You’ll Need A New Summer Getaway Now

Former Soviet KGB agent and man about town Vladimir Putin has banned nearly one thousand Americans and Canadians from entering Russia. Wow, Soviet Disney World is going to take a big loss this year. I was quite excited to ride the Gulag Falls.

Russia said on Saturday it had so far banned 963 Americans from entering the country – including previously announced moves against President Joe Biden and other top officials – and would continue to retaliate against what it called hostile U.S. actions.

Putin banned Biden, which is hilarious since F. Joe thought he was banned from Prussia.

The largely symbolic travel bans form part of a downward spiral in Russia’s relations with the West since its Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, which prompted Washington and its allies to impose drastic sanctions on Moscow and step up arms supplies to Ukraine.

Separately, the Foreign Ministry said it had added 26 new names to a list of Canadians it has barred from travelling to Russia, including defence chiefs, defence industry executives and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Yeah, I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots. I know for a fact the Trudeau family was looking to spend the summer months in Utopian Russia, waiting in food lines for borscht, toilet paper, and soap.

Not A Smidgen Of Corruption

You may have missed this yesterday, but the Hunter Biden/Burimsa Holdings pay-for-access scandal was swept under the rug. The Biden administration decided to close the investigation and exonerate the “president’s” son.

Beltway PR firm Blue Star Strategies had been under investigation for its work for Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas company that had Hunter Biden on its board of directors. Biden’s work for Burisma has raised conflict of interest concerns, since the partnership began when his father was the Obama administration’s chief negotiator with Ukraine. The younger Biden facilitated a consulting deal for Blue Star Strategies in late 2015 to help Burisma burnish its image with U.S. government officials. Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, was the subject of a bribery investigation at the time.

F. Joe Biden is on tape claiming he demanded the Ukraine prosecutor fired when he started looking into Hunter and Burisma’s payoffs. The prosecutor was fired shortly thereafter. Hunter himself never denied he was being paid millions to work for Burisma, despite he never did any actually work.

The end of the Blue Star probe is a positive development for Hunter Biden, who is under investigation over his tax affairs, foreign business dealings, and possible foreign agent activity. The probe has caused a political headache for the White House, which has dodged questions about President Joe Biden’s knowledge of his son’s business dealings. Congressional Republicans have said they plan to reignite investigations into Hunter Biden’s work if they retake control of the House and Senate.

Yeah, sure they will. They’ll hem and haw and decided this “is not who we are” and these corrupt bastards will walk… as they always do.

Prosecutors informed an attorney for Blue Star Strategies that they plan to close the investigation, the Washington Post reported. The attorney, former Obama DOJ official Peter Kadzik, said that prosecutors found no wrongdoing on the part of Blue Star, which was founded by former Clinton administration officials Sally Painter and Karen Tramontano.

It’s almost as if the Biden administration is utterly corrupt and dismissed this entire investigation because Hunter’s daddy “runs the country.”

There are two sets of laws in America, and it’s high time we realize that.

Kamala Harris Is A Very Stupid Person

The White House, for some reason, allowed the “vice-president” to address the ASEAN summit, and as always, she tossed another incoherent word salad. Honestly, how is this woman still employed?

Kamala Harris has become famous for her ability to talk herself in circles while speaking in public. While that tendency could have been dismissed early on as the vice president just having a bad day, her abject vapidness has become a staple of her tenure in the Biden administration.

One of the vice president’s hallmarks in all these instances is the repetition of words. It’s as if Harris is a high school student giving a book report she didn’t study for and is trying to fill space. That happened again on Friday, as the White House hosted the ASEAN summit. And while the transcript is bad enough, take a minute and actually watch the video until the end because it’s so much worse.

Listen to this idiot below and see if you understand what she is saying. It’s only 38 seconds.

The woman simply repeats herself over and over, hoping her audience will ignore her rambling. I remember people trashing Dan Quayle for misspelling potato which is nothing compared to this.

In a 22-second span, Harris used the word “work” five different times to describe nations working together, never advancing her thought, even moving to synonyms like “galvanize” to again say the same thing she’d already said multiple times. Never have so many words led to so little substance, and to listen to her is to participate in an act of self-torture. It’s enough to make Joe Biden, perhaps the most senile man to ever serve in the presidency, green with envy at Harris’ ability to say everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.

You can argue there were worse vice-presidents than Kamala, but I doubt you can find a VP dumber than this woman. Even VP Joe Biden was better than this stupid bint.

Speaking Of The Baby Formula Shortage…

F. Joe Biden, the worst “president” in American history, has cornered the market on baby formula, and instead of shipping the formula to American citizens, he is sending pallets of formula to detained illegal immigrants.

I mean, sure, American infants are suffering, but think of the illegals!

The nationwide shortage of baby formula that has sent mothers desperately rushing from store to store has evaded one lucky group: illegal immigrants detained by Border Patrol.

You see, the illegitimate president believes “America First” is nonsense. Why should he help American citizens when he can just fawn over his new illegal voters?

According to videos posted by a Florida lawmaker, the Biden administration has been shipping “pallets” of baby formula to migrant holding facilities. [Kat] Cammack said that a border agent sent her photographs of the deliveries, and she posted one online.

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” said Republican Rep. Kat Cammack in one of two online postings yesterday. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula,” she added, holding a photo of empty shelves where the formula would be.

I guess since it appears the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, Biden needs another way to kill children. Starving them should do the trick.

Oh, and before Karen weighs in, the New York Times reported on this as well…

The New York Times, for example, reported on the troubles Texas parents are having finding the formula that is being shipped by their homes to the migrant holding centers. In a story headlined, “A Baby Formula Shortage Leaves Desperate Parents Searching for Food,” the New York Times said: “Some parents are driving hours at a time in search of supplies. Others are watering down formula or rationing it, hoping for an end to the shortage.”

F. Joe Biden is a “president” who despises his own citizens. Would you ever have imagined dealing with food shortages in the United States of America? It only took F. Joe Biden sixteen months.

Cammack was not critical of migrants receiving the formula but said the administration should put American parents first.

Representative Cammack is a better person than I am, because I would be demanding the illegals get nothing until every American mother gets the formula they desperately need.

Buy Yourself A Bicycle

You may want to sit down, because this story may be shocking to you. Our illegitimate president, F. Joe Biden, is now presiding over a new high for American gas prices.

The average price of gas in the United States rose to a new high on Tuesday of $4.37 a gallon, according to AAA.

The record high represents a 17-cent spike since last week and comes just two months after prices climbed in March to the previous high of $4.33 per gallon. The spike also comes despite efforts from the Biden administration to reduce pain at the pump, including calling on oil and gas producers to ramp up production and ordering the release of millions of barrels of oil from the U.S. emergency stockpile.

Man, if only we had a gas pipeline which could run through North America, the United States would be energy independ-. Oh, never mind.

Energy prices overall have risen by about a third over the past year, contributing to the soaring inflation that has dented President Joe Biden’s approval ratings and undercut support for his agenda.

The only bright side of this debacle is that F. Joe Biden in hemorrhaging voters from both sides of the aisle. Sure, our 401k is collapsing, and we’re paying $5 a gallon at the pump, but at least Biden and the Democrats will see a resounding defeat in November.

F. Joe Biden

This story is almost a week old, but I only heard about it the other day, so I wanted to comment on the issue. Shortly after the leak of the possible overturn of Roe vs. Wade, F. Joe Biden said something stupid again, claiming “the MAGA crowd” was the most extreme political organization in American history.”

We have zero desire to obsess about this prez’s malarkey as much as liberal outlets did over the last guy, but he’s sure making it hard. The latest from President Joe Biden: “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history. Recent American history.”

Not the Ku Klux Klan, not the Weather Underground, but Trump supporters. Imagine condemning half the country because they do not share F. Joe Biden’s views.

For starters, the leaked draft opinion takes great pains to explain why Roe is unique, its reversal is no reason to expect a similar undoing of the gay-marriage ruling and other expansions of Americans’ constitutional rights.

Second, Biden conveniently forgets (or, who knows with him, maybe he really doesn’t recall) that he himself was anti-Roe for at least a decade. “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far,” he told the Washingtonian in 1974. In ’82, he backed a constitutional amendment to undo the decision and let states decide, as the draft ruling prescribes.

Third, how is MAGA anti-gay, when Donald Trump not only literally waved the rainbow flag at the Republican National Convention but as president appointed the highest-ever openly gay official, Richard Grenell?

Let’s be honest; every single Democrat president in my lifetime has hated Republicans to the core, but few of them came right out and admitted it. This dementia-addled moron hates half the country, and he has no problem saying so.

This illegitimate POTUS will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in American history.

Her Poles Are No Longer Rising

Illegitimate vice-president Kamala Harris is said to be panicking after her approval numbers went down faster than she did on Willie Brown. This empty suit’s poll numbers are worse than F. Joe Biden’s.

Think about that for a moment. Worse than Biden!

One would not think it’d be possible for President Joe Biden to have a higher approval rating than Vice President Kamala Harris, but it’s indeed true. Harris sank to a mere 28 percent rating by the end of Biden’s first year in office.

Authors of “This Will Not Pass,” a 473-page book depicting Biden’s short catastrophic time, as the president told by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burn, reveal that Kamala Harris has been seeking political advice from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough? Ha! Kamala would have been better served by seeking political advice from SpongeBob SquarePants or Barney Fife.

Scarborough, whom former President Donald Trump once labeled a “total but job with bad ratings,” is known for catering to the left’s narrative, and now seemingly spends his time trying to save Harris’ reputation.

In an effort to save her career, “Harris began seeking out advice from beyond her inner circle.”

I doubt Kamala even has an inner circle anymore, since her aides seem to be quitting weeks after they’re hired. The blame, however, falls upon all of you. None of you have set up your vice-president for success, and now her approval is in the dumpster.

Be better, America. Be Better.

Let’s Make Ron DeSantis A King!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill which will birth a state police force to investigate election fraud in their state. The bill will also make ballot harvesting a third-degree felony, with possible jail time for offenders.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed legislation creating a state police force to investigate claims of voter fraud and other election integrity violations. The bill creates a law enforcement agency officially called the “Office of Election Crimes and Security.”

It also revises the frequency with which election officials must maintain voter registration lists – specifically culling deceased individuals – and increases the penalty for ballot harvesting by making it a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

I mean, I’m not gay, but I absolutely love this man.

The legislation – known as SB 524 – also strengthens voter ID requirements.

“Twenty years ago, nobody thought Florida was a prime example of how to conduct elections, but we have become a national leader by running the most secure elections in the country,” DeSantis celebrated.

While this legislation is more than necessary – especially after the fraud during the 2020 election – the sad part is DeSantis is probably the only governor in America with the stones to put forth such a bill.

All Hail Governor DeSantis

If Donald Trump runs for president in 2024, he will absolutely get my vote. That said, if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis runs in 2028, I will crawl naked through broken glass to vote for him. DeSantis is simply the greatest governor on America.

The Walt Disney Company has lost nearly $50 billion dollars in stock market value since the start of March, when executives shifted gears and became more actively involved in politically-charged ideological culture warfare against Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida leadership.

According to the Washington Examiner, the downfall of Disney has been $46.6 billion USD since March 1, which the outlet marks as shortly before the start of their ongoing conflict against the state of Florida.

The latest battle has Disney losing their special self-governing status. Tens of billions of dollars were wiped out of Disney’s stock value since Tuesday, alone. Coincidentally, that was the same day DeSantis announced that eliminating Disney’s “legacy special district” status was on the session agenda.

Nearly $50 million lost in less than two months. Get woke, go broke, beyotches!

Now on Friday, DeSantis signed a bill that made it official. By June 1, 2023, Disney is no longer allowed to do their own zoning, laws, policing, or infrastructure.

“You’re a corporation based in Burbank, California, and you’re gonna marshal your economic might to attack the parents of my state. We view that as a provocation, and we’re going to fight back against that,” he commented.

Governor DeSantis is an amazing conservative and he does not suffer fools. As Abraham Lincoln said about General U.S. Grant, “I can’t spare this man—he fights.”

Germans Fleeing To South America

Hordes of German citizens are fleeing their homeland and resettling in South America. No, this is not a repeat from 1945. Apparently, Germans are fleeing fascistic coronavirus mandates as well as the Muslim invasion from the Middle East.

Paraguay is seeing a surge in German migrants, fleeing Islamic migrants in their own country and onerous coronavirus restrictions.

“We have a problem in Germany with Muslims,” said one of the exiles, adding: “Islam and vaccinations are big, big problems in this world.”

The German, named as Michael Schwartz and said to have arrived in Paraguay in November 2021, told the BBC that he had avoided taking coronavirus vaccinations — which the German health minister wants to make compulsory, although there is resistance to the policy in the federal legislature — because there are “many questions” around them, suggesting that “many Paraguayans” share his stance.

It continually puzzles me how German politicians always eventually turn towards fascism. Freedom is not even a notion in Germany anymore, which is why people are leaving.

Stephan Hausen, another German emigrée who arrived in Paraguay with his family in the same month as Schwartz, raised similar concerns, in particular about “continuous” lockdowns which had left him “dumbfounded”.

Most of Western Europe is lost, gone forever. There are some countries – Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary – which are still very free, but those countries are dwindling.