Who Wants (Jerked) Chicken And Waffles?

Bashir Rasheed Naked Waffle House

A Georgia man carried out a different kind of terror attack at his local Waffle House last week.

Bashir Rasheed, 36, was arrested after he drove his BMW to a Waffle House in Sandy Springs, got out of the car and tried to enter the restaurant sans clothes.

Witnesses told police that Rasheed began stroking his penis after exiting his car and walked up to the entrance where he allegedly pressed his sex organ against the glass entry door.

In fairness, the penis was just trying to place an order for scrambled eggs.

Officers said the suspect grabbed himself and began to urinate while they were still talking, according to the arrest report.

Oh please, who among us has not used our Kielbasa of Mass Destruction in public? Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a cup of pee.