zoe-saldana-columbianaCommon sense is rather uncommon in Hollywood, so when a celebrity stands up for reason and rationality, I take notice. Zoe Saldana did just that this week with her brutally honest autopsy of the 2016 presidential election.

Sci-fi queen Zoe Saldana has spoken out against the famously liberal acting community of Hollywood for ‘bullying’ Donald Trump. The 38-year-old said that Hollywood grew ‘cocky and arrogant’ and became ‘bullies’ while voicing their distaste for Trump during the election.

She said: ‘We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies.’ Saldana explained that by doing so, celebrities created empathy for the billionaire.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star said: ‘We were trying to single out a man for all these things he was doing wrong… and that created empathy in a big group of people in America that felt bad for him and that are believing in his promises.’

Yes, Saldana’s statements are chock full of backhanded compliments, but if nothing else, she realizes the damage done by celebrities this election. Most people couldn’t care less about what celebrities think; we simply want them to shut up and act/sing/dance. Full stop.

You Streep What You Sow

hypocrisy-hollywood-signAfter accepting an award at the Golden Globes last night, actress Meryl Streep once again lectured America about the evils of Donald Trump.

In an explosive six-minute speech on Sunday night, Streep did not hold back as she went after Trump for mocking disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski in November of 2015 during a campaign rally.

“That instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in a public platform, it filters down into everyone’s life because it gives permission for others to do the same,” said Streep in front of a audience packed full of Hollywood A-listers.

“Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.”

Streep, of course, rambled on about disrespect while she was disrespecting Donald Trump, so apparently self-awareness is a rarity in Hollywood. I do enjoy the last line, however, since most of her co-conspirators have been using their powerful positions to bully voters and electors into denying Trump the presidency. A pox on all of them.

Celebrity Chumps Jump To Dump Trump

time-magazine-president-elect-donald-trumpAccording to journalistic giant “TheWrap,” the incoming Trump administration is having difficulty recruiting celebrities to perform at the inauguration.

Personally, I find this a feature, not a bug.

According to TheWrap, celebrities aren’t jumping at the chance to perform for Trump’s swearing in, or the balls, parade or National Mall concert that typically accompany the signature inaugural event. In the past, celebrities, including Beyonce, have volunteered for the slots, calling an Inaugural performance a “patriotic duty.”

But this year, too many actors, artists and musicians are struggling to come to terms with the Republican President-elect. And it’s making it hard to fill slots for the typically star-studded occasion.

Making things more difficult, some celebrities have called for a boycott of any artist, actor or musician who donates their time to honor Trump.

That door swings both ways, Hollywood. While you overpaid babies cater to half the population, the other half can save our money instead of wasting it on your films, TV shows, and albums.

Fat Girl In A Little Coat

fat-amy-schumerDisgusting, unfunny, morbidly obese “comedienne” Amy Schumer is slated to star in a live-action Barbie movie, because Mattel apparently despises its customers.

Amy Schumer is in early talks to star in Sony’s live-action “Barbie” film, sources tell Variety.

The original idea and screenplay is by Hilary Winston, although it is expected that Schumer and her sister will rewrite.

The story is in the vein of “Splash”, “Enchanted” and “Big.” In it, the main character gets kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough and lands in a real-world adventure.

So it’s another terrible, recycled idea starring a terrible unfunny woman who recycles her own urine.