You Tried Your Best And Failed Miserably

Since the New year has just begun, Philadelphia’s drunken mayor Jim Kenney sent out a memo to all city employees, claiming what good he is going to do for Philadelphia. It’s basically the same memo he has been putting out since 2016, but hey, why mess with brilliance?

As we enter the final year of our Administration, our core priorities are:
*Enhancing public safety.
*Increasing the quality of life and building thriving neighborhoods across the city.
*Supporting a strong foundation for Philadelphia youth through historic investments.
*Driving inclusive growth and economic opportunity to build a thriving economy that benefits everyone.

Allow me to retort:

*Kenney never enhanced public safety, and effectively forced nearly two thousand cops to either retire or transfer to other police departments.
*There are maybe three or four neighborhoods in Philadelphia which are “thriving.” The others are violent war zones.
*To be frank, most of our “utes” are the ones committing most of the violence, but go with that.
*Inclusive growth and economic opportunity? This is the clown who placed red light cameras and speed cameras in the better areas of the city, knowing people like myself would be able to pay for the fines. The ‘hood doesn’t have them. Funny how that works. he gets “economic opportunity off the backs of those who pay taxes.

In FY2022 and FY2023, we have invested $340 million in our fight against gun violence, which is more than any other Administration in history. We know that putting an end to this public health crisis demands a comprehensive approach, innovation, cooperation, and relentless dedication from those of us who are privileged to serve as elected leaders.

First, we cannot afford $340 million to fight against gun violence – the city is on the brink of bankruptcy – and even if we did, our Soros-appointed DA would simply release them anyway.

Second, in seven years of “leading,” Philadelphia earned 2,875 murders under this jackass’ watch. Why would anyone trust this assclown?

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Philadelphia Is Batting 500

We did it, everyone! Thanks to a lot of hard, painstaking work, Philadelphia earned its 500th murder today! Way to go Philly, I knew you wouldn’t let us down!

There are just so many people to thank. The inner city thugs who spent the entire year slaughtering their fellow blacks, because they looked at them the wrong way. The Philadelphia Police Department, which spent the last two years making the job intolerable, and turned so many prospective police cadets away after allowing riots to go on in 2020.

The politicians, who constantly railed that “We have to do something,” then did nothing at all.

And finally, feckless, drunken mayor Jim Kenney, who sat by while all these murders occurred. Kenney had no plans, had no ideas, and no desire to stop the shootings.

Since coming into power, Kenney earned 2,763 murders from 2016 through 2022 (and the year isn’t over yet). At this rate, he will easily eclipse 3,000 murders before he leaves office.

Five hundred people murdered, and Kenney couldn’t give a damn.

Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

The School District of Philadelphia, arguably one of the most corrupt School Districts in America, has sent down a mandate stating every public school teacher and student must wear masks after coming back from Christmas break.

Philadelphia public school students and staff will be required to wear a COVID-19 mask when they return from winter break.

These assholes are never going to let this go. Not now, not ever.

The School District of Philadelphia made the announcement Thursday, saying the move is an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID and other respiratory illnesses and to maintain in-person learning.

The masks must be worn for the first 10 days after the break – Jan. 3-13, 2023.

Yes, by all means, have the children wear a mask, despite the fact that it’s already been proven masks don’t work; especially the cheap masks they give the students. But hey, if you’re all into failure theater, I’m all for it. I’m just glad I have my kids in Catholic Schools.

Finally, A Win For History!

Once in a rare while, a judge makes a decent ruling on something very important. In this case, a Commonwealth judge has ruled the box covering the Christopher Columbus statue in South Philadelphia must be removed.

The plywood box that has covered a statue of Christopher Columbus in South Philadelphia’s Marconi Park since 2020 must be removed by the city of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled on Friday. The statue — which stands in the predominantly Italian American neighborhood — has been covered with a wooden box since Mayor Jim Kenney ordered it to be covered up during the George Floyd riots in June 2020.

Drunken mayor Jim Kenney allowed the Saint George Floyd riots to continue unabated, while he spent all his hangover free time trying to cover the statue of Christopher Columbus.

The Philadelphia Historical Commission later voted to remove the Columbus statue, which officially started a lengthy legal battle. Italian American organizations have fought to keep the statue up, which is currently painted in the colors of the Italian flag.

Suffice to say, the Italians in South Philly were royally pissed, as were most of the citizens.

According to Friday’s ruling, the City of Philadelphia is required to remove the plywood box, reversing a 2021 court decision that allowed the city to keep the box in place.

Another loss for the world’s worst mayor. This prick isn’t out of office until January of 2024, but plenty of Philadelphians will celebrate his departure. The guy is an absolute asshole.

Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

A North Philadelphia gas station owner has had enough of his store being robbed, vandalized, and a haven for drugs. The man finally got to the breaking point, and hired armed Pennsylvania state agents to protect his enterprise.

The owner of a gas station in North Philadelphia got so fed up with the prevalence of violent crime in the city that he hired heavily armed security guards to protect his customers and store. Neil Patel told Fox News that he hired Pennsylvania S.I.T.E. state agents to patrol the site and protect customers after his store was repeatedly ransacked.

“We are tired of this nonsense,” he says. “Robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs. They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level.”

Following the theft of his ATM by a group of vandals, as well has the repeated vandalism of his car, Patel finally felt the need to hire security.

With the ridiculous shortage of police officers, expect many businesses doing the same thing.

“We wear Kevlar, we are trained, my guards go to training every other week, they’re proficient with [their guns] and with their taser, they know the law,” said Chief Andre Boyer. “We’re Pennsylvania State Agents and we’re not security,” he explained. “Basically, what we do is security details when the public calls upon us when the police can’t be there.”

In Philadelphia, the cops are rarely there because the old timers don’t care anymore, and the city refuses to hire more police officers. The mayor did this when the Saint George Floyd riots began, and he has been trying to force officers to retire or choose other professions.

Philadelphia will be celebrating America’s 250th birthday as well as the World Cup in 2026. I guarantee the city will be much more violent, and much fewer cops on the street.

Still The Worst City In America

The city of Philadelphia has implemented a 10pm curfew for every person under the age of eighteen. Why, you ask? Well, it’s mostly because the city has done nothing to stop the rampant, skyrocketing crime that envelops this garbage town.

The curfew was put in place because more crime is committed under the cover of darkness. The curfew itself should be seen as a tacit admission that Philadelphia is simply too dangerous and the government is unable to keep its residents safe. Moving to make the curfew permanent is essentially another admission that they can’t (or won’t) do anything about it and things won’t be getting better any time soon.

The answer is they won’t. I still don’t understand why our jackass politicians want the city to self-destruct, but this is their plan, and it’s working perfectly.

You didn’t need a rocket scientist to figure this out. Wawa has been shutting down its stores in Philadelphia because they are robbed too often to be profitable and their employees are not safe while working there. Much of the blame is properly being placed on the shoulders of Philly’s soft-on-crime DA, Larry Krasner. That would be the same District Attorney who was recently impeached by the state legislature. Of course, Krasner continues to insist that none of this is his responsibility, despite the fact that he released a convicted murderer last year who is now wanted for yet another murder.

If you want more proof of that concept, look no further than this story. The City Council barely finished their meeting where they moved to extend the curfew when a Philly Parking Authority Officer was shot in the head in the downtown area.

You know, I live in a really great part of the city. It’s quiet, there is very little crime, and I’m surrounded by cops and firefighters. My house is great, and we’ve been living here for twenty-five years. Having said all that, we’re leaving when Julia graduates high school.

R.I.P. Boner 4Ever

The city of Philadelphia is planning on renovating the Beury Building in Center City, hoping to renovate the structure into a Mariott Hotel. No one in Philly calls it the Beury Building anymore, after some brilliant person painted “Boner 4Ever” on the side of the building, as you can see at the left.

The Beury Building, famed for its irreverent “Boner 4ever” graffiti that smiles upon North Broad Street, has been undergoing an extensive restoration project this year as part of a plan to transform the vacant property into a Marriott Hotel with restaurants and a rooftop bar.

I can understand why the city wants to renovate the structure, but it seems like wasted effort.

Preservationists have sometimes remarked that the 14-story structure, built between 1926 and 1933, has “good bones” — a phrase that takes on new meaning when it comes to this Art Deco beauty at the intersection of Broad Street, Germantown Avenue and Erie Avenue.

The original plan for the Marriott Hotel within the existing structure called for 138 guest rooms. The addition would include another 21 rooms, bringing the total to 159.

The other problem is the building’s location, which is very close to Temple University, and is in a war zone. I mean, if you like hearing gunfire every five minutes, by all means make a reservation, but it’s in a violent part of the city.

Again, It’s The Worst City In America

Breitbart journalist AWR Hawkins took a look into the seedy crime waves rolling through Philadelphia, and found that carjackings in the worst city in America is up four hundred percent.

Carjackings at gas stations in Democrat-run Philadelphia are up over 400 percent in 2022 compared to 2021.

There were seven carjackings at gas stations in Philadelphia in 2021, and there were already 30 such carjackings by November 14 of 2022. In other crimes, “There have been 69 armed robberies at the pumps this year, compared to 65 in all of last year.”

Wow, it’s almost like the mayor, the district attorney, and the police commissioner are doing literally nothing to stop the crime wave… because they aren’t.

The Inquirer notes there has been an “unprecedented number of shootings and homicides in the city,” but Mayor Kenney, who has just over a year left as mayor, “defends his record and says that Philadelphia is ‘on the rise.’”

Well, crime is definitely “on the rise,” and the citizens are going under. But hey, other than that, Mayor Kenney has tried nothing and is all out of ideas!

Philadelphia Finally Gets Some Press

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, has put out a public service message to his citizens about the danger of narcotics. The video shows drug addicts and junkies from Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood, also nicknamed “Zombieland.”

I never imagined the country of drug cartels would be dunking on Philadelphia’s drug addicts, but Philly is arguably the drug capital of America at the moment.

An anti-drug public service announcement in Mexico is deploying footage of homelessness and drug abuse on the streets of Philadelphia in order to illustrate its message.

Considering our awful politicians, I assume they think bad press is better than no press, amirite?

The video, posted to Twitter by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spokesman Jesús Ramírez, urges viewers to be aware of the “damage caused to health by the consumption of chemical drugs,” Ramírez wrote on Twitter.

Footage in the spot depicts a large homeless encampment and several isolated homeless individuals, many of whom appear to be under the influence of drugs.

When I graduated from the police academy, I was sent to East Division, which was a war zone at the time. During my first couple years, I spent the overnight shift driving up and down Kensington Avenue, shooing away the hookers and the junkies. There was a lot of drug activity but it has never been this bad. Ever.

The good news is the mayor and the Soros D.A. have done nothing to quell the tide, and allowed the neighborhood become a den of narcotics and violent crime. But hey, they don’t live there, so why would they care?

Just Another Day In Philadelphia

Apparently in Philadelphia, Saturday night’s alright for fighting, as a car full of thugs drove down Kensington Avenue and started randomly firing at people on the street. Nine people were struck and police recovered forty shell casings.

A terrifying scene unfolded in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood late Saturday evening as gunfire erupted and left nine people injured. Officers responded to reports of a shooting around 10:45 p.m. in the area of Kensington and East Allegheny avenues.

Deputy Police Commissioner John Stanford says the gunfire broke out when several armed individuals exited a black vehicle that had been in the area and began shooting into a crowd of people on the sidewalk.

To give you an idea of how terrible Philadelphia politicians are in this city, our drunken jackass mayor didn’t bother to make a comment on this bloodbath.

In all, police say at least nine people were struck by gunfire. All were rushed to Temple University Hospital by first responders.

Four of the victims are in critical condition, while police say the rest are stable. The victims ranged in age from 23 to 49 and are a mix of men and women who suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Police believe this may have been a targeted shooting.

For those not familiar with this garbage city, every shooting here is a targeted shooting. Mostly blacks trying to kill other blacks, and the city does nothing to try to stem the tide.