Customer Gets Crispy With KFC Worker

A Flori-Duh woman was arrested after she assaulted a KFC worker. The woman slapped the employee because she believed her service was below par.

A chicken enthusiast is facing felony burglary and child abuse charges after allegedly striking a teenage worker in the neck because she was “unhappy with the service at the KFC drive-through window.”

Alexandra Maldonado, 23, was arrested Friday afternoon following the confrontation at a KFC near her St. Petersburg residence.

Investigators allege that Maldonado, displeased with the service, walked up to the drive-thru window and hit the 16-year-old victim, “causing a visible red mark 1” x 4” in size.” Maldonado, who works at a Metro PCS store, reached into the drive-thru window to strike the girl.

Now, while I do not condone the assault, I must say the offender is much more attractive than I expected. She’s not a beauty queen, but I expected Helen Thomas.