Julia’s Art

So I rarely make a big deal about my birthday – not always, but often – because I’m antisocial and don’t like people; especially when they make a fuss. I did, however, want to publicly thank Princess P for her birthday gift Wednesday.

She took a few days to draw me a portrait of Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat video games, and handed it to me when I got home from work. I think it’s pretty impressive, although she conceded his left leg was a little too skinny. Not that it was a big deal.

Thanks Princess P! As always, your art brings a smile to my face.

Kickass Update: Julia’s Krav Maga sensei was asking for the students to send in some artwork. Julia sent this, and the sensei replied he knows the actor who played Scorpion in the film. The actor replied, “Julia, I really like the drawing you did. Please tell your dad Scorpion said: Happy Birthday and have a flawless victory during your special day.”

One Color Only, Please

Princess P had given up video games for Lent, and with the idiotic shelter-in-place order our leftist governor and mayor implemented, the girl was eager for something to keep her occupied. After watching one of her favorite YouTube artists, she decided one of his ideas was interesting: creating an art piece by using only one color.

You’ll be shocked to learn she picked pink.

Princess P chose to paint herself and a pixie who resembled her. Despite the overabundance of pink, I think it came out really well.

There’s more below the fold…

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The Artful Dodger

As the Wuhan Virus quarantines continue unabated, most Americans are starting to go stir crazy. This is especially true for my kids, who are, for the most part, active, outdoor types.

After she finishes her online homework, Princess P has been spending parts of every day chalking art on the driveway and sidewalk. She spends more time outside than the rest of my kids, especially on nice days. She’ll ride her bike, go on the trampoline, or pick flowers – which she did Thursday.

Friday was a gorgeous day, so Julia decided to try to make some money… by selling her art… on our quiet street… during a shelter in place order.

Sadly, she received no walk-up traffic, despite trying to sell her art for fifty cents apiece. But hey, if nothing else, at least she’s embracing capitalism.

A Happy Homecoming

Our 12-hour shifts start today for the coronavirus scare, but I wanted to put out a few things I may have missed this weekend. First, the kids are already going stir crazy, so they’re doing their best to entertain themselves. For example, Julia chalked a self-portrait in the driveway. I think it came our pretty nice.

Second, my Planet Fitness is officially closed, and since I gained a few pounds on the Texas road trip, I wanted to do something physical. Yesterday I took a three-mile jog in 44 degree weather – that’s not too cold for Philly – and made it all the way through without stopping. I haven’t jogged for a few months because of the weather, but I guess the gym is keeping me in okay shape. I averages 12-minute miles, which is kinda awful, but I assume the times will get better.

Finally, Princess P chalked out a really nice welcome home banner for me and Kyle’s arrival. You can see it below, and click on the pic to make it a little larger.

She’s a good egg.

Beep, Beep, I’m A Jeep

It’s been a while since Julia created some art, but she spent the better part of the week drawing an alien and creating something different for me. The alien is above, obviously, and I think it’s one of her best works. The body is realistic the colors are not too bright, and the overall style is pleasing. The right part of the cave is darker as it’s supposed to be a tunnel. In short, I think it’s great.

The next project took a little more time. You can see it below the fold…

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Ya Gotta Have Art

It’s been a while since I posted any of the kids’ artwork, primarily because they’ve been so busy with dance, karate, and school.

Thankfully, Julia did an art challenge last week where she had to draw the same picture three times.

Each picture had a time limit: ten minutes, one minute, and ten seconds. Julia went with her go-to self-portrait, and I think it came out pretty good, considering the time constraints.

Kevin has been creating some art as well, but he’s not satisfied enough to have me post it yet.

Pixie Stix

I had the pleasure of spending the last few days home sick with Princess P. She caught this flu-like monstrosity first, and she spent Monday and Tuesday home with Dad. The Princess spent most of the day lying – or passed out – on the couch while watching YouTube. She considering creating some new art, but her fever wasn’t cooperating.

Thankfully, she finished a creation a month or so ago that I had not posted before. This is her Pixie Fairy. No paint, just crayon. Enjoy.

Ocean Sunset

Julia finished her second painting – with the help of her spirit guide Bob Ross – the other day. It’s an ocean sunset scene, and she painted along with Bob courtesy of YouTube.

Full disclosure, she didn’t like how the piece turned out, and said her mountainscape was better. Personally I think this one was a little too difficult for her, but I thought she did just fine.

She initialed her work in the bottom right corner.

OH: This will likely be it for the day. The good news is I’m down to 180 pounds! The bad news is I’ve lost six pounds in three days. This morning I had to wake up at 4am to get Kyle to the airport, and I can probably count the amount of hours I’ve slept since Saturday on two hands. Hopefully I’ll be somewhat normal tomorrow.

The Joy Of Painting

Among the many gifts Santa brought to Princess P this year was an entire painting set. New Paints, a ton of brushes, scrapers, an easel, and a palette.

Her gift to Kyle was a dragon made out of clay, and she is still drawing, so the paint was the logical next step.

Julia watches many artists on YouTube and I got her into Bob Ross. On Saturday, she set up her easel, and painted a replica of one of Ross’ Joy of Painting creations.

We checked on her periodically, and at first she said she wasn’t very good. She dripped some white into her mountain, and smeared a few parts she didn’t mean to smear. I tried to tell her to take her time and relax. It was her first official painting, so she should expect it to be average, at best.

Apparently, I was mistaken.

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Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, and in typical Philadelphia fashion, there’s an 80% chance of rain. Halloween was awesome early on, when all four of the kids could go out together and roam the streets in search of sugar. Now with Kyle in Dallas and Erik too old to go, it’s just Julia and Kevin left.

Time passes way too fast.

That said, Julia and Kevin are milking the season for all its worth. They did a Halloween trick or treat at our old high school, and they landed a nice haul. And a few days before that, they held a Halloween party at their martial arts class. I assume you said, “Trick or Treat,” Sensei punched you in the face, and you could grab some KitKats.

For the occasion, Julia decided to make a Halloween banner (above). I’m assuming the girl on the left is Julia and the boy on the right is Kevin. The guy in the center? No clue, but I thought it would be a nice picture to post.

I’ll post a photo of them in their costumes later this evening. Naturally, I’m working tonight, because reasons.

UPDATE: They’re ready to Trick Or Treat!