Automated Drive-Thru? I’m Lovin’ It!

McDonald’s has announced the corporation will be hiring a tech firm to create an automated drive-thru for its franchises. The move is a step toward new technology, as well as a big F.U. to those municipalities which embraced a $15/hour minimum wage.

McDonald’s said Tuesday it has agreed to acquire a company that is trying to automate the drive-thru. It’s the fast-food giant’s third tech-focused deal this year.

Apprente, a Silicon Valley company founded in 2017, uses artificial intelligence to understand drive-thru orders, which could cut down on service times. McDonald’s said the technology also could be used someday in its self-order kiosks and mobile app.

The chain has been using technology to stay ahead of the competition.

This is such a terrific idea, especially because it will cause massive butt-hurt in leftist cities across the country. Fifteen dollars an hour as a minimum wage? LOL, get f**ked.