Moaning Lisa Smile

Saturday was the start of my daywork tour, which usually coincides with my lack of patience for stupid people. I am not a morning person, so when I enter the local Wawa – it’s an east coast convenience store chain – at 6am and have to deal with idiots, it angries up the blood.

I walked into the store to get provisions for the workday; specifically, a salad, Diet Mountain Dew, and a few cheese sticks. (I’m trying to be less fat.) While walking to the checkout line, this Jewish woman is berating one of the workers behind the sandwich counter. Now normally, I would ignore such ignorant people, turn on my inner music playlist, and go about my day, but this woman went above and beyond the usual criticisms.

The woman was placing a breakfast order, and was ranting about a specific ingredient, which I did not catch. The conversation went like this…

Woman: “Why are you smiling at me?”
Wawa worker: “Ma’am?”

Woman: “Why are you smiling at me? Do you think my order request is a joke?”
Wawa worker: “Not at all.”

Woman: Yes you do. I told you I am allergic to dairy and you’re smiling at me. I want to speak to a manager!”

A manager approaches the woman.

Manager: “Yes ma’am, how can I help you?
Woman: “I gave this person a specific order and he keeps smiling at me. I DO NOT want him handling my food.”

Manager: “Okay ma’am, I will be happy to make your order.”
Woman: “Why are you smiling at me?!!”

Now, this woman did not seem outwardly deranged, but she certainly had issues. Issues which would have – on most other day – gotten her pistol-whipped. Luckily for her, self-control got the better of me.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my mother was a waitress for years. I know what people in service industries have to endure, so I try to be non-confrontational. If my order is not perfect, I always suck it up. I never raise my voice. I don’t believe in tipping; I believe in over-tipping. Even if the service is absolutely awful, I will still leave something.

When I got to my cashier, I actually apologized for that woman’s misconduct, because I was embarrassed for her. Sadly, the woman will continue living her pathetic, hate-filled life believing others were placed on Earth simply to serve her.


Troll Vandalizes Philly Synagogue

A despicable piece of worm-ridden filth urinated on a Philadelphia synagogue’s steps and flipped off the security camera Sunday morning.

Police are hunting for a man seen urinating on a Philadelphia synagogue and giving the finger to the surveillance camera.

The man was seen in the disturbing footage approaching the front doors of Congregation Beth Solomon on the 100 block of Tomlinson Road, at around 12.30am on Sunday. He spotted the camera, staring straight down the lens, before he flipped the bird.

The suspect then turned around and urinated up the wall at the synagogue’s entrance, and ‘continues to address the camera until finished,’ police said.

I only have one question: what the hell is Paul Ryan doing in Philly?

UPDATE: The anti-semitic POS turned himself in today.

True Defective Stories

Yesterday was very busy at the Earp Ranch. I gave the missus a break and took Kevin and Princess P to FDR Skatepark from 10am-1pm. We got home just in time for me to take the missus to the orthopedic doctor. (She damaged her lateral knee ligament, and they are trying physical therapy first before discussing more serious measures.) After that, I took my walk and she made the kids dinner before taking Kevin to karate. After karate, we went out to a nice restaurant and gorged ourselves on steak, skrimps, and margaritas.

The day’s excitement, however, occurred on the ride home from FDR. We stopped for snacks – it was hot, and the kids were sweating through their clothes. The mini mart is located in the center or town near the river, so the clientele is always “interesting.” Kevin wanted a bottle of Sprite, so I walked him to the cooler. A woman was standing there, door flung open, staring inside, because soda freezer doors are not transparent or anything…

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The Philadelphia Illegals

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has identified the country’s four most infamous sanctuary cities. See if you can guess which political party controls them?

In a broadside on sanctuary cities that harbor criminal illegal immigrants, the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement called them “un-American” and cited the worst: Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

“Sanctuary cities, in my opinion, are un-American,” said Thomas D. Homan in an interview with Secrets. By harboring criminal illegal immigrants, the jurisdictions are boosting crime, he said.

“The street cops that I talk to want to help. It’s the politicians who want to make this a political game. It’s not a political game. This is a matter of public safety and life and death we shouldn’t be playing politics with this,” he said.

Homan’s absolutely correct here. Even my division’s left-leaning officers believe sanctuary cities are ridiculous, and if given the chance, any of us would gladly call ICE to report an illegal who has been arrested. Mayor Jim *hic* Kenney be damned.

Plato’s Republican

You may remember my neighbor Denny from his blog, First In! After taking a very long break, Denny is back in the blogging game with a new site, but the same entertaining opinions.

If you’d like to reconnect – or just annoy him about his profile photo – check out his new site, Plato’s Alibi.

DISCLAIMER: After this post, I fully expect Denny to quit blogging again. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot, Jim from bRight & Early has also resurrected his blogging acumen, with a new site entitled, Geezer Jim. I’m sure he would like to hear from those of you who have been reading me blogs for a while.

Just Another Day At The Office

Tuesday night was an interesting tour in my division, and the thugs were especially randy.

The man went to Michelle Saint-Aude’s Frankford house around 1:15 p.m. Tuesday and shot her four times following an argument outside the residence. As Saint-Aude lay bleeding on the ground, the man stood over her and fired another shot into her body. She was pronounced dead at Einstein Medical Center at 1:53 p.m.

Following the shooting, the man was reported to be inside a house on the 1300 block of East Haines Street, more than five miles away. A barricade was declared at the house 6:30 p.m. During the standoff, the man fired shots at officers from the roof, from the front of the house, and from the rear. No injuries were reported.

Around 1:30 a.m., police entered the residence and found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

This piece of detritus had a long arrest record, and – get this – was just released from prison. He could have saved us time by shooting himself before murdering his ex-girlfriend. May he rot in Hell.

Ringing The Seth Knell

Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s divisive, race-baiting district attorney, entered a guilty plea in his federal corruption trial yesterday. The move confirmed what most Philly law enforcement professionals already knew; the man was irredeemably corrupt.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams abruptly resigned his office and agreed to plead guilty in a surprise move that ended a federal bribery trial…

But minutes after accepting Williams’ decision, the judge presiding over the case made a startling announcement of his own — ordering the city’s top prosecutor handcuffed and immediately hauled off to prison.

“I have a guilty plea from the highest law enforcement officer in the city,” U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond said. “He betrayed his office and he sold his office. I am appalled by the evidence that I have heard.”

Even as he faced indictment on 29 counts of bribery, fraud, and honest services fraud, Williams had clung to his position and its $176,000 annual salary, vowing he would be vindicated at trial.

Williams, obviously, is a Democrat. I mention this only because his party affiliation is listed nowhere in this article. Sadly, Williams’ plea deal means he will only see – at worst – five years in prison; not nearly enough for this despicable piece of detritus.

Would You Like One Hump Or Two?

A high school senior from North Philadelphia held the Oscars of prom nights this weekend, featuring three dates, a ton of sand, and an actual camel.

The camel came from a farm in Ohio, and Shuler had it waiting in front of an elaborate mural and backdrop she commissioned especially for the occasion —which even had a theme, “Dubai Meets North Philly.”

And instead of one beautiful prom date, Johnny “JJ” Eden Jr. had three – each wearing an elaborate, custom-made gown. Not to be outdone, he also had outfit changes throughout the event, coordinated by fashion stylist Cheyenne Smith, including one that was an elaborate black robe with gold Versace trim.

Eden had not one, but three luxury cars at his disposal – a Range Rover, a Rolls Royce, and a Lamborghini. The vehicles, which were on loan for the evening, probably got dusty from the sand.

Yes, there was sand. Three tons of it, trucked in and deposited across the street. (H/T – The Godfather)

Go big or go home, I guess. The only problem was shooing the local junkies away from the sand dune. They thought it was cocaine.

PPD Officer Helps Take Out The Trash

Meet Colleen Campbell. Colleen is a news personality at PHL 17 TV in Philly, but she apparently moonlights as cop-hating white trash.

On Sunday night, PHL 17 on-air talent Colleen Campbell, was at Helium Comedy Club to see Craig Robinson, best known as Darryl on The Office. According to New York City comic Wil Sylvince, Campbell was asked to leave the club because she was being loud during the show.

As Sylvince’s video shows, an incredibly even-tempered Philadelphia police officer shows up and tries to get her to just go home. Instead, she attempts to spit in someone’s face and then goes off in a big way on the cop.

And in doing so, she broke a basic rule of life: If you’re a member of the media and you’re in the middle of doing something really stupid while someone is filming, don’t say, “I work at a fucking news station, motherfucker.”

Campbell, who has not replied to a request for comment, has been charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. (H/T – Captain Twit)

For the record, this officer should be commended for his patience and professionalism. I would have tased this bint after about a minute and a half.

Thankfully this story has a silver lining: Campbell was not only arrested, but also fired from her job by PHL 17. She is now free to seek employment elsewhere. Someone with Campbell’s qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries. Or perhaps the DNC.

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School Of Shock

The School District of Philadelphia has always been plagued with accusations their public schools are violent, barren wastelands where learning takes a back seat to jackassery. The accusations are earned.

Anthious Boone, principal of the Fitler Academics Plus School, was overseeing dismissal when a fight broke out between Fitler students and pupils from various nearby Mastery Charter schools.

Boone waded into the fray to try to break it up, said Robin Cooper, president of Commonwealth Association of School Administrators Local 502. “They beat the crap out of him,” Cooper said. “They hit him in the face with a brick. They ganged up on him.”

Boone was rushed to an emergency room for his injuries and symptoms — blurry vision, an eye scratched and swollen almost shut, and a headache. He needed eight stitches. His glasses were ruined. His suit, shirt, and shoes were “a bloody mess,” Cooper said.

You would think this would be a wake up call for the city’s teachers and administrators. Instead, they have doubled down on the stupid.

Scott Gordon, CEO of Mastery Charter Schools, said the organization was “deeply upset” with the actions of some of its students. Based on video of the incident, Mastery officials were able to identify some of the attackers as their students, including three from Mastery’s disciplinary program.

“It’s particularly upsetting. These are students we are trying to support,” Gordon said. Students there have committed serious infractions and receive a range of help, including therapy and other services.

And this is why the violence not only persists, but thrives in Philadelphia public schools. There is no discipline, and when incidents like these occur, the “adults” in charge make excuses for the criminals.