Put Another Imp On The Barbie

Georgia Wawman

Meet wealthy British socialite Georgia Wawman. Georgia sought fame to go with her fortune, but instead of releasing a sex tape like normal hoors, she decided to become Bonnie to her boyfriend’s Clyde.

Miss Wawman was arrested at gunpoint last week on suspicion of being part of a gang that carried out 16 robberies in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, tying up their wealthy victims before ransacking their mansions.

Last night officials in the country revealed that she is accused of hiding stolen goods for her alleged gang leader ex-boyfriend, who is thought to be from a respected polo-playing family.

Miss Wawman, whose father Richard is a documentary maker in Britain, is believed to have attended Kingsbury Hill House School in Marlborough – a private prep school where fees were around £3,000 a term before it shut down in 2004. She then went to St John’s School in Marlborough. One former school friend said yesterday: ‘Georgia was probably the naughtiest girl at school.

Mmm… Oh sorry, I was picturing Georgia in a naughty schoolgirl uniform.

Apparently the prep school didn’t pay off because instead of taking advantage of the uber-liberal British criminal justice system, she decided to rob people in South America. Good job, Bimbo Baggins; let’s hope your jailers aren’t still ruminating over the Falklands War.