Anchors Away!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is preparing to ship the illegal immigrants F. Joe Biden foisted upon him out of Florida, and is planning to send them to blue states, like Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is planning on transporting any illegal immigrants sent to Florida by the Biden administration out of the state.

According to Newsmax, a spokesperson for DeSantis’ office stated that the transportation for migrants who entered the US illegally out of Florida was included in the governor’s recent budget recommendations. Additionally, the state Legislature’s proposed budget includes $12 million for the Florida Department of Transportation to remove illegal immigrants from the state and relocate them.

Say what you will about “Florida Man,” their politicians are top-notch.

According to the spokesperson, ”…the legislature delivered on this priority, along with many of the governor’s other priorities to protect Floridians from the harmful impacts of the Biden border crisis.”

DeSantis has proposed sending the migrants to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard. However, the governor’s office said that sending them to ”…other ‘progressive’ states whose governors endorse blatant violations of federal immigration law” is also an option.

DeSantis isn’t the only one doing this. Texas Governor Greg Abbott dropped off its first busload of illegals a few blocks from the Capitol on Tuesday.

Biden Released 600,000 Aliens Into U.S.

The illegitimate president has allowed more than 600,000 illegal immigrants to pass through our southern border without a background check, health check, or quite literally any checks of who they are or where they came from. Six hundred thousand illegals.

Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said on Thursday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow that the Biden administration exempts migrants crossing the southern border from coronavirus testing and vaccine mandates while imposing such decrees on Americans.

Morgan said, “[Joe Biden] said that it’s unpatriotic for you not to get a vaccine. Meanwhile, it’s this president’s policies that have incentivized two million apprehensions during his first eleven and a half months of office. Another number that’s very important: 600,000 got-aways, That’s 600,000 illegal aliens that have broken into our country and invaded, and why? Because 60, 70 percent of our Border Patrol resources are pulled off the front line, pulled off the national security mission to process two million [migrants].”

Remember all those professionals who were fired for not getting the vaccine? Yeah, the “president” allowed 600,000+ illegals into the country without being tested or forced to get the vaccine. In Biden’s America, illegal immigrants have more rights than we do.

Morgan said none of the migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden’s inauguration have been screened as to their vaccination status or tested for COVID-19.

And people are wondering why Covid spiked so quickly? Part of it has to do with these migrants are walking around the country, likely spreading the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

The Republicans Hate You

Thirty-two traitorous Republicans signed off on the illegitimate president’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and while they were screwing GOP voters, they also decided to approve zero dollars for a border wall and/or border security. Zero. Dollars.

A group of 19 Senate Republicans and 13 House Republicans helped Democrats and President Joe Biden pass their $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that includes no federal funding for infrastructure, such as a border wall, to reduce illegal immigration to the United States.

It’s safe to say I’m done with the Republican Party. Unless your last name is Trump or DeSantis, you will never get my vote again.

As Breitbart News reported, the group of House Republicans put Democrats over the line to pass the infrastructure bill after a number of Senate Republicans helped Democrats pass the bill out of the Senate in August.

One of those RINOs is Brian Fitzpatrick, a representative in the Philly suburbs who almost always sides with Democrats. How this jackass continues to be reelected is beyond me.

The bill provides $0 for constructing a border wall to reduce illegal immigration to the U.S., though it does provide $3.4 billion to fund projects at the southern border’s ports of entry — a pet project for moderate Democrats to claim they are helping improve the nation’s security.

I plan on continuing my 2020 promise to vote against every single GOP incumbent. Until these bastards start caring more about their voters than they do for their Democrat friends, they are dead to me.

Biden Will Pay Reparations To Illegals

F Joe Biden, the illegitimate president, is putting the final nail in America’s coffin. This dementia-addled, corrupt POS is planning to pay reparations to immigrants who illegally entered the country, to the tune of $450,000 per person.

Dozens of House Republicans are sending a letter to three of President Biden’s Cabinet secretaries regarding reports that their agencies are in talks to give illegal immigrants separated at the border under the previous administration $450,000 each.

The Republicans are demanding answers from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Awesome, I’m sure these three Democrat hacks will get right back to you.

In the letter, the Republicans outline their “severe concerns” over reports that the agencies are considering paying $450,000 to illegal immigrants separated at the border under the Trump administration.

“Promising tens of thousands of dollars to those who unlawfully entered the United States would not only reward criminal behavior, but it would surely send a message to the world that our borders are open and our rule of law will not be enforced,” the letter also reads.

This policy will further increase inflation, destroy the dollar, and crash the stock market. One would think if F Joe Biden had all this money lying around, he would distribute to American citizens, instead of the refuse who illegally crossed our borders.

There will be no point in voting during the next presidential election, because there will be no America left after this a-hole’s presidency.

Texas Is Getting Things Done

A few months ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated he would build his own border wall to protect the citizens of Texas from illegal immigrants and cartel members crossing into the state. Amazingly, that was not a bluff, and the Texas border wall is continuing.

Texas Army National Guard troops and equipment deployed by Governor Greg Abbott moved in to block a portion of the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas. The troops began arriving on Friday and positioned themselves along a one-mile stretch of the river near the downtown area of the city.

The troops are stationed in Humvee vehicles carefully placed along the riverbank to serve as a deterrent to illegal crossings near the city. Nearly 30 vehicles are parked less than 150 feet from each other facing Mexico. Border Patrol agents in the area tell Breitbart Texas more troops were scheduled to arrive later in the day.

Abbott has been hit and miss during his tenure as governor. Sometimes he’s amazing, other times, he’s awful. I’m sure a lot of this is because he wants to be reelected, but I also think he knows this is the only to save his state from being overrun by illegals.

A short distance away, construction crews are working to build Abbott’s border wall where the guard troops’ blockade ends. For two miles, the Texas border wall will stand 18’ tall and stretch along one of the busiest migrant crossing areas in Eagle Pass. A source involved in the construction tells Breitbart the project is progressing quickly.

Isn’t it astounding how well projects can unfold when the federal government is not mucking up the works? It’s almost as if the federal government is completely useless.

Gird Your Loins!

The Department of Homeland Security, a department which has done nothing as thousands of illegals walk through the southern border, claims America will see close to 400,000 new illegals this month alone.

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security is quietly gearing up for a surge of “350,000 to 400,000” migrants in the month of October, and believes the border could see a huge influx of activity if the Title 42 COVID restriction on asylum lifts on Friday.

Pfft, what’s nearly half a million illegals amongst friends?

Title 42, instituted during the Trump administration, allows the federal government to “expel” immigrants, including asylum seekers, back to their home country without a hearing, over concerns that they could contribute to the spread of COVID-19. The Biden administration has kept Title 42 in force, but that could end as early as Friday, after a federal judge ruled that COVID-19 restrictions put in place in March 2020 were no longer necessary.

If Title 42 lifts, DHS believes it could see hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers at the border, easily surpassing the record-breaking numbers of migrants seen over the summer.

It’s very disturbing that Americans voted for a “president” who literally hates America.

You’ve Made Me Unleash My Dogs Of War

While I think Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is a wishy-washy clown half of the time, when he wants to be a conservative, he almost always delivers the goods. This week, Abbott ordered his Department of Public Safety to move their vehicles to block the Texas border from the Haitian invaders.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has taken “unprecedented” measures to deter thousands of migrants from crossing into the state by parking Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety vehicles along the U.S.-Mexico border near the Del Rio International Bridge.

“We put hundreds of Texas Department of Public Safety cars and created a steel wall — a steel wall of DPS vehicles — that prevented anybody from crossing that dam that you’ve seen people walk across,” Abbott told Fox News Tuesday. “We effectively … regained control of the border.”

This is a rather genius move, if you ask me.

He added in a statement that “one day there were countless people coming across the border, then the DPS put up all these vehicles, and suddenly, in an instant, people stopped crossing the border in this location. That strategy is working.”

The Haitian invasion stopped at Del Rio, but the illegitimate president has been transporting and releasing Haitians in other parts of the country. It’s great when the president hates his own country.

If You Like Your Country, You Can’t Keep It

The illegitimate president has decided to welcome Afghan “refugees” into America after his disastrous actions in Afghanistan. These refugees have not been vetted, and we have no idea who these people are.

Hundreds of Afghans are headed to various states for permanent resettlement, including Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, among others.

Refugee contractors are working to quickly resettle tens of thousands of Afghans that President Joe Biden’s administration is fast-tracking into the U.S.

And in one swift stroke, the illegitimate president is guaranteeing Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas will never elect a Republican president again.

In addition, Afghans are being resettled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press, while New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) has said Afghans will be resettled in his state as well. Busloads of Afghans, according to, have already started arriving in New Jersey. (H/T – Victoria)

For those of you who think these “refugees” have been vetted, reread the last line above. If they’re already settling in New Jersey, there obviously was no vetting involved. The country is collapsing before our eyes, and not one single GOP politician gives a damn.

Ilhan Omar Should Move To Alabama*

There are obviously more important stories to post about, but the story claiming Ilhan Omar married her brother seems to be legitimate. At least, sorta, kinda.

*I have nothing against Alabama, but I needed a state for a brother-marrying joke.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has long been accused of marrying her brother to get around U.S. immigration laws (he should have just walked across the southern border). Now a DNA test, done surreptitiously, shows that there is a 99.999998% chance that Omar and her second husband, Ahmed Elmi, are siblings.

Chances Omar banged her brother? I’d give it an even 85%.

The DNA test was conducted after what the Daily Mail refers to as a “shadowy Republican group” apparently stalked Omar and her alleged husbro long enough to get a cigarette butt smoked by Omar, and a straw used by Elmi, now living in Kenya and spending time in Zanzibar.

The test was posted online by a Republican strategist from Minneapolis, Anton Lazzaro, on Wednesday. Twelve hours later, Lazzaro was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges. Weird timing, right?

The term “shadowy Republican group” is hysterical, even for the over-the-top U.K. Daily Mail. It is, however, interesting the man behind the DNA test was arrested twelve hours after the results were posted. Nothing shadowy there.

Omar’s spokesman, Jeremy Slevin, dismissed the report and threw some ‘tude at Lazzaro. “This is a fraudulent website created by a man charged this week with child sex trafficking and lying to federal investigators to cover it up,” he said.

Omar has been long accused of marrying her brother so that he could get a green card and study in the U.S., which he did, with Omar at North Dakota State University. Omar was married at the time to her first husband. The three adults lived together for a while, with Omar’s two kids.

The good news is Omar finally divorced her brother, and then began shtupping her aide, while funneling money to his shadowy Democratic group. There is no word on whether the aide is also her brother.

America Will Be A Third World Country

The illegitimate president has decided to end critical southern border controls, effectively opening the country to anyone and everyone. I imagine jobs will be much harder to find in a year or two.

President Joe Biden is plotting an end to border controls that experts have said have kept a lid on a wave of unprecedented illegal immigration. The border controls, polls have shown, are overwhelmingly popular with Americans.

Biden administration officials and those familiar with the plans told the Wall Street Journal that the president is planning to end use of the Centers for Disease Control’s Title 42 order for migrant families arriving at the United States-Mexico border while keeping it in place, for the time being, for single adult border crossers.

Interesting, because Fauci is still warning us about the Chinese Wuhan Virus, its Delta variants, and the never-ending wearing of masks. I guess all the illegals had their vaccines. Or something.

Title 42 is a critical border control that has kept nearly 650,000 border crossers out of the U.S., allowing federal immigration officials to quickly return border crossers to their native country for the sake of public health.

Today, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is only using Title 42 in about 64 percent of border crosser cases — a 30 percent drop.

If someone wanted to destroy the United States of America, would that person do anything different than the measures the illegitimate president is currently implementing? We’ll see those 650,000 illegals, criminals, and terrorists inside our borders by Christmas.