Make SW America Great Again

This weekend, President Trump ended the government’s “catch and release” illegal immigration policy. Now illegals will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Friday ordering the end of a policy, known as “catch and release,” in which illegal immigrants are released from detention while awaiting a court hearing on their status.

As part of the memo, Trump asked Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to produce a list of military facilities that could be used to detain illegal immigrants.

So if I’m reading this correctly, the President of the United States has decided to uphold existing laws and enforce them? Wow, what a concept!


Make A Gun For The Border

President Trump is considering sending the U.S. military to protect the southern border; a move which is guaranteed to please most citizens and enrage the leftists.

The President’s comments appear to take aim at current US policy which requires border agents to catch then release family units who arrive at the border from noncontiguous countries. He also said he had spoken with Secretary of Defense James Mattis about the use of the military to guard the border.

In recent days, Trump has repeatedly tweeted about a caravan of illegal immigrants making their way from Honduras to the US border via Mexico. The President had threatened to end the NAFTA agreement if the Mexican government did not stop the caravan and to end U.S. aid to Honduras.

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea. Mexico and Central America has been giving us the immigration finger for far too long. It’s time to stop this madness, and since the GOP refuses to give the president his wall, Trump should use his power to station the military there.


In a move likely to see applause from Americans who value the rule of law, the Trump DoJ will sue the state of California for its failure to enforce federal immigration law. Vishnu be praised!

The Trump Justice Department filed a lawsuit Tuesday night against California, saying three recently-passed state laws were deliberately interfering with federal immigration policies.

It marked the latest legal confrontation with the nation’s most populous state, which the federal government says has repeatedly stood in the way of its plans to step up enforcement actions in the workplace and against criminal aliens.

“The Department of Justice and the Trump Administration are going to fight these unjust, unfair, and unconstitutional policies,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions was expected to tell California law enforcement officers on Wednesday. “We are fighting to make your jobs safer and to help you reduce crime in America.”

Naturally, uber-corrupt pothead governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown threw a tantrum over the suit, which convinced me it was the with way to go. California has continually gone to the courts when they don’t get their way; now they can feel what it’s like on the other end.

McCain To Derail Border Wall Funding

Borderline traitorous Republican Senator John McCain and verified moonbat Democrat Chris Coons are pairing up to sabotage the president’s funding of a border wall.

Congress is expected this week to pass yet another short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, prompting a bipartisan pair of senators to introduce a narrow bill on immigration aimed at ending the impasse that has hindered a two-year budget deal.

The government’s current funding expires at 12:01 a.m. Friday. Immigration has become entangled in the spending negotiations since President Donald Trump last year ended an Obama-era program that protects young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, known as Dreamers.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R., Ariz.) and Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) plan to unveil a proposal that offers a path to citizenship for Dreamers and orders a comprehensive study to determine what border-security measures are needed. But the bill stops well short of almost all of the president’s demands—including immediate funding for the wall along the southern border—and is likely to meet a chilly reception from conservative Republicans.

Mark Levin makes a big deal of this because it is a big deal. There is a difference between DACA people and “Dreamers.” DACA is a few hundred thousand, while the “Dreamers” number in the millions. Dickholes like McCain fool people into thinking they are all the same, but tell them, “No, it’s only a few hundred thousand.” It’s a Ponzi scheme, and far too many people fall for it.

The bottom line is this border wall is never getting funded, and the blame will lie (as always) with Republicans.

Dream A Little Dream

Voluptuous Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is feeling the wrath of the filthy hippies for a change. Supporters of “Dreamers,” felons who demand American citizenship and Democrat voter registration, are marching on Chucky’s house after his epic cave during the government shutdown.

Illegal immigrants are biting the only hand willing to feed them.

Months after crashing a Nancy Pelosi press conference and causing her to lash out, DACA defenders converged on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s New York City home and protested what they believe is his lack of intestinal fortitude for their cause.

“If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!” they chanted, drumming on five-gallon buckets.

Too little sleep is not good for you, Chuck; I hear it causes swelling in the breast area.

Dream On, Democrats

The Democrats have officially confirmed what most of us already knew: illegal immigrants are their key to future electoral success.

The Center For American Progress (CAP) Action Fund circulated a memo on Monday calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age — so-called “Dreamers” — a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

The memo, co-authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, was sent around to allies calling on Democrats to “refuse to offer any votes for Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix for Dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them.”

CAP Action’s memo says protecting DACA is not only a “moral imperative” for Democrats, it also key to getting votes.

Of course it is, because the Democrats are the party for free shit. Immigrants who came here, worked hard, and followed the process usually have contempt for illegals; as I do.

Von Ryan’s Immigrant Express

President Trump has given congress four months to get their act together with respect to immigration reform. Naturally, Democrats and RINOs alike want us legal residents to think about the children.

Lawmakers headed into the long Thanksgiving recess are in stark disagreement over how, and when, to provide legal cover for undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children — legislation both parties say they want after President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in September.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has repeatedly noted that Trump, in dismantling the Obama-era program, gave Congress until March 5 to come up with a legislative fix. With that in mind, the Speaker has suggested Republicans would be fine addressing the issue early next year.

“I don’t think we should put artificial deadlines in front of the one we already have,” Ryan told reporters this month.

Is it possible for this squishy douche canoe to open his mouth without taking a veiled shot at the president? Really Wisconsin, can you do no better than this clown? Hey Paul, maybe if your coworkers could keep their penises in their pants for five minutes, you’d have time to draft meaningful legislation.

Wall Street

Despite the depressing posts seen here this week, there are a few heartwarming stories out there. Take this one, for example, which announces the beginning of the border wall construction.

The federal government said Tuesday that contractors began building eight prototypes of President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, hitting a milestone toward a key campaign pledge.

Construction in San Diego began three months behind schedule after those who didn’t win contracts protested. The building process will last about 30 days, Customs and Border Protection said.

The agency may pick several winners, or none. It said in a news release that the prototypes ‘will inform future design standards which will likely continue to evolve to meet the U.S. Border Patrol’s requirements.’ The details of the design remain unclear. Each prototype will be up to 30 feet high and 30 feet long.

I sent an email to the White House suggesting machine gun nests every ten yards, but they have yet to respond.

A New Sheriff In Town

Amidst all the chaos of this past weekend, President Trump found time to escape the Nazi catcalls to suggest a pardon for someone I feel was railroaded by an activist judge.

President Trump may soon issue a pardon for Joe Arpaio, the colorful former Arizona sheriff who was found guilty two weeks ago of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected undocumented immigrants.

Trump said the pardon could happen in the next few days, should he decide to do so.

Arpaio, 85, was convicted by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of misdemeanor contempt of court for willfully disregarding an Arizona judge’s order in 2011 to stop the anti-immigrant traffic patrols. Arpaio had maintained the law enforcement patrols for 17 months thereafter.

So this judge not only decides to ignore the immigration laws, but also demands a border sheriff to do the same? To be brutally honest, I doubt I would follow that order, either. Activist judges are granted entirely too much power, and congress needs to start reining these people in; the sooner, the better.

For what it’s worth, I realize many people see Arpaio as an arrogant blowhard, but I would fully support a pardon for the man.

Another Klick In The Wall

Credit: Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, Penna Group

Despite all the doom and gloom the mainstream media is foisting upon us, there was some good news announced this week, and you don’t need to press two for English.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday it would waive environmental and related laws in order to expedite building security-related barriers and roads along the nation’s border with Mexico near San Diego.

The projects would focus on about 15 miles (24 km) of the frontier extending eastward from the Pacific Ocean as part of President Donald Trump’s planned wall between the United States and Mexico, the DHS said in a statement. It said the area is one of the busiest U.S. border sections.

“The sector remains an area of high illegal entry for which there is an immediate need to improve current infrastructure and construct additional border barriers and roads,” the DHS said.

The department will oversee the installation of extra barriers, roads, lights, cameras and sensors on the border under the authority of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996.

As far as I’m concerned, the builders can club baby seals and run over polar bears to make this happen. Environment be damned!