Women Now Have A Pot To Piss In

In response to the rampant sexism flowing through Germany, the city of Berlin is developing urinals for broads. Ladies, you’re going to love peeing while standing up.

German officials are planning to tackle one of the multiple remaining inequalities between the sexes: the queue for the loo. A scheme has been proposed by Berlin authorities to develop urinals for women at public lavatories across the city.

A 99-page document titled ‘The Toilet Concept for Berlin’ has been produced by the city’s environmental council in collaboration with the private sector.

Nice try, Merkel, but I see right through this. You know what else was titled “The Toilet Concept for Berlin?” The German invasion of Poland.


Ich Bin Nude Berliner

Berlin No Pants Subway RideBerlin, a city which welcomes rampaging Muslim immigrants and antisemitic neo-Nazis, is cracking down on the region’s real terrorists: naked subway riders.

Berlin’s public transport company, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), pride themselves on their laid-back attitude to their customers. But a recent incident has prompted them to pull rank.

All sorts of unusual passengers ride the Berlin metro – pets, homeless people, musicians, and even a flash mob of people with no trousers on in January this year during the “No Pants Subway Ride.”

But two recently uploaded YouTube videos show that a man took things one step further and nonchalantly rode the U1 and U4 lines completely naked, to the surprise of his fellow travelers.

BVG spokeswoman Petra Reetz had something to say about the Berlin metro dress code. Nudity “is not welcome” on the underground, and counts as “causing public disturbance”, Reetz said. (H/TAOSHQ)

In fairness, nudity is not welcome for certain riders – fat chicks, old men, etc – but it is more than welcome for hot, busty Frauleins. I do enjoy their stance that nudity is causing a public disturbance, but gang rapes by Muslims is a cultural misunderstanding.