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The Squeeze Play Caption Contest has now concluded.

Top Three Entries:
3. Stop touching my safe space! Triggered! Triiiiiigered!!!! – Jenn
2. “Patrick, when I said we’re going to pinch some protesters, I didn’t mean it literally!” “Aw, ease up, Teddy. I’m tickling, not pinching.” – Mike47

WINNER! – Looks like it’s time to put another wimp on the barbie. – Toothy

Weekend Caption Contest


Squeeze Play Caption Contest
(Source: Yahoo News Photos)

Original Caption: Security guards hold a protester as they remove a group from the House of Representatives after they began chanting slogans regarding the offshore detention of asylum seekers during Question Time in Parliament House, Canberra, Australia on Nov. 30, 2016. (AAP/Lukas Coch/via Reuters)

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