At The Coca, Coca Banana…

A group of Border Force officers in Southampton, U.K. caught the fish of a lifetime when they uncovered $7.5 million worth of cocaine. This may surprise you, but the cocaine was shipped from – get this – Colombia.

Cocaine with a street value of £7.5m has been discovered hidden in a shipment of bananas from Colombia.

Border Force officers found 103kg (227lb) of the Class A drug on 6 January while searching a vessel that had arrived at the Port of Southampton.

The good news is the cocaine was recovered. The bad news is Alejandro Sosa is sending a hit squad to the British Tony Montana.

The government agency said its officers could be “proud of their work in preventing this drug consignment from reaching our communities”.

The Home Office has been asked whether any arrests have been made.

I’m sure the Border Force recovered all the cocaine and didn’t scrape some off the top.