The NFL Is Doubling Down On Stupid

Four NFL players – two from the Eagles – submitted a memo to the league offices demanding November be “activism awareness month.” See if you can guess who will be the target of the activism?

Four NFL players submitted a 10-page memo to the league’s top officials asking for “overt league support” and a month of anti-police activism.

The 10-page memo was obtained by Yahoo Sports and was endorsed by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles’ Torrey Smith and former NFL player Anquan Boldin. The memo was sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent.

Bennett has sat during the national anthem during games and raises a fist on the field after making plays in protest of the police.

Bennett does this Black Power bullshit in front of dozens of police officers, who volunteer to work their days off to keep these thugs safe on game day.

The memo asks for the league to make the month of November as “activism awareness month” such as the league does with breast cancer. The memo also blames police for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed in 2012 by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, not the police.

“Since 2016, police have shot over 300 men and women in this country. Some of the names and stories are familiar—Jordan Edwards, Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, but hundreds of others are not,” the memo says. Alton Sterling was shot by police while trying to draw his gun during a struggle with officers. The officer who shot Jordan Edwards was fired and indicted.

You know, if you are going to agitate for activism, the least you could do is get your facts right. Then again, when have football players ever let facts get in the way of a good diatribe?

Personally, I hope the league allows this movement. It would surely hasten the NFL’s slow, painful death.