Is It Possible They Are Finally Waking Up?

The pathetic, feckless, useless GOP may finally be learning that the mainstream media is not their friends. I mean, it only took them a handful of decades. The Republican National Committee is – allegedly – considering dumping the MSM-led presidential debates in 2024.

I’d love to see this, but I am not optimistic.

The Republican National Committee might skip network TV presidential debates if they aren’t dramatically overhauled before the next election, says David Bossie, president of Citizens United.

“We don’t need to count on just the networks,” Bossie told Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, Politico reported. “There are so many opportunities out there, so many platforms out there that we can go to and partner with to get the message out.”

Yeah, anyone who appears on the Hugh Hewitt radio show loses all credibility with me. Hewitt is a leftist who spends most of his time cuddling up to MSNBC and CNN. But whatever.

Bossie said some debate moderators spend more time grandstanding than digging down on issues important to voters.

You’re just realizing this now, Bossie? Where the hell have you been?

“We have to not allow bad actors to infiltrate our debate process.”

I agree. Speaking of, what did the Republican Party do while President Trump was cheated out of an election? Nothing? So this is all smoke and mirrors, and you – like the GOP – are a complete fraud.

Trump To Pull A Grover Cleveland?

There have been rumors if the Democrats steal this election, President Trump may considering running again in 2024. CNN douchebag Jim Acosta floated this out the other day, but on Thursday a real person – Mic Mulvaney – suggested it as well.

President Trump could run for another term if he loses reelection, with speculation already starting. The Constitution’s 22nd Amendment, put in place after Franklin D. Roosevelt served four terms in office, states, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.”

Grover Cleveland won two non-consecutive terms in 1884 and 1892.

Mic Mulvaney, a former Trump chief of staff, on Thursday added to the speculation.

“I would absolutely expect the president to stay involved in politics and would absolutely put him on the shortlist of people who are likely to run in 2024,” said Mulvaney, now special envoy for Northern Ireland, according to the Irish Times.

Mulvaney made the comments during a webinar hosted by the Dublin think tank, the Institute for International and European Affairs, the newspaper also said.

President Trump would be 78 in 2024, but a Trump 78 is much different from a Joe Biden 78. Personally, I think he should run, since these Democrat bastards did their level best to destroy his first term.