True Detective Stories

So Friday night was a special for me and my career. I was presented with my 25-year service plaque from the police department.

Unfortunately, I reached twenty-five years in 2019, but better late than never, huh?

The plaques were delivered in 2019, and when Covid hit, everything went to hell. A multitude of plaques were left in the captain’s office, and it took the administration two years to remember they were back there.

For the record, those who know me know I don’t like ceremonies, especially when I’m involved. It’s embarrassing, and I would just rather it be handed out and we continue with our day. My lieutenant presented the plague in front of my coworkers, and said a multitude of nice things about me, claiming I have “held this squad together for the seven years (the lieutenant) has been assigned here.”

The speech was very humbling.

My squad bought pizzas, Buffalo wings, and a lot of other goodies, which we could have scarfed down if there weren’t two active shootings. Either way, it was a nice evening for me and my coworker Tommy, who celebrated twenty years in the department.