Seattle Public Schools: Math Is Racist

A committee from the Seattle Public School System has decided math is now not only racist, but also a tool for oppression. So wait, does that mean their Common Core pet project can be jettisoned now?

The Seattle Public Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) released a rough draft of notes for its Math Ethnic Studies framework in late September, which attempts to connects math to a history of oppression.

The framework is broken into four different themes: “Origins, Identity, and Agency,” “Power and Oppression,” “History of Resistance and Liberation,” and “Reflection and Action.”

The committee suggests that math is subjective and racist, saying under one section, “Who gets to say if an answer is right,” and under another, “how is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?”

The good news is since most public school teachers are little more than servants to their union overlords, not one educator will stand up to this buffoonery. Why make a scene when you’re hauling in those sweet, sweet taxpayer-funded paychecks, amirite?


That’s A Man, Baby!

Former presidential candidate, whiskey aficionado, and fashion icon Hillary Clinton claimed she is “not sure” if a biological man can become a woman.

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee appeared to dissent from current Democratic presidential candidates’ views on gender identity in an interview published Sunday in the London Times.

In the interview, the author asked her if a man with a beard or a penis could become a woman and she responded that she was not sure.

Well, that comment official ends Hillary’s political career.

“I’m just learning about this,” Clinton said. “It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw. It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently.”

Interesting, because after Rosa DeLauro, I would have thought Hillary Clinton was the first transgender politician. I mean, she sure seems fond of her “longtime companion” Huma Abedin.

Fly The Extremist Skies

Members of Extinction Rebellion – morons who believe the Earth will be dead in twelve years – spent their day protesting London City Airport and delaying flights. This is why Bobbies need to be armed.

A Paralympic medalist climbed on top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport as part of ongoing protests by Extinction Rebellion.

James Brown, who is visually impaired, filmed himself clinging to the fuselage as he streamed a live message online. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick described the action as “reckless, stupid and dangerous”. About 50 arrests were made at the airport.

The pilot could have started the engines, taxied a few feet and slammed on the brakes. Problem. Fucking. Solved! By the way, the real James Brown would be doing splits on the airplane yelling, “HEY!”

Another man refused to sit in his seat, delaying a flight by nearly two hours.

There’s a photo of this guy at the link. He looks about 60 years old, and very wiry. I swear to Vishnu his fate would be much less pleasant if he did that on my plane. Accosted, brutally beaten, then cuffed and paraded through the terminal. Jagoff.

Jacob Frey, The Pride Of Minneapolis

The leftist, Trump-hating mayor of Minneapolis released an order this week stating the city’s police officers could not attend today’s President Trump rally in uniform.

Minneapolis police officers pushed back after Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey implemented a new policy banning police officers from wearing their uniforms to political events. Their specially-designed red “Cops for Trump” t-shirts were selling out as fast as they could print them.

According to Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, the new policy was implemented just after Frey learned that President Donald Trump was planning to hold a rally in his city.

Good for the officers! I’d like to believe this douche would not be reelected, but it’s Minneapolis, the garbage town who voted in the rabidly anti-Semitic, brother-marrying Ilhan Omar.

Frey had responded to the Trump team’s planned rally with a statement, saying, “Under ordinary circumstances, it would be an honor to welcome a sitting President of the United States to Minneapolis and to showcase all our city has to offer on the national stage. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances. Since taking office President Trump’s actions have been reprehensible and his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities.”

Yeah, Trump’s a monster, what with the booming economy and low unemployment. I’m sure no one in Minneapolis is benefiting from his policies, right Jake? Just stay in your safe space until the bad orange man is finished speaking.

Dick’s Hired A Bunch Of Dicks

Ed Stack, the CEO of the Dick’s Sporting Goods chain purposely destroyed $5 million worth of firearms and firearms accessories so they could stay “woke” for their leftist customers.

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack admitted over the weekend that his push to remove guns from circulation led him to turn $5 million in his own inventory to scrap metal.

Stack explained during a Sunday interview on CBS that once he made the decision to pull firearms from his own shelves, he realized that he didn’t feel right about them being in circulation at all. “I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them,’” he explained.

You know what else you destroyed? Half your customer base. I shopped there often, and I will never go back. Ever. But hey, at least all the leftists gave you a ton of likes on Twitter; as if that means anything.

“All we were going to do was just take it off the shelf and not say anything,” adding that the backlash was a bit harsher than he had initially expected. “All this about, you know, how we were anti-Second Amendment, you know, ‘we don’t believe in the Constitution,’ and none of that could be further from the truth. We just didn’t want to sell the assault-style weapons that could inflict that kind of damage.”

In the reality outside Stack’s could cuckoo mind, most people believe yes, Dick’s is anti-Second Amendment, and yes, they do not respect the Constitution. They certainly aren’t familiar with the Second Amendment, since most clear thinkers know there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.”

Come to think of it, that last line is not entirely true. If you strike someone with a bat, it technically becomes an “assault weapon;” just like a knife, fists, and spit could also be an “assault weapon.” Quick, let’s ban assault spit!

Why Ohio Sucks, Part One

Dear Ohio readers, notice I said “Why Ohio Sucks” and not “Why Ohioans Suck.” Ohio “Republican” Governor Mike DeWine appears to be caving to the AOC Wing of the Democrat Party by introducing a “red flag” law for the state’s gun onwers.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will officially release the legislative language for several gun control proposals on Monday, including a “red flag” law as well as expanding the background check requirements for firearms transfers in Ohio, but it remains to be seen if any of the governor’s proposals can muster the support they need to pass out of the legislature. The Republican-dominated House and Senate are not rubber stamps for any of the governor’s proposals, and in fact lawmakers have already introduced several alternatives to DeWine’s legislation.

I eagerly await “totes conservative” Ohio native Hugh Hewitt’s defense of DeWine for this common sense measures. I’m sure the red flag laws will stop thousands of homicides – especially in Cleveland – and will never ever be abused to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding gun owners.

Seriously Ohio, can you do no better than this?

Schiff Is Really Shifty

Disgusting California Representative Adam Schiff apparently lied about not knowing the contents of the latest “whistleblower” complaint. According to the “paper of record,” however, the leaker sent the complaint to Schiff first, and allegedly had Schiff go through the wording of the documents.

Yep, this impeachment investigation is all above board.

In the days leading up to last week’s release of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff implied that he was unaware of the substance of the allegations in the document, which centered on Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president. But a report from The New York Times on Wednesday raises news questions about Schiff’s claims.

According to the newspaper, Schiff had a general idea of the substance of the complaint by the time it was filed on Aug. 12. That’s because the would-be whistleblower approached a Schiff aide on the House Intelligence Committee. In turn, the aide directed the individual to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (IC IG), and briefed Schiff on the subject of the complaint.

But Schiff played coy for weeks when discussing the mysterious complaint. During his many interviews about the allegations against Trump, he did not reveal that his office had been in contact with the whistleblower or that he had any awareness of the person’s allegations.

That’s the New York Times claiming this; not exactly a bastion of conservatism. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest Adam Schiff is the most corrupt politician in America. Dare I say he is more corrupt than Hillary Clinton. Sadly, this POS will get away with his corruption, ethics violations, and all-around douchebaggery, because he’s protected by the media.

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President

The most corrupt politician in American history appeared on CBS yesterday to remind everyone that Orange. Man. Bad. During the softball interview, Hillary actually claimed President Trump was “obsessed” with her. No projection there.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday on CBS that she supported the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and that she won’t accept four more years with him in office.

Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton spoke about their newest book, “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience” on “CBS Sunday Morning” with Jane Pauley. The interview touched on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat in the presidential election and the House of Representative’s recent decision to launch an official impeachment inquiry into the president.

“There should be an impeachment inquiry opened,” Hillary Clinton said Sunday. “And I don’t care who you’re for in the Democratic primary or whether you’re a Republican. I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president,” Clinton said. “The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”

The woman who was never charged with deleting tens of thousands of government emails, running a home-brewed internet server in her bathroom, and leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi claims no one is above the law? The balls on this woman!

I mean, it’s great to see Hillary riding that impeachment train – never saw that coming – but how and why is she still relevant in 2019? The woman ran a terrible presidential campaign, got stomped by a political novice, and hasn’t stopped crying about it since. How many times can Americans hear the exact same woe-is-me story from this bint?

Oh, and by the way Hillary, Russian collusion had no bearing on your epic, monumental loss. It had to do with your lack of likability, and the fact you ignored states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Plus, you’re a terrible person. And that’s ME saying that!

Vermont Leftist Wants Cops’ Guns

A Burlington, VT city council member has floated the idea of disarming the city’s police officers, an idea she proposed in August, the same week six Philadelphia police officers were shot.

A Burlington City Councilor is mulling over whether police officers in the Queen City should be disarmed.

“How much is the lethal force — is it really causing at the end of the day, more harm than benefit?,” said Perri Freeman, a progressive representing the Central District.

She brought up the idea at a recent council meeting, saying communities should be thinking about new ways of policing in the United States. Freeman spent time in Iceland, where police are often unarmed.

Iceland? ICELAND??? You’re comparing America to a country with a zero murder rate?

What the hell does this twat know about policing? Freeman is a “community organizer” who never worked a day in her life, but she thinks she knows what’s best for her police department? This woman is the poster child for government ineptitude.

Freeman argues there are times when police do need weapons, citing the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, but added that “the day in and day out of police work is not engaging with that.”

Actually, in most big cities, we are engaging with that. Armed robberies, shootings, rapes, etc., are all violent crimes which can often be stopped by the threat of a gun. Philadelphia averages 14,943 violent crimes annually, whereas Burlington has 140 annually.

It’s a smaller number, but 140 violent crimes are 140 too many.

Allow me to just say that Freeman is a complete and total idiot.

No, the day-in, day-out of policing doesn’t require a firearm. However, the thing about police work is that you never know when the job will require it. (H/T – Al B.)

It’s okay because if, God forbid, some mass shooter takes out a bunch of people in Burlington, it won’t be Freeman’s fault. Like most leftist politicians, she’ll blame the police for not stopping the massacre by asking the shooter to “Pretty please put the gun down.” Fucking imbecile.

Buttigieg: College Football Is Problematic

Pete Buttigieg, the gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana and soon-to-be-failed presidential candidate, was talking football with some fake news reporter and determined being a college football fan was “morally problematic.”

“First, you need to look at what we owe students. Obviously the model says you get an education in exchange for contributing this way, plus the sport is supposed to be its own reward, but I don’t think that that’s really fair anymore,” Buttigieg told Jacobs.

But the South Bend, Indiana, mayor sees it as a bit of a moral dilemma — he’s a big fan of his town’s school, which is famous for its football team: Notre Dame. “I think about it from a perspective of a city that relies on college football in the same way that Bahrain relies on fossil fuel,” he explained.

Buttigieg concluded by conceding, “It’s problematic and I don’t have a solution for it.”

I’m pretty sure there’s an easy solution, Pete. Just renounce your football fandom, and tell your jackass citizens they should stop watching Notre Dame football. Problematic problem solved!