Thanks For Nothing, WordPress

While WordPress has been a decent platform for most of my blogging career, lately, they have made changes literally no one wants. Every few months they tweak something which never needed tweaking. Their original system had you either post normally, or post using HTML codes. I liked the HTML, because it was easier to post photos, copy links, etc.

Now, then entire platform has turned to crap. It’s very difficult to post in HTML now, and they made blogging very complicated. I hate this new structure, and posting photos is increasingly difficult. Why would you want to anger your publishers?

I don’t know what I’m going to do from here on out. Blogger is awful, and there aren’t any really good platforms worth using. At this point, I may just jettison photos and just write. WordPress ruined their entire system, and they did so for nothing.

About That Post

I put the previous post back into draft after my sister said she thought the post could be a problem down the line. While I disagree, and I think the people involved have already made their decisions, I respect my sister’s opinion.

The post is not deleted, and it will not be. The post will be up for all to see when we’re sure they are rejecting the case. Sorry for the confusion, but I didn’t want to give my sister even more stress.

Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago, I put fingers to keyboard and started my career as a very mediocre blogger. In the years that followed, I made – and lost – a lot of friends, enemies, and readers. While the experience wasn’t always enjoyable, I have tried to stick with it through thick and thin.

I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll keep doing this – when I retire, I may retire from blogging as well – but I want to thank all of you for continuing to stop by and read my rantings. This couldn’t happen without you, and I truly appreciate your support lo these many years.

Thank you.

A Minor Programming Note

A very good friend of mine sent me an email the other day and said they may not be scanning the blog as often because between the Wuhan virus and other matters, life has become a little too hectic.

I told my friend to get bent.

No, I’m obviously kidding, but the email had a specific message that is worth addressing here. As you can see in the photo above, this blog is basically written by a monkey – and not the smart ones NASA sent into orbit. The Wuhan virus has affected everyone, whether physically, mentally, or economically. Most of us are stressed out, dealing with health issues, or worrying about family members.

Writing posts for the blog has been a chore lately, because it is difficult to find stories which are not Wuahn-related. No one wants to keep reading about the doom and gloom every day – certainly not me. The blog has been hemorrhaging readers for a while now – self-inflicted, after quitting blogs the past few years – and that’s okay. I’m nowhere near as obsessive about this place as I was in the late 2000s.

There are a good amount of core regulars who stop by and comment occasionally, but please do not feel like that is an obligation. Everyone has other serious obligations awaiting them, and this blog is not on that list. If you can use the blog as a momentary escape, terrific. If not, then attend to your family, friends, and most of all, yourself.

I’ll continue posting here, since I feel it helps me do my part to keep everyone somewhat sane. You don’t have to read the posts or comment. At all. When things get back to normal, the blog will still be here. Seriously, attend to your matters and keep yourself safe and healthy.

We Lost A Family Member

Longtime reader/commenter and my good friend TX Nick lost his mother yesterday. And while I hope TX Nick isn’t angry with me posting about this, I did want to mention it here because she seemed like a truly terrific person.

It’s never easy losing a parent, but she lived a long, fruitful life. I consider most of you my extended family, and when someone loses a family member, we should all send out condolences and prayers.

A Frustrating Rant

Yeah, I’m really getting sick of this.

When you’re trying to entertain people, it helps to mix in some variety. As it stands, the only stories appearing in the media and on various websites have to deal with the Wuhan virus.

There are no odd stories, no sports tales, no celebrity profiles, and very few Florida Man stories. I can’t – and won’t – go all Wuhan all the time here. At this point, the entire story has become boring to me.

Yes, it sucks that people are losing their jobs, and yes it sucks that the elderly are passing away, but for the most part, this entire situation has turned into little more than keeping the citizenry panicked. It transformed from a pandemic to a political battle between despicable politicians and their desperate power grabs.

I can’t take it anymore.

Do yourselves a favor; stop watching network news, and stop reading their websites. Live your life as best you can and ignore the people who want you to panic.

I’ll do my best to post some non-Wuhan stories tomorrow.

An Important Programming Note

I mentioned how difficult it has been finding stories which are not Wuhan Virus related. Like a lot of bloggers, I don’t want to continue posting about this nonsense every day, especially since many of you are keeping up on the developments.

I’ve been searching for something entertaining to post this weekend and I found Dick Bupkis, so I decided to take the weekend off. This decisions coincides with my having the weekend off from work, and I plan on doing literally nothing, except jogging once a day.

I’m sorry if this is inconvenient, but I’d rather take two days than rehash coronavirus stories.

I’ll be back to normal posting Monday, and hopefully the media sites will find something new to post.

UPDATE: The number of officers in our building with Wuhan symptoms are now in double digits. Another reason I want to just jog and rest at home this weekend. I feel great, but I should probably chill most of the weekend.

The Eyes Have It

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this will be the only post today. Why? Well, it’s because I can’t see.

On Christmas Eve, I was in the shower when it felt like an eyelash was stuck in my left eye. I tried to rinse it out, but after a few attempts, I had no luck. I checked the eye in the mirror and didn’t see anything, but it still felt like something was in there. I decided to put in my contact lenses to see if they would work.

Big mistake.

The lenses exacerbated the situation, and not only did there feel like a foreign object was in my eye, but it also make my eye blurry. So, the Harry Potter glasses came out. Cristmas Eve was awful. I continually borrowed my sister-in-law’s saline solution because my eyes were burning. Worse still, it felt like the eyelash, or whatever, was still in the eye.

On Christmas morning, my left eye was shut from seepage. I assumed that meant I had pink eye, but nothing was red and/or swollen. I tried to rinse out the eye – again – with no luck, so I suffered through Christmas and hoped my ophthalmologist would rescue me. Looking at their site, the doc is not in until January 4th.


We got home form my mother-in-law’s house at 8pm, and I immediately got changed and headed to the hospital. Lord knows I don’t like doing that, but it had been two days and the blurriness was getting worse. I apologized to the nurse, and said, “It’s probably nothing too serious, but I kinda like my eyes.”

A physician’s assistant came in, looked around, and said this is either an eye infection or a scratched cornea. I really didn’t want a cornea problem, so, like Kendall Jenner, I hoped for the infection. The PA numbed my left eye with drops, and added stain to the eye so it could be seen through ultraviolet light. This would determine if there was an object in the eye.

Thankfully, the eye was clear.

The PA took a sample of the goop near the eyelid and determined it was likely an infection. She put some antibiotic ointment on my eye, and I have to repeat it four times a day for five days. It’s an annoying, creepy thing to do – I have issues with people getting near my eyes – but it’s far better than a scratched cornea.

So, I will try to get back to regular posting tomorrow. As of this moment I can barely see the screen clearly. You can see how my left eye is a little droopy in the photo above – no smile, because I was tired and in pain. Oh, and since Ronni asked for a pic to see how much weight I lost, this shows some of it, at least in my face. I can get a better pic up later, when I can actually see again.