NYC Mayor Wants To Bankrupt City

Communist New York City mayor Bill de Blasio claims he is ready to spend $30 million of taxpayer dollars to make sure the city divorces itself from all of Donald Trump’s corporations.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to divorce his city from all business dealings with the Trump companies, a move that could cost the city as much as $30 million.

De Blasio had previously stated on Jan. 13 that he planned to cancel the long-standing concession contracts to operate the carousel and staking rings located within Central Park, and a golf course located in the Bronx. Many critics, then and now, said that this was just another move by De Blasio to boost his image with his progressive base.

What difference does that make? De Blasio is out of office in a few months, and I don’t see how this clown can be elected to higher office. This communist is simply doing this because Orange. Man. Bad.

However, it was later revealed that the contracts were up for renewal that spring, so it would make more sense to just let them expire, and not incur any interruptions in the skating season, which could anger local residents and lose even more money.

As if De Blasio gives a crap if New Yorkers lose money. I mean, hey, if the communist thinks he can ruin President Trump financially, knock yourself out. It will be another one of your idiotic, fruitless schemes, where your only reward will be Twitter likes from leftist morons.