Bali Monkey Really Likes Boobs

Meet Paula Manzanal, the former Miss Peru 2014.

Paula was visiting Bali for some inexplicable reason, and while there a horny monkey kept trying to pull down her tube top. Apparently, the monkey didn’t have its milk quota that afternoon.

A cheeky monkey tried its hardest to expose a model’s breasts in Bali by pulling her top down.

Not for nothing, but I’d probably like to do the same. Is that wrong?

Video shows Peruvian model Paula Manzanal, 28, posing next to the monkey at the Ubud Monkey Forest – only for the animal to reach out and try and pull down her black strapless top. Manzanal, who won Miss Peru in 2014, is seen looking down at the monkey, which was sat on a wall, and trying to move its hand away from her breasts.

But the monkey, a gray long-tailed macaque, slapped Manzanal’s face as she tried to stop the animal from exposing her.

Here’s hoping Paula didn’t get a case of monkeypox.

Surf’s Up Big Kahuna!

A Bali tourist almost received a Darwin Award while trying to catch the perfect Instagram photo.

Dramatic footage has captured the horrifying moment a young tourist posing for photos at a scenic cliff in Bali was almost swept away by a huge wave.

The young woman narrowly escaped death when she was almost swept out to sea by a freak wave at Devil’s Tear on the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan.

With her arms outstretched to show off the breathtaking views of the ocean behind her, what first appeared to be a perfect photo opportunity was abruptly cut short when a giant wave crashed into her and knocked her to the ground.

The woman suffered cuts and scrapes, but probably learned nothing from the experience.