You Thought College Was Bad Now?

In response to the Wuhan Virus, American colleges are cracking down on parties, get-togethers, and literally everything fun about the college experience.

As they struggle to salvage some semblance of a campus experience this fall, U.S. colleges are requiring promises from students to help contain the coronavirus — no keg parties, no long road trips and no outside guests on campus.

So why would anyone return to college? Honestly, the Wuhan has been the best remedy for the “necessity” of college. Why would anyone pay $50,000 a year for online classes? The entire thing – with the exception of the sciences – is an absolutely money-grab.

No kidding. Administrators warn that failure to wear masks, practice social distancing and avoid mass gatherings could bring serious consequences, including getting booted from school.

So they’re taking your kids’ money, and if they break the rules, they’ll expel your child… without a refund. I was forced to go to college, and I had a decent time. My grades weren’t the best, but it was fun. That said, with tuition today, I don’t know why anyone would want that much debt for a scroll of paper.