Things Are Gettin’ Real

You may remember a post from two weeks ago where the Texas House Speaker planned on issuing arrest warrants for Democrats who fled the state. The Democrats did so to block a vote on secure elections.

The first arrest warrant has been issued.

Texas state House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) this week signed the first warrant directed at state Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C., to prevent a vote on a controversial election bill.

Phelan signed a civil warrant Sunday for Rep. Philip Cortez, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

This may shock you, but Cortez doesn’t seem to care that he’s a wanted man.

Cortez initially left Texas with fellow Democratic state legislators on July 12 but went back in what he said was an attempt to work with Republicans on the legislation opposed by Democrats. Cortez returned to Texas on Wednesday to negotiate with Republicans before he fled the state for a second time.

The July 12 exodus by state Democrats has forced House members to come to the floor every day and request special permission from Phelan to leave. Cortez made such a request after he returned to Texas, and Phelan said he would grant permission if Cortez promised to come back.

However, he left the state again on Sunday and returned to D.C.

Arrest the son of a bitch, and keep him under house arrest. It’s the only way these bastards will learn.

Biden Will Not Sanction Chinese Hackers

After a Chinese cyberattack affected at least one million American Microsoft users, the illegitimate president decided to let by-gones be by-gones. Sorry about your personal information, America, but hey, what are ya gonna do?

The Biden administration blamed China on Monday for a cyberattack that compromised more than a million Microsoft customers, but stopped short of sanctioning Beijing for contracting with hackers.

The United Kingdom, European Union, and NATO joined the United States in condemning China for facilitating the March attack on Microsoft Exchange email servers. But President Joe Biden and State Department spokesman Ned Price dismissed the need for retaliation, causing some lawmakers to question the Biden administration’s ability to combat hostile foreign actors.

Now that doesn’t seem right, especially since the illegitimate president is a straight shooter whose first and only concern is the well-being of the American people.

The Biden administration has come under fire for its inconsistent response to foreign cyberattacks. The White House sanctioned Russia in April following Kremlin-directed hacks on critical U.S. infrastructure. But Biden came under fire in June for giving Russian president Vladimir Putin a list of targets that should remain “off-limits” to cyberattacks.

Look, sure the illegitimate president is bought and paid for by the ChiComs, but hey, at least we don’t have to suffer through mean tweets.

Cat Got Your Town?

The Omena, Michigan mayor’s race consists of a cat, a chicken, and a goat. I assume a human is also running, but I cannot fathom any human would be elected over a chicken.

Mayor Sweet Tart McKee, the incumbent currently running for reelection in Omena, Mich., isn’t concerned about her competition this year.

But then again, Sweet Tart is a cat, so she’s not concerned about much of anything.

For more than a decade, the Northern Michigan hamlet of Omena — a small unincorporated community that does not have its own government — has held ceremonial elections for non-human mayors. The tongue-in-cheek triennial elections are fundraisers for the Omena Historical Society, with each dollar contributed to the organization equaling one vote. While all the critter candidates are from the community, anyone in the world can cast a ballot, in person or online, from now through July 23.

Having never visited Omena, Michigan, I can still say with certainty that Sweet Tart is better than every single Republican politician with the possible exception of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Texas Is Rounding Up A Posse

This is a few days old now, but I wanted to post this unbelievable story. Apparently, the Texas state Democrats fled the state so they would not have to vote on a secure election bill. Governor Abbott stated he would have the lawmakers arrested, which most people thought was bluster. It was not.

Earlier this morning, I wrote on Gov. Greg Abbott’s threat to arrest the fleeing Texas Democrats who are refusing to show up for work. Those Democrats left the state in an ill-fated attempt to deny a quorum to Republicans, who make up a large majority of the state legislature, in order to stop a vote on an election integrity bill.

When I saw Abbott’s comments, I wasn’t sure Republicans would actually have the guts to vote to force the Democrats to return and do their jobs. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

Dear Governor Abbott, my son was enrolled at the University of Dallas for a year, which should make him an honorary Texan. I hereby volunteer myself and my son to join the posse, as long as our stipend consists of Slim Chickens and Whataburger.

[T]he Texas constitution specifically denotes this as a remedy for members of the legislature who abdicate their duties. If this were attempted at the national level, it would be a different story and clearly illegal. But under Texas law, this is the way the system is set up to force a quorum that these Texas Democrats don’t have a right to deny.

Abbott ordered the rogue Democrats either be arrested or detained, and then brought back to the Texas State House to do their jobs. Now I know Abbott hasn’t been a great governor of late, but this move is fantastic, as well as being perfectly legal.

I wonder what Texas voters will think of their politicians running away from home?

“Doctor” Jill Biden Makes Her Power Play

“Doctor” Jill Biden, who is not in any way, shape, or form an actual doctor, will be traveling to the Olympics in Japan.

She will be traveling to Tokyo alone, as the illegitimate president will be too busy eating paste.

The 2020 Summer Olympics, also known as Tokyo 2020, is to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021. The international sports competition was delayed a year due to the coronavirus pandemic but the name remains the same. It is being reported that Jill Biden will go to Japan for the opening ceremony on July 23 without her husband, the president. While in Japan, she is holding diplomatic meetings with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and other senior diplomatic officials.

Edith Wilson is nodding in approval.

When did Jill Biden begin to assume diplomatic meetings with a major ally on behalf of the United States and her husband’s administration? Why isn’t Joe Biden going? Other than totally botching his own message about pushing through massive infrastructure legislation in Congress, what’s he got going on that he can’t show up? Maybe his staff isn’t allowing him to go so as to avoid fresh opportunities for him to embarrass us overseas, given his performances at the G7 and NATO.

How is any of this even remotely acceptable? Jill Biden was never elected to any office, the illegitimate president is still – in theory – running the country, and even if he isn’t, Vice-President Kamala “Legs Up” Harris would be next in line to attend diplomatic meetings.

What the hell is going on in the White House? Does anyone know who is actually in charge?

Terrible State Is Much Too Late

A Pennsylvania state senator is contemplating an audit of the wholly corrupt results of the 2020 presidential election. Hey, great idea guys; you’re just seven months too late. Feckless clowns.

State Sen. David Argall, who heads a committee that oversees elections, told local news outlets he favors a forensic audit of the contest that state and federal officials insist was secure.

The Republican, under pressure by former President Donald Trump to take action, told the Capital-Star the audit is now a “very real possibility.” The report said he is considering subpoenas for ballot information and has yet to decide which jurisdictions to send them.

“There are a lot of things under consideration right now, and I told them to check back in a week or two, and we hope to have some more detail,” he told the outlet after meeting with audit-supporting activists on Thursday.

When the wavering begins in the fourth paragraph, I know Argall was completely full of shite. This is why I will vote against every single Republican incumbent from here on out. These a-holes promoted mail-in voting, and helped the illegitimate president win by fraud.

Yet, just like Arizona Senate President Karen Fann — who has said the Maricopa County audit is not meant to overturn the 2020 election results but rather to restore trust in the system and influence possible changes to voting laws — Argall seems to acknowledge there will be no effort geared toward trying to change the results of the November contest, even if critics peg it as an effort meant to undermine confidence in the outcome.

So why are you even bothering? It’s just Kabuki theater to fool the rubes. God, this state sucks.

Hillary: Still Cryin’ After All These Years

Former First “Lady,” borderline alcoholic, and perpetual crybaby Hillary Clinton is back in the news, and get this: she’s claiming the 2016 Presidential Election “was stolen from her.”

Former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continued to push the narrative that Russian President Vladimir Putin “helped elect” former President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

When I think about this despicable bitch, I always remember Hillary Clinton will never be president. I’ll bet she’s furious the illegitimate president is in the White House.

Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Trump, joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to offer her thoughts on President Biden’s meeting with the Russian leader. The former Democratic nominee used the opportunity to praise Biden, bash Trump and declare that Putin contributed to her loss.

“I think that [Biden’s] long history with foreign relations, his eight years as vice president seeing what worked, what didn’t work, watching the disaster of the Trump presidency in basically giving a green light to Putin to do whatever he wanted – once he helped elect Trump, of course – I think you’ll see a much different approach,” Clinton said.

I agree. Soon we’ll see the illegitimate president drooling in a cup, using cue cards during sex, and demanding his staff send in more young girls with fresh-smelling hair.

Hot Reporter-On-Reporter Violence

The illegitimate president embarrassed himself and the country yet again after American and Russian journalists participated in a shoving match. The altercation came shortly before the illegitimate president and Vladimir Putin were to begin their summit meeting.

Vladimir Putin left the American side irritated as the launch of talks between the heads of state was marred by abrasive Russian security and unruly journalists. In the ensuing finger-pointing, the U.S. side blamed the Russians.

“The Russians, of course, were the ones who were pushing people and causing problems, but it was just — that stuff, unfortunately, should not have happened,” a senior U.S. official said. “We’ve got to figure out to make sure those kinds of things do not happen.”

Remember, we were told the illegitimate president would bring decorum and class back to the presidency. Five months in, his cronies are embroiled in a shoving match with Russian journalists.

“The pool was repeatedly told to line up separately and in single file, but neither side did,” the pool report noted. “Instead, the journalists pushed and shoved trying to enter the building.”

Sadly, no American reporters were seriously hurt. I was hoping someone would at least punch Acosta in his tiny, shrunken balls.

Is It Possible They Are Finally Waking Up?

The pathetic, feckless, useless GOP may finally be learning that the mainstream media is not their friends. I mean, it only took them a handful of decades. The Republican National Committee is – allegedly – considering dumping the MSM-led presidential debates in 2024.

I’d love to see this, but I am not optimistic.

The Republican National Committee might skip network TV presidential debates if they aren’t dramatically overhauled before the next election, says David Bossie, president of Citizens United.

“We don’t need to count on just the networks,” Bossie told Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, Politico reported. “There are so many opportunities out there, so many platforms out there that we can go to and partner with to get the message out.”

Yeah, anyone who appears on the Hugh Hewitt radio show loses all credibility with me. Hewitt is a leftist who spends most of his time cuddling up to MSNBC and CNN. But whatever.

Bossie said some debate moderators spend more time grandstanding than digging down on issues important to voters.

You’re just realizing this now, Bossie? Where the hell have you been?

“We have to not allow bad actors to infiltrate our debate process.”

I agree. Speaking of, what did the Republican Party do while President Trump was cheated out of an election? Nothing? So this is all smoke and mirrors, and you – like the GOP – are a complete fraud.

Good News: The Frogs Like Us Again!

French President Emmanuel Macron revealed his admiration for Illegitimate President Joe Biden this week, claiming the dementia-addled “president” is “very willing to cooperate.” As if Pedophile Joe was in any condition to agree to anything.

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron appear to be developing a budding bromance in the United Kingdom.

Marcon practically had his tongue down Biden’s throat, which is actually less disgusting than kissing Macron’s octogenarian wife.

Macron and Biden sat for a brief bilateral meeting in between Saturday’s G-7 summit sessions, during which the French president heaped praise on his American counterpart and took a thinly veiled shot at former President Donald Trump.

Funny, the French are more upset with OrangeManBad than they are with their daily terror attacks.

“Definitely,” Macron told reporters when asked if he thinks America is “back.”

Of course he thinks that; what with our skyrocketing gas prices, the rising inflation, the payoffs to Iran, and a “president” the EU can easily manipulate and control. What more could they possibly ask for?

“I think it’s great to have a U.S. president part of the club and very willing to cooperate,” he said. “And I think what you demonstrate is that leadership is partnership.”

The media claimed, incorrectly, that President Trump was Putin’s puppet, despite the fact he was arguably tougher on Russia than any president since Reagan. Now, the illegitimate president is literally the puppet of China, Ukraine, and the EU, and the media is completely silent.