Philadelphia Is The Worst City In America

After living in Philadelphia for fifty-two years, I have come to the realization than Philadelphia is the worst city in the country. And it’s not even close. A group of North Philly residents decided to renovate a lot which was filled with trash, feces, and other nasty items. The people turned the lot into something beautiful, only to have the city pee on their parade.

A North Philadelphia community is expressing frustration after being told to vacate a piece of city land that residents helped to revitalize.

What residents once described as a dumping site at 15th and Parrish streets in Francisville has been transformed into a community green space after a major clean-up effort during the pandemic.

With their own money, residents built a sandpit for kids, picnic tables and a fenced-in area for dogs. Over 1,000 people have signed a petition to keep the lot a green space.

The city says by next week, everything must be moved out. The land is currently set aside for future affordable housing.

Mayor Jim Kenney is arguably the worst mayor the city has ever seen, and he was all too happy to send his brownshirts to shut down the revitalization. I mean, why would he want his city to look nice for a change? I hate this city, and I cannot wait until I can flee its borders.