Nobody F**ks With The Jesus

Meet Michael Dennis Grant, colloquially known as “Philly Jesus.” Grant spends his days wandering the streets off Center City, looking for cameras, handouts, and attention.

Grant finally found some attention Tuesday, but not the kids he preferred.

A man who calls himself “Philly Jesus” was kicked out of the installation mass for new Philadelphia Archbishop Nelson Perez at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.

Michael Dennis Grant says he was promptly escorted off the property in handcuffs after he made his way through the sea of people and up to the speakers.

I was with you right until you walked up to the speakers. Sorry, now you’re asking to be escorted out.

Officers told him he had to leave, which he refused, saying he is a citizen expressing his freedom of religion.

“Jesus” could have exercised his freedom of religion almost anywhere inside the Basilica, and he could have done so without interrupting the installation mass. But no, Grant is an attention whore who makes Jenna Jameson look like an amateur.

Grant says he attends mass at the cathedral all the time and believes he was targeted because of how he was dressed.

No dipshit, you were targeted because you purposely interrupted the mass. Jesus, you’d think Jesus would know something about Christianity, and the law.