Philadelphia Does Not Trust Its Officers

At the beginning of March, the city of Philadelphia decided police officers will be limited when it comes to vehicle stops. The measure was proposed because the city believes officers are stopping too make people of color, despite the fact that high crime areas are mostly in black neighborhoods.

The measure is nearly two months old, but one of our corrupt city council members wants to do more to handcuff patrol officers. In this case, Isaiah Thomas wants “an accountability group” – mostly comprised of anti-cop leftists – to monitor police car stops.

The accountability group was formed by Philadelphia City Councilmember Isaiah Thomas. He said the new regulation limiting police car stops, which became effective in March, needs to be carefully monitored to be sure racial equity occurs while also ensuring public safety.

I have a better idea. How about we send the accountability group to make the car stops for us? They can wear a uniform and everything. Then, when some thug starts shooting at them, they can tell us how violent the city’s streets have become.

The measure, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, is designed to prevent the disproportionately high number of Black drivers being pulled over for things such as broken taillights and about a dozen other traffic violations. (H/T – Mark)

Maybe I’m senile, but when did we vote to have two sets of laws? When did African-Americans get a pass on almost every crime known to man? I swore an oath to the Constitution, and I don’t remember reading that some crimes are a-ok if the perpetrator is a person of color.

This entire measure is ridiculous. If you want to change the laws, put out a ballot measure and let the citizens vote on it. Giving passes to Democrat voters is not only unconstitutional, but also illegal.

Good News, Philadelphia!

Some big things are happening in the city of Philadelphia. Mask mandates are back – despite the fact no one wore them during Monday’s Sixers game – shootings are skyrocketing, and the Philadelphia Police Department hired a Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Hurrah!

The following is from an email sent by the “police commissioner.”

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to announce that the newest member of our Executive Team, Leslie Marant will be joining the Philadelphia Police Department in a historic appointment as our first Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. In steadfast commitment to our goal of organizational excellence, this position and office have been established to oversee diversity and inclusion efforts at every level of our organization.

One would think we would be more concerned about our 141 homicides.

Ms. Marant will be responsible for overall organizational development and implementation of the Department’s Equity and Inclusion programs, strategic framework, and work/life policies and programs. She will also provide guidance and operational assistance in the development of enterprise strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion, including governance structure, policies, procedures, metrics, benchmarks, action plans, and processes to effectively support leadership.

So in other words, this position is simply a money grab for one of our corrupt politician’s cronies. At least the department’s priorities are in order, and it will be money terribly spent.

More Kabuki Theater In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is now the first major city in America to reimpose mask mandates. Jim Kenney, our drunken jackass mayor, decided he wanted to reign in the citizenry and clamp down on freedom.

Philadelphia will be reimposing its city-wide indoor mask mandate amid an uptick in cases of COVID-19’s omicron BA.2 subvariant, officials announced on Monday.

The mandate will go into effect next Monday, and requires masks inside “schools and childcare settings, businesses, restaurants, and government buildings,” the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said in a statement on social media.

Of course, this mandate would not complete without Führer Kenney releasing his Nazis…

“At that time, residents will be asked to report any business not complying with the mandate to @philly311” the department added.

Trust me when I say this; there will be hundreds of people who will gleefully rat out businesses which are not complying with Kenney’s unconstitutional mandates. They cannot help themselves.

I’ve said it a hundred times, but Philadelphia is the worst city in America.

Just Another Day In A Blue City

A SEPTA Transit police officer and two women were shot Wednesday when a barricaded man started firing randomly from inside his residence. The incident happened in the Frankford section of the city.

Sergeant Eric Gripp told reporters officers near the Arrott Transportation Center heard gunshot around 7 p.m. Police found two women, 57 and 42, with gunshot wounds to the hip-area near the intersection of Griscom and Arrott streets.

Police chased the armed suspect to a property on the 4700 block of Leipert Street where he barricaded himself inside and fired at police from different floors, Gripp said. During the gunfight, Gripp said a SEPTA police officer was hit in the abdomen.

The officer was taken to Temple Hospital in critical but stable condition.

Apparently, the shooter killed himself after our SWAT team arrived on the scene. The SEPTA officer and the two pedestrians are all expected to recover.

It’s The Worst City In America

Everything you want to know about the city of Philadelphia is encapsulated in these three paragraphs. In short, it is one of the most violent cities in the country, has some of the worst humans imaginable, and is the worst city in America. But don’t believe me; read on.

The ordeal began around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Philadelphia. Police obtained video showing a 38-year-old man involved in a fight with another man on 8th and Luzerne streets. While the two were fighting, a third man pulled out a gun and fired at least eight shots at the 38-year-old.

The 38-year-old man was shot three times in the chest and torso. The gunman and the man who was initially involved in the fight then fled the scene in a dark or Black Dodge Charger.

The homicide was bad enough, but what happened next was much, much worse…

Less than a minute later, a man and a woman walking by found the 38-year-old victim on the sidewalk. The man stole the victim’s gun and handed it to the woman. He then stole other items from the victim’s pockets. The man and woman then fled the scene.

When I write this, I mean it sincerely. Stay far, far away from this city. The NCAA Basketball Tournament has some games here at the end of the week, and I feel for all the spectators who are going to be robbed and assaulted.

Oh Yeah, It’s A Freakin’ Mystery

This may come as a surprise to all of you, but the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is suffering from a historic shortage of cops. Apparently, no one in their right mind wants to be a police officer. Can you imagine?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro met with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, along with area police chiefs, on Tuesday to discuss an ongoing problem: a historic shortage of police officers.

“The fact is, and we see this, fewer young people are deciding to make law enforcement their career,” Shapiro said. “That’s a problem. And it’s going to lead to long-term negative consequences in our communities.”

Hmm, I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because Democrat politicians like Shapiro spent the Saint George Floyd riots telling anyone and everyone to defund the police. Maybe it’s because people like Danielle Outlaw spends her time trying to get cops fired and/or suspended. Maybe it’s because drunken Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney and Soros-appointed D.A. Larry Krasner are not allowing officers to do their job.

But hey, what do I know?

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The Philadelphia 100

Well, we did it! The city of Philadelphia earned 100 homicides in just over three months. The hundredth murder came in on March 11th, and we are on a pace to break last year’s record of 562.

Keep in mind, January, February, and March are usually brutal when it comes to weather, and these thugs still ran out in the wind and the snow to kill people. Once May hits, it gets really crazy, and we see multiple homicides a day. I have no doubt we’ll surpass 562 murders by the end of the year.

Philadelphia is dying, literally and figuratively, and I would urge everyone to steer far clear of this city, because it’s getting more violent by the hour.

Wow, People Really Hate The Police

A gunfight outside the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Unit occurred Friday evening, and a projectile pierced a window of the division.

A bullet went through a window at the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs building 0n “the 7900 block of Dungan Road” on Friday night, 6 ABC reports.

The bullet was fired through the window around 11 p.m. when a man walking on Dungan got into a shootout with an individual in a vehicle.

To give you a feel for what Philadelphia is like, thugs are having shootouts within fifty yards of a police installation. Now, of course, the drones at IAD aren’t real cops, but they have weapons… they never use.

The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that the bullet “went through a cafeteria window and struck a wall.” No one was injured by the shot.

I’m certain dozens one car slowly raced to the scene to help out our good friends at Internal Affairs.

Anarchy In The PA

Remember way back to yesterday, when I wrote about the Driving Equality Policy. I mentioned how it will lead to anarchy and lawlessness. Never mind all that, because a vastly more important ordinance was just overruled by three Commonwealth judges.

The city has a long-standing ordinance stating if you lose your firearm, or if it is stolen, you must report it to the police. The reason for this is obvious. If someone’s firearm is out on the street, and someone uses it to shoot someone, the owner can at least plead his innocence. It’s also handy to know how many lost/stolen guns are on the street, considering we had 562 murders last year.

A Philadelphia ordinance that requires gun owners to tell police when a firearm has been lost or stolen was ruled illegal Monday by a state court, with one of the judges who voted to throw out the law lamenting that their ruling would put people’s lives at risk.

A three-judge Commonwealth Court panel ruled unanimously against the city law and issued a permanent injunction, saying the state Uniform Firearms Act preempts it. Philadelphia Police had sought a $2,000 fine against a man charged with violating the lost-and-stolen reporting mandate.

This is a devastating ruling. From here on out, we will have no idea how many lost or stolen guns are on the street. Similarly, we will not be able to track straw purchasers; those who buy a gun and pass it off to one of the random thugs. This will also make it more difficult to link a firearm with a shooter. In short, homicides are going to skyrocket.

One of the three Commonwealth Court jurists who ruled against the city ordinance on Monday, Senior Judge Bonnie Brigance Leadbetter, urged the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reconsider that 1996 legal standard and to allow local restrictions “narrowly tailored to local necessities.”

“The overwhelming blight of gun violence occurring in the City of Philadelphia, of which I believe we can take judicial notice, and the policy issues argued by the city in the case before us, call for a recognition that local conditions may well justify more severe restrictions than are necessary statewide,” Leadbetter wrote.

She said it violates the fundamental right to life and liberty when children can’t walk on a street near their homes without the risk of being shot.

Normally, I am not a fan of judges, but Leadbetter makes good points. Overruling an ordinance like this in a Podunk little town wouldn’t be a problem. Overturning an ordinance like this in one of the most violent cities in America? It will result in piles and piles of dead bodies.

Philly Enacts A “Driving Equality Policy”

Over the past few years, my greatest thrill has been watching the coordinated self-destruction of Philadelphia by its drunken idiot mayor, its indicted City Council, and its police department.

Philadelphia politicians started the ball rolling by allowing BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) to ravage the city with impunity, then released the thugs without any charges. Then Covid hit, and the “mayor” shut down the city, which eventually destroyed the city’s restaurant industry. After that, the “mayor” a man who cannot spell the word vaccine, forced every city worker to get vaccinated, lest you be suspended and/or fired.

Now, the City Council has passed an executive order declaring the initiation of a “Driving Equality” policy. Hmm, I wonder which set of people will benefit the most from this idiotic order?

Philadelphia City Council passed a bill, entitled Achieving Driving Equality, which limits Philadelphia Police officers’ ability to stop vehicles for certain violations of Title 75, the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code (MVC). In this legislation, City Council has designated eight (8) MVC provisions, listed below, as “secondary” violations. Any MVC provision not listed below is considered a “primary” violation. The below listed “secondary” violations, may not be used as the sole basis to conduct a vehicle stop/investigation. The new provisions take effect on February 24, 2022.

So the city is ordering us to look the other way when it comes to automobile/traffic violations. Expired registrations, expired inspections, putting the license plate in the rear window, no lights on at night; all this is perfectly legal now, and we cannot stop a vehicle for any of these infractions.


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