Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Meet Victoria Rodriguez Lopez, a 30-year old speed skater from Argentina. You wouldn’t think Argentina would be a hot bed of ice skating, because it isn’t. Victoria does most of her practicing on roller blades, because Argentina does not have an ice rink in the entire country. So, she had to travel to Salt Lake City to practice on ice.

Victoria was annoyed at all the traveling, so she eventually bought a home in Salt Lake City to continue her training. Um, for skating, not bikini modeling. Victoria also competes in inline speed skating, and has won three bronze medals at the world championships, two in 2009 and one in 2015.

In Beijing, she will be the first-ever speed skater to represent Argentina at the Olympic Winter Games.

Victoria won a 500m bronze medal at the 2021 Four Continents Championships: “This bronze medal is very important for me and for my family, because they helped me a lot. And I’m very proud.”

Victoria’s event is for distance skating, not the short track speed skating I posted a few days ago. She competed in the Women’s 500m, but sadly came in thirtieth out of thirty. It’s okay, though, because she’s crazy stupid hot.

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Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Meet Julieta Jankunas, a 22-year old field hockey player from Argentina.

Julieta obviously qualifies for the Olympic Babe O’ The Day, as well as an Olympian, since Argentina lost to New Zealand, then came back to beat Spain and China.

Julieta Jankunas (born 20 January 1999) is an Argentine field hockey player and part of the Argentina national team.

She participated in the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics, and the 2016 Women’s Hockey Junior World Cup. She won a gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Games. On club level she plays for Universitario de Córdoba in Argentina. In December 2019, she was nominated for the FIH Rising Star of the Year Award.

Women’s field hockey is pretty entertaining, and there are plenty of attractive women in the tournament this year. Hopefully Julieta will bring home some medals.

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Paging Ben Dover…

A man in Argentina lost some of his personal property in an unfortunate place.

A naked man has been filmed walking across a petrol station forecourt to ask for help after he got a sex toy stuck up his backside.

The unnamed man went towards an ambulance at the petrol station to seek help from the crew. It’s not known how the sex toy became lodged inside him but the paramedics were quick to offer help.

The incident was filmed in the Saavedra neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Other footage shows him pacing up and down in front of police officers, shouting and slapping his legs in apparent discomfort.

Now, I’m not a sex toy guy – obviously – but if pr0n has taught me anything, aren’t you supposed to use some AstroGlide, Vaseline or WD-40 before you insert something like that?

Better Call Sol

Meet Argentinian weather bunny Sol Perez. Sol is a hot little minky, and she knows it; so she decided to insure her best asset for two million Argentine pesos.

A weathergirl dubbed ‘Argentina’s sexiest’ has insured her famous bum to protect it from “all risks”.

Sol Perez insured her taut derriere for £72,000 GBP after finding a company who was willing to offer a suitable settlement for her most-prized asset. The 24-year-old is a huge Latin America media star and is considered the sexiest weathergirl in Argentina.

The blonde bombshell appears on TyC Sports channel and has millions of social media followers. (H/TAOSHQ)

What exactly does insuring her ass from “all risks” mean? Are we talking vandalism, gunshot wounds, an ass-kidnapping? Someone help me out here.

Buenos Hairys

argentinian-group-protests-objectification-of-womenAn Argentinian feminist group stripped in front of the congress to protest the objectification of women.

In other news, I am planning to eat a t-bone steak to protest the killing of animals for food.

A group of women sparked surprise outside Argentina’s national congress when they shed their clothes and strolled around completely naked in a protest about objectifying women. The members of the Urbanudismo campaign are calling for the acceptance of the naked female form, saying their actions are neither sexual or provocative.

The protest lasted several minutes until police were called because it was making passers-by ‘uncomfortable’ – including one man who looked especially awkward when approached by a naked woman.

Well that certainly wasn’t a congressman then. A congressman would have bent her over a bench and started, um, “polling the electorate.”

Sunday Services

Antonella Roccuzzo

The Copa America soccer final takes place tonight with Argentina squaring off against Chile. Argentina is the favorite, and they are led by Lionel Messi; arguably the best soccer player in the world.

Being the best in the world comes with its perks; like being able to land any woman you want. In Messi’s case, he chose wisely. Meet supermodel Antonella Roccuzzo.

Antonella Roccuzzo Hot

Antonella possesses many of the qualities of the superficial man, plus the added bonus of a Spanish accent. Es muy caliente!

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