We Will Always Remember

While I am a few days late, I wanted to mention one of the nation’s most renowned terrorist attacks, committed three decades ago in Los Angeles.

32 years ago, the world watched in horror as events unfolded at Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. A group of German terrorists led by the evil Hans Gruber disrupted the Christmas Party being celebrated by employees of the Nakatomi Corporation, a major logistics and construction firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Nakatomi CEO Joseph Takagi was murdered by the terrorists, along with Director of International Development Harry Ellis, who was shot by Gruber while enjoying a Coke as he attempted to facilitate a negotiation between the terrorists and vacationing New York City police officer John McClane.

Ultimately, it was the heroic efforts of McClane and Los Angeles police Sgt. Al Powell that disrupted the terrorists’ mercenary plot to steal $640 million in negotiable Nakatomi Corp. bearer bonds and retire on a Caribbean beach while earning 20%. Gruber died when he fell from a 32nd floor window while clutching a gun in one hand and McClane’s watch in another. (H/T – RedneckGeezer)

Today we remember the fallen, and vow to prevent another Nakatomi Plaza incident.