This Is Fine

The Biden administrating is currently seeking plea deals for the architects of the September 11th attacks in 2001. According to Catherine Herridge, Biden is looking to remove the death penalty for the men who murdered 2,977 innocent people who were just going to work.

The United States government is reportedly negotiating plea deals that could take the death penalty off the table for the five defendants charged with planning and executing the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, and four other Guantánamo Bay detainees including Ramzi Binalshibh, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, Walid bin Attash, and Ammar al-Baluchi were charged in 2008 with the murder of nearly 3,000 people, terrorism, providing material support to terrorism and plane hijacking, and various other crimes related to the terror attacks.

Well hey, I guess we can’t give these animals the death penalty, because they learned their lesson… or something. Hell, let’s send them back to the Middle East so they can do it again.

Now, at the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, CBS News correspondent Catherine Herridge reported Sunday that military prosecutors and defense attorneys for the five Guantánamo detainees are negotiating plea deals that could remove the death penalty and keep the military base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, open indefinitely.

You know where this is going, right? They’ll remove the death penalty, then they’ll demand clemency for these savages, then they’ll be released because these terrorists are too old to murder people.

I am honestly starting to hate this country, and those running it into the ground.

Thanks Joe Biden!

Remember back in August 2021 when F**k Joe Biden pulled out our service members from Afghanistan? Remember when he left approximately 9,000 Americans and Afghan translators in country as people were holding on to planes and falling to their deaths?

Despite all that idiocy, there is some good news. Afghanistan has welcomed Al-Qaeda back into their fold.

The Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda is now reportedly operating with “increased freedom of movement” inside of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan following Democrat President Joe Biden’s disastrous pullout from the country last summer, which resulted in the deaths of numerous U.S. Military personnel.

The revelation was made in a new report dated late last month from U.N. experts to the U.N. Security Council.

Food shortages, skyrocketing gas prices, and now the promise of more terrorism.

The report also states that two other major Islamic terrorist groups are alive and well inside Afghanistan, including ISIS-K, which “has financial resources and has grown in strength through prison releases and new recruitments.” The report also mentions the Haqqani Network as the “most successful” in gaining favor with the Taliban and the most “influential” of the different terrorist groups.

I don’t know about you, but ISIS-K is definitely more delicious than Special K.

Now, I’m not a smart man by any means, but it is inconceivable to me that one president can cause so much carnage in a year and a half. F. Joe Biden has done his level best to ruin this country, and he couldn’t care less. And why would he; it’s not like this affects him or his family.

Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

I usually go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Friday was overwhelmed with pouring rain, so I decided to skip the day. To make up for the day off, I decided to take a four-mile walk Sunday afternoon, and I immediately regretted my error.

Almost one year ago today, groups of Palestinian thugs took to the streets of Philadelphia to protest the “massacre” of Palestinians by the Israelis. If they had simply marched through the streets, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, after the protests, Pali-friendly clowns decided to start harassing, threatening, and assaulting Jewish residents – or people they thought were Jews.

Naturally, our mayor did nothing to quell the violence, because Islamist thugs are Mayor Kenney’s best friends. One year later, little has changed.

So I’m walking Sunday afternoon along a busy thoroughfare, listening to music, when I hear a vehicle convoy blaring their horns as they drive down the road. I turn around and every car and truck is waving a Palestinian flag and shouting at people as they drive by.

My neighborhood is populated with Russians, Ukrainians, and Jewish residents, which is why these terrorist thugs drove on that specific road. They did it to send a message, and that message was this; the unprovoked attacks will continue.

It was just a small gesture, but I did at least give them the finger and called them terrorist a-holes.

F**k These Russian Bastards

While the Russian military was destroying Bucha, Ukraine, and massacring 412 of its civilians, they decided to stay in the abandoned homes of the city. Most of the homes were ransacked by the Russian military, but one group of Russians went above and beyond.

Forced to flee their home in Bucha following Russia’s invasion, Tatiana Monko returned home with daughter Daryna last week.

Despite their apartment being ransacked and Daryna’s prized autographed poster of her favourite band being ripped to pieces, the first thing she wanted to do was play her piano. But as the talented 10-year-old sat down and began playing, Tatiana noticed that her daughter’s trophies on top of the piano had been moved.

Lifting the lid and peering inside, the horrified mother spotted the explosive, a VOG-25P grenade, attached to the piano’s hammers.

If they hadn’t checked the piano, Daryna and her mother would have been killed.

Tatiana Monko described these soldiers as “bastards,” and I cannot think of a better description.

‘At the age of six she started singing and chess, last year she took fourth place in the regional chess tournament, is still in the theatre studio, played cameo roles in TV series, and the last two years started the piano and accordion.’

Ukrainian bomb squad personnel arrived at the residence and safely removed the grenade. I sincerely hope Ukraine slaughters every one of these animals. Every. One.

Everything Biden Touches Turns To Ruin

Three of F. Joe Biden’s Iranian negotiators have apparently quit their positions, claiming the illegitimate president is being way too easy on Iran.

Three Biden administration negotiators working on trying to get Iran to enter a nuclear deal have left the team because they reportedly believed that Democrat President Joe Biden was being too soft on Iran.

F. Joe Biden follows his master’s voice – Barack Hussein Obama – who was also entirely too easy on the world’s state sponsor of terror.

“U.S. officials confirmed over the weekend that Richard Nephew, the deputy special envoy for Iran, has left the team. Mr. Nephew, an architect of previous economic sanctions on Iran, had advocated a tougher posture in the current negotiations, and he hasn’t attended the talks in Vienna since early December,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “Two other members of the team, which is led by State Department veteran Robert Malley, have stepped back from the talks, the people familiar said, because they also wanted a harder negotiating stance.”

The team has been divided over disagreements on how strictly existing sanctions should be enforced and at what point it should walk away from the table as some experts warn that Iran is trying to prolong talks while they continue to work on their nuclear program.

While this may seem like a problem for the Biden administration, it’s not. At all. Biden will simply appoint three more negotiators who will do his bidding. I suspect by the end of the negotiations, Iran will have another $100 million and access codes to defeat Israel’s defenses.

F Joe Biden Is A National Disgrace

Family members of twenty-six American hostages have sent a letter to the illegitimate president, asking the administration why nothing has been done to recover their loved ones and bring them home. It appears these twenty-six Americans are not those stuck in Afghanistan, but other hostile countries around the globe.

The letter, obtained by the outlet, said that the administration appeared to be getting “bogged down in burdensome processes or policy debates that keep our loved ones from coming home and keep us uninformed of what you can and cannot do to help us.”

“We need to be shown that the promises of your administration to prioritize the return of our family members are not empty. Now is the time for action. Now we need you to bring our fellow Americans home,” the letter declared. The letter says that in some instances the families feel like they are in a “worse” situation currently than they were eight months ago.

If I were one of these family members, I would be doing much more than writing letters. I’d be outside the White House, 24/7 screaming at the administration with a bullhorn.

The relatives said they felt optimistic on the heels of a call earlier this year with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

But they said that subsequently they have not been able to meet the president or national security adviser Jake Sullivan, “which leads us to believe that your administration is not prioritizing negotiations and other methods to secure their release.”

Apologies if this sounds rude, but why would these people believe Blinken, Sullivan, or anyone else from this administration would lift a finger to rescue their family members? It’s a serious question. The administration claims there are two hundred Americans still in Afghanistan – I believe that number is much larger – and they haven’t done a thing since since August 31st.

I mean, I’m truly sorry they and their family members are going through this, but if they’re hanging their hat on F. Joe Biden, they will be sorely disappointed.

UPDATE: The Pentagon just announced there are 450 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. It’s almost like they have been lying to us for two months.

Biden Leaves Christians To Die

The illegitimate president has denied charity groups from rescuing persecuted Christians stuck in Afghanistan, likely assuring their deaths.

The Biden administration is preventing the rescue of persecuted Christian minorities from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, where they face certain and likely gruesome death.

It’s amusing how leftists shriek if you criticize people who practice Islam, but it’s perfectly okay when Christians are getting slaughtered.

This information surfaced on August 26, 2021, during an interview between Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Through his charity, the Nazarene Fund, Beck had managed to charter planes to airlift 5,100 Christians out of Afghanistan and into neighboring nations. Before long, however, U.S. officials intervened and prevented the escape of a batch of 500 Christians, mostly women and children, who were ordered outside of the airport’s protection zone: “I have pictures of them pleading to get back through the gate,” Beck continued.

So not only is the Biden administration ignoring American citizens behind enemy lines, they are also ignoring Christians who are being murdered by the Taliban. That’s an interesting position for a president who claims he’s a “Catholic.”

According to one recent report, “Taliban militants are even pulling people off public transport and killing them on the spot if they’re Christians.” Similarly, any Afghan caught with a Bible app on their phone is executed. “How we survive daily only God knows,” a Christian Afghani said earlier this year on condition of anonymity. “But we are tired of all the death around us.”

Sadly, the deaths will continue, because the United States of America is no longer a tool for good.

Heck Of A Job, Biden!

Despite what the illegitimate president’s administration is claiming, there are apparently 1,000, not 100, Americans still trapped in Afghanistan with few options to flee the country.

Appearing Monday on the Fox News Channel, former U.S. military officer Jean Marie Thrower estimated that approximately 1,000 Americans remain in Afghanistan following the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal from the war-torn country.

TRACE GALLAGHER: The State Department says roughly 100 are still trying to leave the country. My next guest disputes that figure, saying the number is closer to a 1,000. With us is Jean Marie Thrower with Plan B Afghan Rescue Crew. You and your organization are doing exceptional work. Tell us why you believe their are a lot more, maybe 1,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

JEAN MARIE THROWER: Definitely there are more than the 100 being stated. We have multiple groups of teams working together and we continue to work with these rosters to know where they are at. I want to say as a veteran that I am appalled by our administration in how they disrespected Americans and our allies, as well as put our soldiers’ future operations globally in jeopardy.

It’s a disgrace the Biden administration is doing nothing to get these Americans out of harm’s way. Of those estimated 1,000 Americans inside Afghanistan, I wonder how many have been harassed, attacked, or killed? But hey, at least we don’t have any more mean tweets.

Unvetted Afghan “Refugees” Settling In U.S.

The Biden administration is gleefully accepting nearly 100,000 unvetted Afghan “refugees” into the country between now and 2022. Many of these people are not vaccinated for even the most basic diseases – Virginia has a few who have spread measles – and no one knows who is an actual refugee and who is a terrorist.

The Biden administration began notifying governors about how many Afghan refugees would be resettled within their states from the first batch of 37,000 evacuees.

The administration plans to resettle 65,000 Afghans by the end of September, and 30,000 more by September 2022.

California and Texas will receive the most, while Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia will not receive anyone from the first group.

Policies like these will be the final nail in America’s coffin. If you click the graphic above, you’ll see how many of these Afghans will be settling in each state. Also note, there are a multitude of red states – Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina – who will be forced to take in over 1,000 Afghans.

This has nothing to do with humanitarian aid. It has everything to do with insuring there will never be another Republican president.

Twenty Years Gone

There is very little I can add concerning the September 11th attacks, because after twenty years there is nothing left to add. I would suggest we never forget and never forgive.

I guess there is one thing I could add; the Biden administration has not vetted any of the Afghanis who were lucky enough to get on a plane to America. The logical result of this debacle will likely lead to more terror attacks here and likely another massive 9/11 terror attack. I hope I am wrong, but I’m not.