British Woman Really Loves The Tube

Meet Amanda Barrow (left).

Amanda is dealing with a bad breakup, and to compensate, she apparently found a “friend” on the subway. Amanda treats her friends very well.

A woman was shocked to see herself drunkenly perform a sex act with a stranger on police CCTV. Amanda Barrow, from Newbury, Berkshire, told a court she was so drunk that she had no memory of the incident which shocked a 16-year-old fellow passenger who immediately called police.

The 43-year-old was horrified to see CCTV images issued by police showing her with a man she did not know on a train passing through Aldermaston station in Berkshire and turned herself in to police.

Barrow, a full-time cleaner, had recently broken up with her partner and resorted to regular binge drinking sessions to deal with her heartbreak.

I’m guessing Amanda cleaned that guy’s pipes very well, and she probably performed her share of “drinking” after the act was completed.