What A Waste

Meet Amanda Peters of Livingston, Kentucky. The “gorgeous” 26-year old proves police work is a really shitty job.

Peters, of Livingston, Ky., gave an officer a fake name after she was tracked down on an outstanding warrant out of a neighboring county. The officer then traced Peters to a local house and entered the home with an arrest citation.

Peters reportedly tried to avoid the cop by locking herself in a bathroom, but the cop was able to make her way into the room.

There, Peters “intentionally released her bowels in an upward motion with purposeful direction at this deputy – causing said bodily waste to land on the face, arms, and legs of this deputy.”

Funny, she doesn’t look like the kind of woman who would fling her own poo. Imaging looking that nasty at 26; then imagine what this bint will look like at forty.

As penance for my male readers, I give you this palate cleanser.