Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

Thanks to the competing forces of the Chinese Wuhan Virus, BLM/Antifa riots, Democrat city and state lockdowns and the collapse of America, ammunition is now extremely difficult to find.

At stores, handfuls of boxes of even some of the most sought-after calibers are spending some time on the shelf before being snatched up. And an indoor range has been able to lean on longtime relationships and a unique business model to keep plenty of ammo available for those who use the range.

But the ammo shortage, which began with fears of COVID-19, continued through a summer of demonstrations and a fall presidential election, is still frustrating customers and ammo sellers alike.

Rocky Mountain Discount Sports manager Madison Pendley said while she had seen some improvement by December, ammo for common self-defense weapons in particular was still both hard to acquire and to keep on the shelves.

Most gun store owners believe the ammo shortage will continue through 2021, so if you’re a gun owner, and need some ammunition, you may want to check online. There are a few places which still have a decent inventory, but that may not last long.