Little Drummer Girl

This story is a little old, as we received the invitation in December, but we didn’t want to post about it until we were sure Princess P was selected. Julia has been playing for her elementary school band for three yeas now. She is a drummer, following in the footsteps of Erik, was also played the drums.

In December, we received this email from Princess P’s band teacher, and thought it was great news.

Good morning,

I am reaching out to see if Julia would be interested in joining the 2022 Northeastern Honor Band. Julia is an exceptional musician and leader, so I think she would do very well in this ensemble.

This year, the teachers are simply nominating students instead of a formal audition process. However, we cannot guarantee that all students who are nominated will be admitted. Participating in this honor band includes a registration fee of $25, three rehearsals, and the final concert in Springfield, PA. If you are not able to attend all the rehearsals and the concert, you cannot participate in this ensemble. I have listed more information below this email.

Please let me know if Julia would be interested and able to participate in this honor band! My nominations are due December 23rd, so you have plenty of time to decide.

Have a great day,
Mr. Roberts

Princess P jumped at the chance to participate, even after the Archdiocese changed the event to a virtual concert. Julia will record her drumming and it will be combined with the music of the other band members. This is the second time she was nominated, and she had a great time previously.

The girl has a lot of talent – dance, art, music – and I have no idea where she gets it.