Sunday Services

Danielle Fishel Lingerie

Since I am still enjoying beautiful, sunny Arizona, today’s edition of Sunday Services will feature babes from the Grand Canyon State. First up is Danielle Fishel, who starred in the 1990’s sitcom Boy Meets World. Danielle hails from Mesa, AZ, where she apparently learned how to fill out lingerie.

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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Sunset Point AZ

If you noticed the sporadic posting and nonexistent commenting – and judging by my lack of hate mail, you haven’t – the Earp clan is vacationing in sunny Arizona! We’re visiting our friends Kevin and Kari, and it’s the first time back in the Grand Canyon State since 2006.

Obviously, it’s Kevin and Julia’s first time here. Kevin keeps looking for scorpions and rattlesnakes, while Julia wants to see a tumbleweed. We have, however, seen more cacti than we can count…


I did see about a dozen coyotes while driving with Kevin to pick up dinner Tuesday night, so that’s something.

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It’s The Inflate Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Inflatable Pumpkin

A giant inflatable pumpkin was terrorizing Arizona drivers today. There was no word on whether it swallowed up any border jumpers.

A giant inflatable pumpkin measuring 25-feet tall and weighing around 350-pounds broke lose and rolled down an Arizona street yesterday. Police are trying to determine if it broke or was cut lose. No one was injured, but a couple street lights were damaged. All that really matters is that there is footage.

The Green Goblin could not be reached for comment. At Kari’s request, we were anticipating spending our summer vacation in Tucson. I think we’ll put those plans on hold until they can get a hold of their runaway fruit.