Find This, You Must Do

An enterprising 3D printer artist has created a Baby Yoda toothpaste topper.

The best part? When you squeeze the toothpaste, it gushes through the Yoda’s mouth like vomit.

What’s not to love?

SnowBloom3d has created an absolutely adorable Baby Yoda toothpaste topper that fits onto any size tube. When the tube is put into use, little Grogu happily vomits as much toothpaste as desired right onto a waiting toothbrush.

This is the Way… to fewer Cavities! Cute Baby Yoda toothpaste topper. Just screw this on and squeeze to make the toothpaste come out of his mouth!

I’d probably buy this for my kids, but Kevin thinks Baby Yoda is the stupidest creation of all time.

David Prowse, 1935-2020

David Prowse, the man who played Darth Vader in the original trilogy, has passed away.

David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars films, has died, the Associated Press reported. He was 85.

George Lucas asked Prowse to audition for Star Wars after seeing the 6-foot-6 actor in the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange. Prowse had his choice of playing Chewbacca or Vader, and opted for the latter because, as he told the BBC, “you always remember the bad guy.”

Prowse played Luke Skywalker’s erstwhile father in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, but famously, his voice didn’t make it into the films. He said all Vader’s lines, but the voice of James Earl Jones was later dubbed in.

Before he became an actor, Prowse was a UK champion bodybuilder in the 1960s.

Everyone knows about James Earl Jones’ impressive Vader voice, but real nerds like me knew Prowse was doing all the heavy lifting. Prowse rarely received any credit for his portrayal of Darth Vader, which may have bothered him, but he was simply happy to play the role. Let’s hope he knew every kid from my generation knew Darth Vader was the baddest badass in all of cinema.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Prowse. Thank you for the memories.

The Force Is Female?

Since today is Star Wars Day – “May The Fourth Be With You” – I figured it’s high time I publicly admitted what most people knew all along. Disney killed Star Wars, then burned it at the stake, and raped its smoldering corpse.

The recent trilogy was painful to watch – I never even bothered to see Rise of Skywalker – because the films had no direction, no interesting characters, and no respect for the original cast.

Worse still, Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Disney Star Wars, has transformed Star Wars into a female-centric franchise. Don’t believe me? Check out this garbage:

Another Star Wars arrangement is in progress at Disney Plus. The arrangement hails from Leslye Headland, the co-maker, showrunner and official maker of the widely praised Netflix arrangement Russian Doll.

For the record, this bint has no legitimate writing credits to her name, despite Russian Doll, but she is totes qualified because she’s a “woke” female.

Subtleties of the specific plot of the arrangement are being stayed quiet about, yet sources state it will be a female-driven arrangement that happens in an alternate piece of the Star Wars course of events than different undertakings. The headland is said to be joined to compose and fill in as showrunner on the arrangement, with the show at present staffing.

Why yes, let’s force a bunch of all-knowing, all-powerful Mary Sues into Star Wars, because that worked so well with the last trilogy. I can hardly wait to not see this series.

Look, you don’t have to force female characters into a franchise if they’re written well. No Star Wars fan had a problem with Princess Leia, Aunt Beru, or Mon Mothma, but when you shove them in because “diversity.” It’s pandering, and it’s pathetic.

Star Wars ended after Return of the Jedi. Everything else has been hot garbage. Well done, Disney!

Shut Up & Take My Money!

While virtually every Star Wars film since Return of the Jedi has been a colossal disappointment, this hybrid of Optimus Prime and an AT-AT is the best thing I’ve seen since Vica Kerekes transformed her panties into a hair scrunchie.

Spoonman makes some amazing custom toys, often from kitbashing together pieces from various off-the-shelf toys. One of our favorites has to be this mashup of Transformers’ Optimus Prime and an AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back. If ever we wanted to throw money at our computer screen, it would be now.

I sent this to Kyle and he replied, “Buy this. Buy it now!”

This Chair Is Now Fully Operational

A Filipino designer has created furniture modeled after Star Wars icons, and it’s cooler than you’d think.

Disney has teamed up with Filipino design maven Kenneth Cobonpue to launch a Star Wars-themed furniture line—and, as Yoda would say, very good, the furniture is. But contrary to the kitsch creations your inner-child may envision—no, there are no wookiee-like shag pile rugs—the high-end collection is suitably refined and thoughtful.

The delicate-looking Vader and TIE fighter armchairs incorporate handwoven, airy lattice—a feature consistent within Cobonpue’s oeuvre—and prove the dark side can be incredibly chic.

The piece de resistance is below, and I seriously want to save my money for it…

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The Empire Takes Manhattan

Erik and I will be spending the day in Long Island, New York for his first summer league lacrosse tournament. Since we won’t be too far from Manhattan, I figured I’d post something cool about the state’s largest leftist enclave.

This is a visual comparison created by Redditor movielover278 of the largest known class of Star Destroyer compared to the size of Manhattan. For reference, Manhattan is 13.4 miles (21.6 km) long and 2.3 miles (3.7 km) at its widest. So that is a pretty big ship. You think it has a shopping mall on board? How else are all those Storm Troopers supposed to spend their paychecks?

Now if the Empire can target their weapons on Bill De Blasio’s office and the Mets’ Citi Field…

Almost There… Almost There…

While surfing teh innerwebz, I came across this glorious wooden recreation of the Death Star Trench. Natch, I found it a week after my birthday.

Origin Artwork offers this highly-detailed laser-etched 3D wood model of the Death Star’s famous trench from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. It’s ready to be wall-mounted and comes in three sizes – 8″x 16″, 10″x 20″ and 20″x 40″.

Likely the most detailed piece we’ve ever created! Own a part of Star Wars lore with this Wooden Death Star Trench! This piece includes hanging hardware so it will be ready to go up on display.

If you’re interested in the large coffee table piece please message us as those take quite a bit more time to create and ship.

I wonder if they could make one the length of my basement wall?

Ich Bin Ein Star Warser

A (likely virgin) German professor has remodeled an observatory to make it look like R2-D2.

In a galaxy far far away (Germany) Hubert Zitt, professor at the Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences and known for Star Trek and Star Wars lectures, along with a small team, transformed the Zweibrück Observatory of the Natural Science Association into a giant R2-D2 – and it is out of this world.

The sci-fi professor completed the project in September 2018, aided by his father-in-law Horst Helle, the master painter Klaus Ruffing and several helping students and it has caught the eyes of Star Wars fans everywhere. The most notable fan of the re-design was Star Wars actor Mark Hamill who tweeted about it, “R2-D2 Observatory Transformed Germans Into Giant Nerds.” (H/T – Smite)

This. Is. Awesome. The only way Professor Zitt could draw more people to the observatory is if he painted the building like a woman’s boob.

Use The Cross, Luke

A man dropped the mother of all pranks this Christmas, by giving his unsuspecting parents a holy gift.

A Utah man gave his parents a portrait of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Christmas, and his mother hung it on her wall thinking it was Jesus.

Ryan, who asked INSIDER to only use his first name, shared a video of the prank on YouTube. The video showed his parents unwrapping their Christmas gift to find a framed portrait of McGregor’s character from the “Star Wars” films.

Ryan told INSIDER his parents, who are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are passive movie watchers who may have seen him watch “Star Wars” growing up but likely hadn’t seen the full films themselves.

This is both awesome and evil, but I have a feeling Jesus-Wan Kenobi will forgive Ryan, for He disappeared into the Force for our sins.