Feel-Good Friday

A superhero saved the life of a two-year old child after she fell into Assawoman Bay after a multi-vehicle accident. Jonathan Bauer jumped into the bay and rescued the girl, who was floating on her stomach.

On May 2, Bauer and his teenage daughter Ava were running errands when they got caught in a serious five-car pileup on the Route 90 bridge over Maryland’s Assawoman Bay. The accident sent eight people to the hospital and left a pickup truck dangling precariously over the guardrail.

After making sure Ava was okay, Bauer got out of his car to see if anyone needed help. As he headed toward the teetering truck, its passenger alerted him to a heart-wrenching sight—a toddler, ejected from the passenger side, was floating in the bay, her pink dress billowing in the waves.

I’m not a fan of the water, especially if my feet cannot touch the ground. I’m not sure I could jump into the bay like Bauer did, because I would be panicking the entire time.

Scanning the water for nearby boats that might be able to help, Bauer found none close by. When he turned his attention back to the little girl, he saw she was in trouble. “She had flipped over onto her stomach and her face was in the water.”

Bauer yelled to his daughter to pull over the first firefighter or paramedic she saw. Then he simply peeled off his shoes and jumped in, feet first. Surfacing without injury, he swam to the toddler, who appeared to be only semi-conscious. Hefting the child over his shoulder, he patted her back until she started to cough and expel the water from her system.

You can see an interview with the boaters who helped Bauer get the girl to safety. Bauer, for his part, decided he wanted nothing to do with fame, and declined national interviews.