Federal Judge Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of jurists who rule on the facts and not by their emotions. One such judge in the Eastern District of Virginia believes the former is more important than the latter.

Judge Anthony Trenga of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia found that Trump was within his legal rights to impose the travel ban and that it was not discriminatory toward Muslims. The injunction had been brought forward by Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, who was represented by an attorney from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Trenga, a George W. Bush appointee, wrote in his opinion that “the President has unqualified authority to bar physical entry to the United States at the border.” He said that the executive order makes no mention of religion and has a “state secular purpose” of protecting U.S. citizens from terrorist attacks.

The primary duty of an American president is to protect the citizens. This travel ban goes a long way toward doing that, and is another protection against European/Britain-style terror attacks.

The Grate White North

Despite Prime Minister Hipster’s warm embrace of immigrants and “refugees,” nearly half of all Canadian citizens believe illegal immigrants should be deported. Gee Canada, when did you become so racist?

Nearly half of Canadians want to deport people who are illegally crossing into Canada from the United States, and a similar number disapprove of how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is handling the influx, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Monday.

A significant minority, four out of 10 respondents, said the border crossers could make Canada “less safe,” underlining the potential political risk for Trudeau’s Liberal government.

The increasing flow of asylum-seekers of African and Middle Eastern origin from the United States in recent months has become a contentious issue in Canada.

Unlike leftist politicians, most people see what has happened to Germany, Sweden, and France and they’re scared witless. They should be. The European Muslim invasion has changed those countries forever, and the same can easily happen here.

The Writing On The Wall


In the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency, illegal immigration is down by almost one-third, according to U.S. Customs.

Illegal immigration across the southwest border plummeted in January, compared to December, as the flow of both illegal immigrant families and children traveling alone dried up, according to numbers released by Customs and Border Protection.

The numbers are still high compared to past years — indeed, it’s the worst January in records dating back to 2012.

But total apprehensions of migrants trying to sneak across the border fell 27 percent on a month-to-month basis, to 31,575. And the number of inadmissible migrants who showed up at the southwest’s ports of entry fell 28 percent, to 10,899.

Fear is a tremendous motivator, and illegals are scared at the prospect of the rule of law returning to the United States of America.

ABW: Always. Be. Winning.

president-elect-trump-laughingThe Trump administration is reportedly rewriting the president’s executive order which bans refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries. The rewrite is being crafted to pass through the liberal courts.

Still regrouping from a federal appeals court’s refusal to reinstate President Trump’s controversial ban of nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries, White House lawyers are working on a rewrite of his executive order that could pass legal muster.

The work began several days before the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals shot down the White House’s bid to lift a temporary restraining order on Trump’s plan to bar nationals from Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen from entering the country for 90 days, a senior administration official told NBC.

Several sources close to President Trump told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that White House lawyers and working on language for the executive order that would be able to find favor with the federal courts.

The sad truth is while Trump’s executive order is perfectly constitutional – visa holders have no constitutional rights – activist judges are doing their level best to block Trump at every turn, because politics.

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Master Yates

Acting AG Sally YatesMeet acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Yates was appointed by the worst president in American history, and is biding her time before Jeff Sessions is confirmed.

During her one minute of fame, Yates has ordered the already lawless DoJ to put up no defense of President Trump’s immigration ban. Because, reasons.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a hold over from the Obama administration, has ordered the DOJ not to offer any defense of Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Yates does not claim that she cannot defend the executive order because it is unconstitutional or because the Justice Department would be unable to offer good-faith arguments in defense of its legality. To the contrary, Yates claims she is ordering the Justice Department not to defend the executive order because it is not “wise or just.” I am not aware of any instance in which the Justice Department has refused to defend a presumptively lawful executive action on this basis.

Do not make the assumption these leftist hacks will discontinue their activism simply because Obama has left office. If anything, these people will become more strident and continue to disregard their oath to defend the constitution.

Oh, and President Trump fired this broad last night. I guess the only decisions she’ll be making from now on will concern dinner.

Pop Go The Leftists


President Donald Trump announced the construction of a southern border wall would begin in months, and the planning for the barrier will begin at once.

In his first one-on-one television interview since being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, President Donald Trump told ABC News anchor David Muir that Mexico would be paying for the proposed border wall and that negotiations between the two nations would begin “relatively soon.”

When asked about the start of construction, Trump said it would happen in “months.”

“As soon as we can, as soon as we can physically do it,” he said. “I would say in months, yeah. I would say in months — certainly planning is starting immediately.”

In the hours after the ABC News interview took place, Trump issued two executive orders, one of which is about the commission of the border wall. The order calls for the secretary of homeland security to “take all appropriate steps to immediately plan, design, and construct a physical wall along the southern border.”

So let’s recap: the president announced the plans for the wall, infuriated the media, and made millions of leftists’ heads explode in one simple interview? #Winning.

My immediate reaction to the news is below the fold.

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Eddie Munster Betrays Conservatism Again

Biden And Ryan Yukking It UpIncompetent RINO squish Paul Ryan is working on a plan to keep illegal immigrants in this country, effectively continuing the policies set by Barack Obama. Really Wisconsin, can you do no better than this piece of garbage?

Congressional Republicans are working with the Trump transition team on a solution for immigrants brought illegally to this country as kids, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday.

Hundreds of thousands of these immigrants gained temporary protections and work permits from President Obama. While campaigning for president, Donald Trump promised to undo those protections, putting the immigrants at risk of deportation, although he said he hoped to “work something out” to help them.

Jake Tapper pointed out that Mr. Trump, during the campaign, promised a “deportation force” to round up the more than 11 million immigrants in the country illegally. Ryan dismissed that idea.

“I’m here to tell you in Congress, it’s not happening.”

So it begins. As usual, the Republican president’s biggest adversary will not be the Democrats; it will be the members of his own (stupid) party.

Are You A Mexican Or A Mexicant?

Illegal Immigrants Crossing The BorderThe Mexican ambassador is suggesting Mexicans living in the U.S. to apply for U.S. citizenship now, while President Obama is still in office.

Ambassador Carlos Sada Solana told Mexican state news agency Notimex Tuesday that applying for citizenship could be an important defense against deportation and other actions if Trump changes U.S. immigration policies.

“It’s one of the very important protection actions to become citizens, because then they’re no longer subject to deportation processes and on the other hand, they don’t lose Mexican citizenship,” he told Notimex.

If Mexican politicians spent half as much time fixing their garbage country as they do shipping their citizens here, no one would ever want to leave.

Another Brick In The Wall

trump-family-interviewed-on-60-minutesPresident-elect Donald Trump – I love writing that – appeared on 60 Minutes last night and doubled down on his promise to build a wall along our southern border. Trump also announced his administration will deport every illegal with a criminal record. Sploosh!

President-elect Donald Trump has said he plans to deport two to three million undocumented immigrants with criminal records from the country immediately – and has insisted that he will build his wall.

In his first extensive interview since he won the White House, Trump is reassuring his supporters that he will deport or incarcerate up to three million ‘gang members’ and ‘drug dealers.’

‘What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate,’ Trump said. ‘But we’re getting them out of our country, they’re here illegally.’

Of course, Paul Ryan Eddie Munster had to chime in with his worthless two cents:

‘Our focus is securing the border. We are not planning on erecting a deportation force. Donald Trump is not planning on that,’ he said.

Yeah Dick Trickle, he most certainly is planning that. You may either get on board or slither your way back to Cheese Country.

The Yap Of Luxury

tony-yapias-alleged-rapistMeet Tony Yapias.

Tony is a liberal immigration activist who specializes in changing the demographics of America and demonizing those who disagree with him. Yapias combats the assertion some Mexican illegal immigrants have a penchant for rape.

It would seem irony is a harsh mistress.

You might remember a Hispanic political activist named Tony Yapias, who was extremely critical of Donald Trump’s assertion that some illegal Mexican aliens were rapists. Tony Yapias is the director of ‘Proyecto Latino de Utah’. Mr. Yapias also coordinated numerous protest events against Donald Trump including a rather violent display in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This week Tony Yapias has been arrested for rape. However, not only was Yapias arrested for rape – his victim was, …wait for it…, yep, an illegal alien.

“The victim again made it clear she was not interested in continuing a relationship and did not want to engage in sex,” documents state. “The defendant forced the issue and had sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent.” (H/T – Kevin)

Wow, why would such a handsome devil have to resort to raping a woman?

Normally I would thank Vishnu that we would never have to see or hear this jagoff ever again. Unfortunately, Yapias is a liberal activist, and even if he is convicted, he will still be given a platform to spew his vitriol to law-abiding Americans.

After all, being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.