Info Whores

While driving in to work yesterday, I heard about this story on the Chris Stigall Show, and I have been smiling ever since. Radio personality Alex Jones’ NBC interview with MeAgain kelly is set for Sunday night, and when the inevitable funny business occurs, Jones will be prepared.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy-theorizing host of Infowars whose controversial interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly is set to air Sunday night, has fallen back to the argument of every disgruntled interviewee: “They took me out of context.”

Except in this case, Jones may cause serious trouble for Kelly, who he apparently took the precaution of covertly taping in pre-interview calls and, he claims, the interview itself, which he is now publicizing on Infowars and his YouTube channel.

As distasteful and cynical as many may feel Jones’ argument to be, there is no doubt that the recording of a pre-interview call with Kelly, an edited version of which Jones published Friday on his YouTube channel, will heap further trouble and pressure on the NBC host.

Jones then cuts in footage of the promo released by NBC News in which Kelly probes him about his claims that the massacre was fake, and he replies by talking about the casualties of America’s foreign wars, and Kelly tells him he is “dodging” the question.

If true, this will be the greatest takedown of the mainstream media ever, and it couldn’t happen to a nastier bitch.