The Atlanta Knaves

The proprietor of an Atlanta gym has turned the heads of the business world after introducing a policy which will insure the financial security of his company for years to come.

Jim Chambers, the owner of EAV Barbell club, put a sign on the door of his gym that explicitly asked police officers not to work out there.

“Do whatever the f— you want, correctly, except crossfit cultism. No f—–g cops.”

Chambers has removed the sign from the door, but only because he regrets using profanities. He still says police officers are not welcome in his gym, nor are active military members. He said that many of the people who frequent the gym are minorities, who are uncomfortable around police officers and military members.

The no cop policy is ignorant, but I’m used to policies like these. What really grinds my gears is the discrimination against service personnel. That, my friends, is a dick move.

The Atlanta Police Department told WXIA that the policy would not prevent them from responding to an emergency at the gym. In turn, Chambers said he would allow the police to search his premises if they obtained a warrant.

Of course it wouldn’t, because most police officers are responsible professionals. The officers might not exactly run red lights while responding to that robbery/burglary/theft, though…

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A Relationship Which Really Sucks

Jennifer Mulford And Brad LeesonMeet Jennifer Mulford of Atlanta.

Jennifer is pictured with her boyfriend Brad. She loves Brad! They went through everything together! Nothing could replace Brad! Then she quit her job to breastfeed him, and he broke into his happy dance.

Earlier this week, a woman from Atlanta sparked outrage on social media after publicly announcing that she quit her job to breastfeed her 36-year-old bodybuilder boyfriend.

Oh no, how on Earth will the Gulp N’ Blow find a suitable replacement for this stellar employee?

Jennifer Mulford claimed she wanted to start an ‘Adult Breastfeeding Relationship’ with her partner Brad Leeson after reading about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people.

Because Jennifer is yet to successfully induce lactation, the couple are sticking to their strict schedule and said it doesn’t matter where they are. (H/TAOSHQ)

Wait, Jennifer is breastfeeding Brad while she isn’t lactating? So basically this bint quit her job to have sex all day. Brilliant!