Sheepless In Seattle

Seattle is now as awful a place to shop as it is to live.

On January 1, Seattle had several new progressive laws go into effect. Along with mandatory paid sick leave, mandates for employers to post work schedules 14 days in advance, and severe restrictions on short-term rental platforms, Seattle imposed a massive new soda tax — 1.75 cents per OUNCE on sugary drinks.

Costco, famous for selling products in bulk quantities, faces especially stiff price increases. On the previously mentioned pallet of 35 bottles of Gatorade, a list price of $15.99 is taxed $10.34, with a total cost of $26.33.

Signs all over the Seattle stores list the tax separately, and then have another sign offering solutions to the consumer: This item is also available at our Tukwila and Shoreline locations without City of Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax.

Leftists never met a tax they didn’t like. This tax is actually worse than Philadelphia’s obnoxious beverage fines, but good on Costco for advising their customers to shop outside the city limits.


The Antisocial Aspect Of Social Media

Social media is not only a cancer eating away at our culture, it is also a rigged game. If you’re a conservative, Twitter, Facebook, and Google want you all to go away.

Before the election season got into full swing, Facebook had already made some mild downgrades to reach. Afterwards, when liberal mainstream media outlets were screaming about Russian ad buys and “fake news,” Facebook systematically reduced the reach of all its pages with each algorithm change. By then, most of us understood where it was going long-term. If Facebook killed every conservative page overnight, there would be a huge outcry. On the other hand, if Facebook slowly strangled us to death, we’d fade away and would people even notice?

That gets to the heart of the biggest problem conservatives don’t realize they have.

Social media IS the new public square. It’s the place you go when you want to reach out and find an audience. …….Except Facebook has for all intents and purposes announced that it’s killing off pages. So much for having a conservative voice there.

The only reason I’m on Facebook was for my book page, and the only reason I’m on Twitter is to promote the blog. Ironically, neither platform drives traffic to either the book or the blog.

As James O’Keefe just revealed in his latest sting, Twitter felt comfortable banning pro-Trump accounts and one of his unwitting sources said, “Yeah you look for Trump, or America, and you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck. Then you look and parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then you look for stuff that matches that stuff.”

It’s good to know that if you’re conservative, you can spend years building up an audience on Twitter and the liberals at Twitter can arbitrarily throw you off their service because they decide they don’t like your views.

It won’t be long before WordPress starts doing the same. My blogs have been suspended before for wrongthink, and I can absolutely see them graduating to banning certain sites altogether.

Who Checks The Fact Checkers?

The uber-leftists at Google have implemented a fact-check feature on their search engine, and it is everything you’d expect from their garbage corporation.

Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results. No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment.

And not only is Google’s fact-checking highly partisan — perhaps reflecting the sentiments of its leaders — it is also blatantly wrong, asserting sites made “claims” they demonstrably never made.

The third-party “fact-checking” organization says the “claim” in a DC article that special Counsel Robert Mueller is hiring people that “are all Hillary Clinton supporters” is misleading, if not false.

The problem is TheDC’s article makes no such claim. Their cited language doesn’t even appear in the article. Worse yet, there was no language trying to make it seem the investigation into the Trump administration and Russia is entirely comprised of Clinton donors. The story simply contained the news: Mueller hired a Hillary Clinton donor to aid the investigation into President Donald Trump.

So, wait a minute; Google, the company whose motto is “Don’t Be Evil,” is only fact-checking conservative websites? I am definitely going to uninstall Chrome… oh wait, I did that a long time ago.

It’s Like The Cover Of Abbey Road

If the following story is any indication, 2018 will be filled with just as many leftist morons as 2017.

In this case, MENSA member Mariana Flores is the leftist du jour.

Mariana Flores, a sophomore at UCSD, was demonstrating against Donald Trump’s victory on a busy San Diego freeway when a vehicle hit her. The accident crushed her pelvis, fractured her leg, and caused other serious injuries, reported The Guardian campus newspaper.

Flores, in her suit filed in late November, partly blames campus officials for her injury, arguing they should have stopped the protest before it got dangerous.

In an interview with The Guardian, Gene Sullivan, Flores’s lawyer, asserted that the university planned, organized and knew the protest was happening for hours and did nothing to stop it.

So if I understand this correctly, an alleged adult had teh sadz because Hillary lost, decided to block freeway traffic with her body, was – predictably – struck by a car, and the university is to blame?

Dear Mariana, I realize you millennials think you’re special and the laws do not apply to you, but blocking a busy freeway comes with certain risks. In this case, your plan resembled your vote: you gambled and lost. I have no love for the American university community, but I sincerely hope you lose your frivolous case, and UCSD countersues you for all you’re worth.

Humans Are Awful

Erica Garner, whose father died during a police confrontation, has died.

Erica Garner – an activist for social justice and the eldest daughter of the man who died from a police choke hold in New York in 2014 — died on Saturday morning days after suffering a heart attack, her mother Esaw Snipes said.

Garner, 27, suffered from the effects of an enlarged heart after giving birth to her son three months ago, Snipes said. Garner went into cardiac arrest earlier in the week and suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen.

I never celebrate someone’s passing, no matter the person’s character. That said, Erica’s mother is now running the Twitter account, and posted this despicable tweet after Erica’s death:

For a group whose mission is combating racism, they certainly seem extraordinarily racist.

On Sale Now, The Lie-Phone X

Before we begin, I want to be totally upfront about my opinion of Apple. I think it is a despicable company which shills shoddy products. That is not my opinion of Apple fans; it is my opinion of the company; which, as I explained, I hold in the utmost contempt.

Apple Inc defrauded iPhone users by slowing devices without warning to compensate for poor battery performance, according to eight lawsuits filed in various federal courts in the week since the company opened up about the year-old software change.

The tweak may have led iPhone owners to misguided attempts to resolve issues over the last year, the lawsuits contend.

All the lawsuits – filed in U.S. District Courts in California, New York and Illinois – seek class-action to represent potentially millions of iPhone owners nationwide. (H/TAOSHQ)

Apple intentionally slowed down old phones to force its customers into buying new, ridiculously-priced ones. This is how they treat their loyal fan base, and it disgusts me.

It is my sincere hope Apple loses every one of these lawsuits, and is forced into bankruptcy.

“Would You Like To See My Hardball?”

Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s most prominent kook leftist, paid off a woman who claimed Matthews sexually harassed her.

An MSNBC spokesman confirmed Saturday the company made a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment.

Two sources claimed Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package.

The woman complained to CNBC executives about Matthews making inappropriate comments and jokes about her while in the company of others.

Wow, I never thought Matthews had it in him; and by that, I mean I thought he was either gay or too drunk to make a legitimate pass at a woman. Don’t worry, though; MSNBC takes a hard line against sexual harassment in the workplace…

The MSNBC spokesman said that they thoroughly reviewed the situation at the time and that Matthews received a formal reprimand.

A formal reprimand? Wow, it must be like working during the Spanish Inquisition, amirite?

An Udderly Ridiculous Complaint

The Dairy Air Ice Cream Co. in Montclair, New Jersey, was forced to change its cartoon logo because one leftist spinster complained the logo – which again, is a cartoon – was “hyper-sexualized.”

The controversy started when local merchant Amy Tingle, co-founder and owner of The Creative Caravan, took the ice cream parlor to task for the logo that it is using on its cups and furniture. It depicts a cartoon cow, sporting blond braids and a jaunty French beret, who has a curvy, very human-looking rear end. The cow’s butt has a heart with the initials “DA,” for Dairy Air, within it.

On Monday Tingle posted an open letter on Facebook to Dairy Air, which is located at the corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Park Street, asking the shop to reconsider the logo’s design in consideration of Montclair women and the children who may patronize the business.

“It is offensive and sickening,” she wrote. “A hyper-sexualized, obviously female cow with her ass upended and poking through a circle, tail raised up, waiting for what? I’m not sure, but I do know that I am repulsed and offended.”

Wow, I’ll bet Amy is fun at parties. Look snowflake, if you don’t approve of the logo, don’t patronize the ice cream store. There is a word for forcing your prudish, pearl-clutching views on others: fascism.

Adult Babies

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst has found the perfect solution to combat its students’ stress.

A dorm display at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is using Care Bears to help students who feel “grumpy or stressed.”

“Feeling grumpy or stressed? Let the Care Bears help!” the display states above a large, hand-drawn rainbow adorned with bit of advice for students.

“It’s important to take care of ourselves! Self-care is an active choice and you should treat it as such,” one section proclaims, while other suggest that students “surround yourselves with supportive people” and “reminders of what you love.”

The display also suggests goofing around with friends, making time for fun, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep.

Remember, UMass-Amherst is a legitimate university which ranks “among the top 30 in a field of more than 700 public, four-year colleges and universities in U.S. News & World Report’s annual college guide.”

In-state students spend $14,590 a year, and out-of-staters cough up $31,823 annually… for Care Bears.

Hey Lindsey, Break A Leg

Having literally learned nothing from the NFL protests, washed-up Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn took a shot at President Trump this week.

Having done that, Vonn also took a shot at millions of Trump voters.

A number of US athletes have spoken out against Donald Trump during his presidency, and skier Lindsey Vonn has become the latest to have her say.

Targeting Olympic gold at February’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Vonn is in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where she spoke passionately about what it means to compete for the US ski team.

“Well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,” Vonn told CNN’s Alpine Edge. “I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”

First of all, this bint doesn’t represent me, and she certainly doesn’t represent my values. Second, Vonn claimed she would refuse an invite to the White House, probably because she would be outshined by the beauty of the First Lady. Finally, I will still cheer for Vonn next year, but I will be cheering for her to break another arm and wreck her knee. I’m nice like that.