When Did I Vote For The MLB?

Not gonna lie. I have been a Baltimore Orioles fan since Cal Ripken, Jr, was playing. I would watch the Orioles and the Yankees when they were on television, and I enjoyed watching them play. (Even though the O’s have been pretty bad of late.) That said, what will remove me from the game is stupid garbage like this, where the MLB is punishing Georgia for recent changes to voter ID laws.

Key Republican senators have launched a push to take away Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption in response to the league’s decision to pull its All-Star Game from Atlanta.

On Friday, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced his decision that the league would remove its 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to the state of Georgia’s decision to reform its voting laws.

“Over the last week, we have engaged in thoughtful conversations with Clubs, former and current players, the Players Association, the Players Alliance, among others, to listen to their views. I have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year’s All-Star Game and MLB Draft.”

I find it hilarious that sports leagues think they can shape public policy by removing an All-Star game or a draft weekend. Maybe you jackasses haven’t noticed, but baseball, and most professional sports, are dying. And now a group of GO” politicians “claim” they will not remove your antitrust status.

How about y’all STFU and play baseball?

Representative Jeff Duncan (R, SC) was among the first to highlight baseball’s antitrust exemption as an area to target in retaliation for the league caving to liberal politicians and social justice activists.

“In light of @MLB‘s stance to undermine election integrity laws, I have instructed my staff to begin drafting legislation to remove Major League Baseball’s federal antitrust exception,” Duncan wrote in a tweet.

Look, I have zerp – ZERO – confidence the GOP will do the right thing here, but it is noteworthy they at least mentioned it. Maybe that will be enough to scare the MLB into shutting their pie holes.