Kevin’s Christmas Art

It’s been a while since I posted some of Kevin’s art, and I was reminded of this because Kevin did this a few years ago.

Every year we would tape the Santa on the wall by the stairway, especially when it came to the holiday season. This year, Mrs. Earp decided it would be better if we got a nice frame for the sketch so nothing happens to it.

So, Mrs. Earp bought a frame, painted it red, and will give the art a new home. Kevin is excited about it, because he just created this on the fly. Personally I think it came out very well, and it’s become a staple of our Christmas decorations.

You can see the larger version by clicking the picture.

This Is A Test

I don’t think it’s a stretch to claim my youngest son is a bizarre little boy; and I write that with the upmost respect.

While Julia is painting The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Kevin is creating wild photo journals about his characters getting away with tax fraud, or derailing passenger trains. The boy is literally a twenty-year old in a twelve year old’s body.

This weekend. Kevin was sitting at the computer and was tooling around on the internet. At some point, he opened up Microsoft Word, and started composing what he termed his “Common Core Test: Standard Sixth Grade Math.”

Suffice to say, this was not your normal, everyday test; it was a peculiar test, and fairly classic Kevin.

You can see the test under the fold. Make sure you read all the questions to earn course credit.

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Who Doesn’t Like Chicken Strips?

As I mentioned the other day, Kevin was also dabbling in his drawings, and when I asked him to give me something for the blog, he did not disappoint. The art below is the Chicken Strip Cartoon, which Kevin made on Tuesday. Since his printing can sometimes be a bit messy, I’ll transcribe the dialogue below the cartoon.

(You can click the picture to make it larger.)

“Ever seen a chicken strip?”

“Or the other ones on those poles? They’re hot!”

“I’ve even seen her breasts.”
“Stop with the dirty jokes!”

“I’m talking about the deli.”

Okay, I laughed when I read it, but he is such a strange little boy.

Gobble, Gobble, Hey!

So Kevin made a Thanksgiving card for me and Mrs. Earp before the break, and as always, the artwork was peak Kevin. Instead of turkeys, Pilgrims, and corn – or maize – he decided to show how thankful he was, by posting a self-portrait.

Click the photo above if it’s difficult to read, then check below the fold for the ending…

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Getting Paid By The Word

So every so often, one of Kevin’s teachers asks the class to compose a story with all the week’s vocabulary words. They’ll write them down a few times, and then incorporate them into a little story, jamming as many words they can into a few sentences.

The stories rarely make sense, because the kids usually rush through it.

Wednesday afternoon, Kevin was in Kyle’s room – it’s his new hangout since Kyle went to college – doing his homework, and I noticed he was in there for a while. It was definitely longer than usual for someone who has no problem with homework assignments. I didn’t check on him, because if he was having trouble, he almost always comes to us for help.

So I’m sitting in the basement watching TV when he comes downstairs with a page of loose-leaf paper. He places it down before me, sighs, and says, “There. It took me an hour and a half, but it’s done.”

I have no idea what he’s talking about, and he tells me he created a story with all the spelling words included. It was not a short, rush-rush job; the boy went to town. The paper is below the fold…

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Kevin’s Art Goes Off The Rails

Much like Kevin’s masterpiece explaining “How to Commit Tax Fraud” – a compilation of drawings which numbered in the high teens – Kevin’s latest work is “How to Drive a Train.” It’s both hilarious and bizarre, like most of Kevin’s works. This work only has six photos, so we’re not breaking the blog with it. Enjoy.

(Oh you can click the pictures to embiggen.)

There are more pictures below the fold… if you dare…

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Kevin’s Art

Every evening before bed – when I’m not working – I read to Kevin and Julia in my bedroom. Each of them bring up a book and I’ll read all or parts of them.

Sometimes they bring up actual books, but other times they bring up their journals – basically the artwork they’ve been working on the past few days.

Above and below are excerpts from Kevin’s Journal.

The top is his new title page, which always features a caricature of him, usually with a weird look on his face.

There are more below the fold…

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Kevin’s Art

After my youngest son completed his school cookie recipe assignment, a few of you asked if I could post some of Kevin’s art. Kevin agreed, and here are a few artwork cutouts from South Park from last month.

Kevin completed (left to right) Kyle, Kenny, and Stan. He has not yet completed Eric Cartman, but I’m sure that’s on the way. I apologize for the background; that’s our ironing board, because the table was covered in laundry I need to fold.

On a side note, my coworkers at the time insisted I name Kevin Stan or Kenny, so I could have three of the four South Park kids.