Grin And Bear It

A black bear ruined a couple’s Tennessee morning when it climbed onto the desk, climbed into a hot tub, and enjoyed a sunrise over the Smoky Mountains. There is no telling if the bear left a tip for the couple.

A couple on holiday in Great Smoky Mountains National Park got the surprise of a lifetime when a black bear decided to enjoy the sunrise from the hot tub on their deck.

Mason Trebony and his wife were on holiday at a Tennessee cabin on March 20, when he saw the bear climb into the tub for an early morning soak.

“It’s just having a blast,” Trebony said in video that captured the moment.

According to the National Park Service, approximately 1,500 bears live in the park, and should be given a distance of at least 45 meters if possible.

You can see the video of the bear at the link.