Killing Is Their Business

It goes without saying the city of Philadelphia learned nothing from its 500* homicides in 2020, and celebrated 2021 with a bang. In this case, more than sixty bangs in the first thirty-nine days of the year.

Philadelphia homicides in 2021 are already outpacing a violent 2020 that saw a total of 499 by the time the year was done. Seven people lost their lives in shootings Monday, including a 15-year-old boy who was killed in South Philadelphia.

The local lapdog media is going with the erroneous 499 number, when the real number is closer to 505.

As of 11:59 p.m. Monday, the Philadelphia Police Department had reported 62 homicides in Philadelphia in the year 2021. That’s up 55% over the same date in 2021, according to the department’s website. While 2020 became one of Philadelphia’s deadliest years in decades, the city didn’t reach 60 murders until Feb. 28 of last year.

In twenty-six years, I don’t remember a time when he had seven homicides in one day. If that’s not a city record, it has to be pretty damned close. This is what happens when you have a Soros-appointed anarchist DA, a drunken mayor who is looking ahead to a gubernatorial run, and a police commissioner so far out of her league that she cannot hold a press conference without getting the meat sweats.

Speaking of Commissioner Outlaw, she has a great plan to minimize the homicides in the city. Her answer? Social media efforts! Seriously.

Moving forward, Outlaw says the department is doing what it can to bolster its social media efforts with detectives and analysts. The department will also be partnering with community groups and the Office of Violence Prevention to get ahead of domestic violence incidents and reprioritize those incidents internally.

*We eclipsed 500 in 2020, and likely finished the year with 504 or 505.

Philly Readies For “Right-Wing Violence”

The city of Philadelphia is preparing for “right-wing violence” on Inauguration Day, after those dastardly Trump supporters “incited a coup” last week. The city is going off a tip from the “totally legitimate FBI,” claiming “right-wingers” will be holding armed protests. Schools have already been told to shut their doors and conduct Zoom classes that day.

Wave goodbye to your First Amendments, ladies and gentlemen; the United States of America will be a banana republic in less than a week.

City leaders announced Thursday that security across Philadelphia will be heightened ahead of Inauguration Day.

The FBI warned of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, stoking fears of more bloodshed after last week’s deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol.

First of all, raise your hand if you trust the FBI’s assessment of “right-wing violence.” Second, the “bloodshed” was primarily committed by a member of the Capitol Police, who murdered an Air Force veteran in cold blood. But please, regale me about right-wing violence.

In response to the events at the U.S. Capitol, the city activated the Emergency Operations Center to monitor activity in Philadelphia.

“While we continue to hope and pray for peace and safety, we have to prepare for whatever comes our way leading up to and after Inauguration Day,” Mayor Jim Kenney said.

Imagine if this drunken asshole prepared for four months of BLM/Antifa-inspired riots this summer. Imagine if this tipsy douchebag prepared for the 500 homicides we earned in 2020. Mayor Kenney did neither, and the bloodshed could have filled the Delaware River.

I excitedly await the “right-wing violence” the corrupt FBI claims will happen throughout the day.

The Eagles Can’t Even Tank Successfully

Before we begin, I sincerely apologize for posting about the Philadelphia Eagles. I despise the players, ownership, and most of the fans, but when I saw this story, I had to post it the second I stopped guffawing.

A gaggle of sports commentators and NFL players are claiming the Eagles “tanked” their final game to screw the New York Giants and give Washington the NFC East title.

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth didn’t hold back their frustration at Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s decision to bench Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld. The quarterback move by Pederson harpooned any chance the Eagles had of rallying against Washington in the 20-14 defeat, handing the NFC East to their rival.

Giants players agreed with several voicing their anger on Twitter as they watched their NFC East chances slip away after beating the Cowboys earlier on Sunday.

I’ve seen Hurts play at Oklahoma; the guy is an amazing talent. Why any competent coach would remove Hurts for Nate Freakin’ Sudfeld is beyond my comprehension.

Hurts, the explosive rookie, had only completed 7 of 20 passes through three quarters, but had rushed for two touchdowns. Sudfeld had not played in a game since 2018 and had attempted 20 passes in his four-year career prior to Sunday.

Sudfeld proceeded to throw an interception on his first possession and then failed to handle a low snap on the next one, which Chase Young promptly recovered for Washington.

Pederson couldn’t put in Crybaby Carson Wentz because he chose to be “inactive.” That said, even if Hurts is having an awful game, you don’t switch him for a guy who Julia could outthrow.

Worse still, why the f**k would the Eagles throw the final game of the season when they should have been doing so since December? No one throws a game when they’re already in a bad draft position. I swear to God, this is the worst sports organization on the planet. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. 🙂

UPDATE: Apparently, some Eagles players also had to be restrained from going after their coach.

Learnin’ To Fly

The fact that Philadelphia has more than its share of dolts should not be a surprise. What may be a surprise is while Philadelphians do some really stupid things, most of us learn after the fifth or sixth time. “Mikey” from PhillyDroneLife is apparently a slower learner than the rest of us.

The story goes that in early November, a Philadelphia man named Mikey, who flies a drone without a professional license, received 123 notices of infractions from the FAA, $1,500 for each one. The total amount in civil penalties added up to $182,004. The violations were related to drone videos he live-streamed on YouTube from December 2019 to this past August.

Mikey operates a YouTube channel called PhillyDroneLife.

The FAA would have likely ignored some of these violations if he either 1. paid for the license, or 2. not live-streamed the damned infractions!

A week ago, on his YouTube channel, Mikey live-streamed a rambling, long-winded rant defending his actions, basically saying he was unaware of the laws he had broken, or making excuses. He cried, and thanked viewers who donated money in real time to support him.

Philadelphians have this inflated reputation of being tough as nails, but this guy goes on his YouTube channel and cries? Dude, you knew you didn’t have a license, and you flouted the law anyway; why would anyone sympathize with you?

I watched a recording of one of the videos he had live-streamed. Mikey, I quickly discovered, is a loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed guy — no crime there — but as I watched him fly his drone right over downtown Philadelphia at 1,000 feet or higher, in-between and around skyscrapers, I was horrified. I don’t know if a helicopter flying in the area could be seriously harmed if it struck a drone, but I concluded that no way should a drone hobbyist be allowed to fly in such an area.

Okay, the author of this article seems like a pantywaist. Yes, in theory, a helicopter could have been damaged, but that didn’t happen. So, you know, calm your tits.

As for the “loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed” remark, have you ever met a Philadelphian???

The “Birthplace Of Freedom”

The drunken jackass leftist mayor of Philadelphia will announce another lockdown in a matter of minutes. Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney is expected to close the city – again – because of the Chinese Wuhan Virus. (The lockdown is expected to last until New Year’s Day.)

Philadelphia city officials are set to announce new restriction on activities like indoor dining and gyms today at at 1 p.m. news conference.

My gym was closed for six months thanks to my piece of shite mayor and my a-hole governor. I am just now getting back into shape, and these pricks are going to shut it all down again? F**k. You.

Philadelphia officials on Friday were weighing new restrictions that could stop indoor dining, close gyms and theaters, ban indoor gatherings, and ask companies to return office employees to remote work, according to people briefed on a potential plan by Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration Friday.

All this will do is bankrupt small businesses, stress out the average citizen, and plummet the local economy. Buy hey, Philadelphia; keep voting for Democrats. Morons.

Retail stores, barbershops, and salons would be permitted to remain open — with enforcement of mask-wearing and limited capacity — and construction work would also continue. But the city would prohibit public and private indoor gatherings of any size.

Uh-huh. I absolutely believe this prick will still allow fans to attend Eagles games, though.

(And no, the Philadelphia Inquirer gets no links from me.)

You can see the fascist mayor’s list by clicking here. I will enjoy ignoring every one of these “rules.”

Philly Police Shoot, Kill Man With Knife

Minneapolis, Nashville, Chicago all had their fair share of riots in 2020, and once again it appears there will be rioting in Philadelphia after two Philly police officers shot and killed a knife-wielding man.

A 27-year-old man armed with a knife was shot and killed by two officers in West Philadelphia. It happened on the 6100 block of Locust Street Monday when officers were called to the home on the block for a man with a weapon.

“They were immediately met with a male who was carrying a knife. Several times they asked the male to drop the knife. They ordered him to drop the knife and he continued to follow them around several vehicles that are over there,” Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp said.

For the record, I have seen the raw footage, which was captured by a resident on his cellphone. Walter Wallace was allegedly involved in a domestic disturbance, and when the officers arrived, he had the knife in his hand and was approaching officers. The officers drew their weapons, commanded Wallace to drop the knife, but Wallace refused. Wallace approached the officers, knife in hand, and the officers retreated multiple times. Still giving commands, Wallace refused to drop the knife, and as he got closer to the officers, he raised his knife hand. The officers fired multiple times, striking Wallace. Police transported Wallace to the hospital, where he eventually died.

We’re taught to observe the 21-foot rule. An attacker can usually rush and attack you before you can reach your weapon if the attacker is within 21 feet. The video shows Wallace well inside that distance.

The good news is our mayor and police commissioner gave the officers the benefit of the doubt…

“I came down here to listen. I don’t have answers for what happened today. But you know, I understand. I understand what you are feeling,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw told residents.

Commissioner Outlaw is very unpopular with the rank and file. She was in hiding during Philadelphia’s George Floyd riots, rarely leaves her office, and when she does, it is usually to pander to the anti-cop crowd. Trust me when I tell you, Outlaw expected these officers to be stabbed first before firing a shot.

Well the mayor surely supported the officers, right?

“My prayers are with the family and friends of Walter Wallace. I have watched the video of this tragic incident and it presents difficult questions that must be answered. I spoke tonight with Mr. Wallace’s family, and will continue to reach out to hear their concerns first-hand, and to answer their questions to the extent that I am able,” he said in a statement Monday night.

The only “difficult questions” which need to be answered are, “Why does this despicable mayor care more for a knife-wielding thug who tried to kill police officers than the officers themselves?”

Look, anyone who reads this blog knows I am not an apologist for police officers. Like every organization, there are bad people and good people. If I thought this was a bad shoot, I’d say so. I watched the raw video a few times now, and there is no doubt in my mind the officers’ actions were justified.

That said, the city will most likely see riots for the next few days (or weeks) and both these officers will be trashed by the mayor, commissioner, and our Soros-appointed D.A. It also wouldn’t surprise me if D.A. Larry Krasner tried to bring charges against the officers involved.

PFD To Joe Biden: Drop Dead

In a stunning move, the Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Union voted to endorse President Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The union broke from the heavily Democratic International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), which almost always endorses the Democrat nominee.

The Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union broke from the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and “proudly” endorsed President Trump for re-election, citing the overwhelming support for the president among members.

“The Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union, Local 22 of the International Association of’ Fire Fighters proudly endorses President Trump for re-election,” the union announced on Tuesday, hours ahead of the first presidential debate.

My father was a Philly firefighter for more than forty years and he would have hated this decision. Personally, I think it’s glorious.

“The members of Local 22 respectfully break with the undemocratic IAFF endorsement of Joe Biden and pledge our full support to President Donald J. Trump,” President Mike Bresnan said in a statement, explaining that IAFF’s endorsement of Biden was done “without a canvas of local unions and the consideration of the rank and file IAFF membership.”

Local 22 members, which represent over 4,700 current and retired first responders, were surveyed and “overwhelmingly” chose the president, Bresnan said, adding that IAFF leaders should view the endorsement as a “wake-up call.”

The Fraternal Order of Police also runs toward the Democrats, and my local – and useless – FOP always sends out mailers encouraging us to vote for the leftists on the ballot. Most of the cops I know shred those mailers come election time, and when our local FOP considered endorsing Hillary, we unwashed masses went ballistic. Our local FOP punted in 2016, and did not endorse any candidate, despite the popularity of Trump among the members.

I don’t know if this is a turning point for Philadelphia blue collar workers. In fact, I highly doubt it. Trump is a political anomaly, and I think he resonates with regular schmoes, so he’ll likely earn some blue votes. Maybe some Philly Democrats are finally waking up to the fact that their party has done nothing to improve this city in the last seventy years.

Philly City Council Goes Full Retard

The Philadelphia City Council is giving wasting taxpayer money for community groups who are begging citizens to turn in their firearms.

Philadelphia is seeing an increase in shootings so the far-left City Council and police organized a ‘home gun-check campaign’ urging residents to turn in their firearms. Makes sense.

Yes, because every Philadelphian will disarm themselves while the thugs are armed to the teeth.

Voluntary gun buyback programs and other programs aimed at urging residents to voluntarily turn in their firearms would only increase violence because it keeps criminals armed and disarms law abiding citizens.

As of yesterday, the city logged 264 homicides for 2020, a 28% increase over this time last year.

Far left “community groups” with backing from city officials and police are distributing flyers which reads “save a life, turn in a gun.”

Yeah, that’ll work. The left has a vested interest in confiscating the firearms of law-abiding citizens. These community groups will likely knock on doors in the nicer parts of town, but you can be damned sure they won’t lecture people in the hood.

“Get those guns, run that room, see what’s in there. Find out what’s being hidden in your house. Take it out and turn it in,” City Councilmember Cindy Bass said.

First of all, Cindy Bass is the most anti-police councilperson in the city. She despises police, and couldn’t wait to vote to defund the department. Second, she’s not terribly bright. In fact, she’s an outright dullard. Third, what West Philly parent is going to search the room of their thug son and turn in his gun(s) to the police. It’s a sure way to get yourself killed.

Oh, and for the record, I’ve been involved with processing Buy Back guns, and 99.9% of the firearms turned are rusted, missing parts, or something no more lethal than a Derringer. The program is always an absolute farce.

This is a stupid idea, even for Philadelphia.

City’s Closed: Moose Shoulda Told Ya

While most honest Americans can agree New York City’s Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in America, Philadelphia’s Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney obviously wants a shot at the title. Kenney ordered all large-scale events in the city canceled until March 1, 2021.

The mayor is shutting down Philadelphia for another seven and a half months, for a lockdown of eleven and a half months total. The city, as we know it, will not survive.

In a dramatic step that underscores how long the coronavirus is expected to disrupt daily life, Philadelphia officials on Tuesday canceled all large-scale events in the city through February, including the Philadelphia Marathon, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, block parties, and other iconic traditions.

The 7½-month moratorium is one of various prevention measures that will have to stay in place until the population is vaccinated against the coronavirus, and that won’t happen before 2021, Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said.

Kenney is committing economic suicide. The marathon, the parades, and all the other events bring in millions upon millions of dollars. The city is already carrying a $16.2 billion – with a “b” – debt.

Although there is good news…

The city also said fans will not be allowed at Eagles games: If professional sports teams resume playing, spectators will be barred from the stands, though that is not part of the moratorium.

This fact alone almost makes the shutdown worth it. All the drunken, white trash Eagles fans won’t be able to head to the stadium at 5am, drink until 1pm, cheer on the anti-Semitic players, then vomit on their fellow Eagles fans and assault out-of-towners for an entire season.

Also, Vishnu forbid, if they win a title, there will be no parade. Eat a smorgasbord of dicks, Eagles fans.

The ban does not apply to demonstrations or other First Amendment-protected activities, private outdoor gatherings such as weddings or family picnics, or events on private property, including performance venues and stadiums, Kenney said.

So wait, you won’t let sports fans see their teams play, but a ten-hour concert by Hot Tuna is a-ok? Wow, this is so delicious. It’s as if this assclown has no idea what he’s doing, and has no plan to deal with the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Keep voting Democrat, Philadelphia: it’s worked great so far.

Philly Waives All Charges/Fines For Riots

Hat Tip: Sean Walsh, Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Mayor Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney has decided to waive all charges, citations, and fines for those who peacefully rioted, set fires, and assaulted police during the George Floyd Riots. (Congratulations George, everyone remembers you now, but only for the destruction they reaped in your name.)

The Democratic mayor of Philadelphia is waiving several hundred citations issued to city residents who violated curfews and failed to disperse as ordered by police during recent demonstrations supporting Black Lives Matter. In addition, Mayor Jim Kenney is tossing out scores of additional violations of the city’s civil codes.

So the dozens and dozens of police officers assaulted – including a few very seriously wounded – will see no justice, because leftist lives matter more than a police officer’s.

“Philadelphia’s Law Department and Office of Administrative Review previously recommended that the city drop most CVNs that had been enforced during the height of civil unrest in the city. Protests have persisted for more than a month in Philadelphia following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May,” Philly Voice reported.

CVNs are not criminal offenses, as they only result in fines.

This motherfucker implemented an oppressive city beverage tax, raised property taxes, voted for red light cameras, and installed speed cameras throughout the city. Everything this prick does revolves around taxing the citizens into oblivion, and NOW he decides to waive millions of dollars in fines?

“In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that their message — black lives matter — needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from this city and nation,” he continued, Philly Voice reported. (H/TMis. Hum.)

Yes, their pain is so real they decided to burn down retail stores, looted those which weren’t on fire, threw rocks and bottles at cops, and literally ran over a police officer with their car. But by all means, dickhead, let them off scot-free.

The worst part of this is because this garbage town lies between New York City and Washington, D.C., it receives very little attention from the national media. The entire nation should know how this leftist clown is destroying this city.